Summary of The Hindu 5th MARCH 2024

SC ends immunity for legislators taking bribe

The seven judge bench on Monday declared that parliamentary privileges and immunity will not impact legislators who take bribes to vote or speak in Parliament or state legislature from criminal prosecution .

Earlier a five judge bench had declared that given exemption declaring that , the lawmaker who took bribes were immune from prosecution of corruption if they go ahead and vote or speak in the house as agreed .

Following were the Supreme Court’s observations : – “ Privileges and immunity are not gateways to claim exemption from central law of land …”

“Corruption and bribery of members of the Assembly  erode the foundation of Indian primary democracy “  , the Supreme Court observed .

     The offense of bribery is complete at the point when legislator accepts the bribe

  PM slams political dynasty says the country’s people are his family

Hitting out at RJD’s Lalu Prasad comment that has no family .

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a rally in Chennai said “ 140 crore people “ were his family .

“ Mera Bharat Mera Parivar “ he declared and said the entire country was speaking in one voice “ I am Modi’s family “ .

The PM welcomed SC judgment to scrap immunity to MPs and MLAs over taking bribe .

BJP has launched “ Modi ka Pariwar “ campaign with Members putting this as their wallpaper .

 PM visits Kalpakkam Nuclear power plant

PM Narendra Modi in Kalpakkam for the first time witnessed the commencement of “ core loading “ at India’s first Indigenous Fast Breeder Reactor ( 500 MWe ) at Kalpakkam .

Most of the reactors in India are Pressurized Water Reactors . In 2003 Govt commissioned  Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Ltd (BHAVINi ) to develop  India’s first fast breeder reactor prototype .

With its operation India will be only the second country after Russia to commercially operate the Fast Breeder Reactor .

Fast Breeder Reactor ( FBR)  – A fast breeder reactor uses the Uranium Plutonium mixed oxide fuel .

The current reactors in India use Uranium – 235 as fuel .

FBR is the second stage of India’s three stage nuclear power programme .


No positive result from talks with Shah : Ladakh leaders

Civil society leaders of Ladakh on Monday held a meeting with Home mister Amit Shah , on Monday

 But “ the meeting did not result in any positive outcomeThis was their first meeting with the home minister .

 Tired of spam and fraud calls ? File a plaint on Chaksu

The department of telecommunication( DoT ) on Monday launched Chakshu , a platform for telecom users . The facility available at /sfc will allow citizens to “ proactively “ report online fraud communications “ , the DOT said in its announcement .

The platform will allow users to report fraud related to bank account , payment wallet , SIM , gas connection , electricity connection , KYC update , expiry , deactivation , impersonation as govt officials and or relative , sextortion .

The digital intelligence platform was also launched ,which would be a non-public platform for data sharing between “ telecom service providers , law enforcement agencies ,banks and financial institutions “ social media platforms ,identify documents issuing authorities and so on “ .

Ashwani vaishanav also signaled the launch of Caller Name Presentation (CNAP ) , a feature that would allow users registered with it to see name of everyone calling them .Telecom company had warned that it would adversely impact people’s privacy rights .

SBI takes time till June 30 to disclose the details of poll bonds

The Supreme Court (SC ) in its order on poll bonds had told it to give information on poll bonds to the election commission by March 6 .

SBI has cited practical difficulties and has asked for time till June 30 .


Protest erupts after wild Jumbo kills woman

A wild elephant trampled a old age woman in Idukki district of Kerala on Monday .

This is the fifth such incident in two months in Munnar forest division in last two months .

Man Animal conflict in Kerala is a huge problem . There have been thousands in recent years when wild animals has destroyed crops .

Some of the causes of this include :

(1)  Increased cultivation area that is reducing wildlife habitat .

(2)  Increase in the number of  animals like elephants and tigers due to conservation efforts .

(3)  People settling near wildlife areas .

(4)  The number of prolific breeders like wild boar and peacock has also increased .

₹1500 monthly aid for Himachal women  , says CM

Women above 18 years of age will be given financial assistance of ₹1500 per month by Himachal Pradesh govt . This is under ‘ ‘ Indira Gandhi Pyari Behna Samman Nidhi Yojna ‘ .

The scheme was promised before the polls by Congress .

Kerala struggles to pay employee salaries , limits withdrawal to ₹50,000

The Kerala government has begun crediting salaries to state employees on Monday, but withheld the daily withdrawal limit ton₹50,000 citing technical issues .

Kerala govt is going under acute financial crisis Kerala in Supreme Court has cited that central govt is withholding ₹57400 crore of the fund . Center is denying this . Center has accused Kerala of financial mismanagement .

The next hearing is on March 5 .

Karnataka police handed over Bengaluru cafe explosion case to Central Agency

Bengluru police has handed over the Rameshwar Cafe blast case to National Investigation Agency NIA .

Uttarakhand cabinet nod to recover damage cost

Uttarakhand cabinet passed an ordinance talks of Uttarakhand (Government ) and Recovery of damage of Private property (Ordinance ) act ,2024.  The act has provisions that those who damage private property during riots or protests will have to pay back . A fine upto ₹ 8 lakh will also be imposed on them.

Uttar Pradesh and Haryana has similar laws in place .


Joe Biden , Donald Trump set to win primary races on Super Tuesday

17 US states will go for their primaries and Caucuses voting on Tuesday , March 5 .

On the Republican side, Diamond Trump has only one opponent in Nikkie Healey .

While From Democrat side , Joe Biden is going uncontested

Supreme Court restores Donald Trump to ballot

Federal US court had earlier banned Trump from being a Presidential candidate because of the Capitol Hill incident .

The Supreme Court overruled the Federal Court decision 

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