Summary of The Hindu 4th MARCH 2024

Ministers discuss 100 days agenda for new govt

·         In his last meeting with the Union Council of Ministers PM Modi deliberated brainstorming the  100 day agenda for  quick implementation after forming a new government in May .

·         Ministers in their last meeting brainstormed documents for “ Viksit Bharat 2047 “.

·         In December PM Modi had begun to seek inputs from Youth on “ 2047 “ .

·         It is expected that the government will bring the Vision document for “ Viksit Bharat  2047 “ after the election .

·         The goals for 2047 include growth , sustainable development , and ease of doing business .

Four terror suspect under scanner for Bengaluru cafe blast

·         Bengaluru police have found similarities between the Rameshwaram Cafe blast and the Cooker blast in November 2022 .

·         The methods and explosive in both the blasts are similar . Police are in search of Malegaon blast accused in this .

·         There are four accused that are under search . Police has raised relatives of few and have found  grenades , pistols and bomb making materials .

MLAs were upset over their action against mining Mafia : Sukhu

·         Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhbider Singh Sukhu while talking to The Hindu said that some MLAs were not happy with govt “ crackdown on mining Mafias . That resulted in them voting in BJP’s favor  during Rajya Sabha Polls .

·         Six MLAs had crossed voted from Congress side in recent Rajya Sabha Elections . This resulted in gain of one more seat for BJP in Rajya Sabha .  Speaker has disqualfied the six MLAs after direction from Congress .

Haj Suvidha app launched , Haj guide for 2024 released

·         Union Minority Minister Smriti Irani on Sunday launched Haj Suvidha App , the app would provide necessary information , and direct access to important services like training modules.

·          Flight details and accommodation for the embarking passengers .A Haj Guide booklet in 10 Language was also released .

Seizure of Cargo by India unjustified : Pakistan

·         Pakistan has condemned India’s “ high handedness “ in seizure of dual use items blind for Karachi from China .

·         The spokesperson of Pakistan’s Foreign ministry late on Saturday said “ specification on the equipment clearly indicate it’s purely commercial use “. 

·         He termed reports in Indian media as “ habitual misrepresentation of facts “  and called India of violating “ international law “

·         Indian customs on Saturday Mumbai JNPT port had seized two advanced Computer Numerical Control machines manufactured by GKD ,Italy and bound for Karachi port from Shekou port of China .

·         The seized items were being inspected by DRDO . There was suspicion that  it could be used for Pakistan’s nuclear missile programme


Farmers leader give call for Delhi March , ‘ rail roko ‘ protest

·         The Kisan Majdoor Morcha ( KMM ) and Samyukta Kisan Morcha ( Non Political )  the two umbrella bodies that are spearheading farmer’s agitation on Sunday gave a call for farmers to reach Delhi on March 6 .

·         Along with ‘ Delhi Chalo ‘ March , ‘rail roko ‘ March is also announced for four hours on March 10 .

·         Farmers from Punjab and Haryana however would continue their protest at Punjab Haryana border .

·         KMM has said that farmers will keep protesting until all their demands are met .

Odisha’s famed Rupa Tarkasi , Bangalore Muslim earn GI tag

·         Geographical Indication ( GI ) tag has been given to following items ; –

(1)  Rupa Tarakasi ( Silver Filigree ) ( Odisha )  – Famous in Cuttack . Art has been practiced for hundreds of years . The art came to Cuttack from Persia to Indonesia some 500 years ago .

(2)  Banglar Muslin ( Bengal ) – A traditional handloom craft of Bengal

(3)  Narsapur Crochet Lace ( Andhra Pradesh ) – Naraspur is a township in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh where this art is practiced .


(4)  Kutch Rohan Draft ( Gujrat ) –


(5)  Ratlam Riyawan Lahsun ( Madhya Pradesh ) –  Riyawan village in Madhya Pradesh

(6)  Ambani White Marble ( Gujrat ) –

(7)  Tripura Risa Textile ( Tripura ) –

(8)  Hyderabad Lac Bangle ( Telangana )

(9)  Majuli Mask ( Assam )




Shahbaz Sharif becomes the Pakistan’s PM for the second time

·         PML- N leader Shahbaz Sharif secured 201 votes in Pakistan’s National assembly .His challenger Omar Ayub Khan from the Imran Khan backed PTI party  got 92 votes .

·         PTI members raised slogans against the alleged. “ mandate thieves “ .

·         In his first speech after being chosen as 24 th Prime Minister of Pakistan , Mr. sShahabaz Sharif said his government should not allow the country to be part of “ great game “ and would maintain cordial relations with neighbors .“ We will keep ties with neighbors on the basis of equality, “ Mr. Shahbaz said .

·         However he raked up the Kashmir issue and equated it with Palestine “ Let’s all come together and the National assembly should pass a resolution for the freedom of Kashmiris and Palestinians .”.

·         He pledged to revive Pakistan’s debt trapped economy and eradicate terrorism .

Trump wins Republican vote in three states edging towards US presidential nominations

·         Donald Trump on Saturday inched close to becoming the Republican party’s presidential candidate by winning internal party elections in Missouri , Michigan and Idaho .

·         Trump has won every state till now . And is heading to next week’s “ super Tuesday “ when 15 states will go for voting .

·         Nikkie Healy is the only rival in Donald Trump candidacy .

Many OPEC nations extend oil cuts to boost prices

·         On Sunday Moscow , Riyadh and several other OPEC members announced to cut oil prices to boost oil prices.

·         Saudi Arabia said that it would cut oil production by 1 million cubic barrel per day while Russia announced to cut production by 4.71 lakh barrels per day from April to June .

·         UAE , Kuwait , Iraq and Kazakhstan followed suit .OPEC is a cartel of Oil Producing countries , they control oil prices in the international market .


In snake genes study find they evolved faster than other reptiles

·         An evolutionary explosion happened about 100 -150 million years ago . The non descript lizard lost its feet and became snake .

·         The Researchers has found that snakes evolved much faster than other species .

Text/ Context

How does Apple’s PQ3 code  enhance data security forces users

·         On February 21 , Apple launched PQ3 , a post quantum cryptographic protocol , to encrypt conversation of iMessages .

·         The company called it “ first messaging protocol to reach level 3 security “ and claimed “ it can defend against a highly sophisticated quantum attack “ .

·         iMessage – It is an instant messaging service by Apple to be used on the iOS platform .


Facts and Statics

GDP number bring cheer in election year but facts and number bring more scrutiny

·         The  revised data released by National Statistical Office ( NSO ) , growth on robust 8.4% of year on year growth in real GDP on October December quarter . For first and second quarter GDP growth has been revised to 8.2 and 8.1 percent respectively .The GDP growth for 2023-24  has been revised from 7.3% to 7.6% .

·         The editorial says that there must be more sober analysis on real GDP growth .

Bloody Thursday

Israel’s allies cannot avoid blame for the situation in Gaza

·         On february 29, Israeli military fired on hungry Palestinian scrambling for aid  that caused the death of 112 people .

·         Currently Gaza is facing malnutrition among children , famine is expected if aid is not increased .

·         The death toll in Gaza has surpassed 30,000 and more than 70,000 have been wounded.

·         More than 90% of 2.4Gaza population has been from their home . International community is just watching all these , Brazil and South Africa are among the nations who have termed Israel move as genocidal .An immediate ceasefire and aid delivery is a must for civilians in Gaza . The international community should work on it immediately .

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