Summary of The Hindu 4th NOVEMBER 2023

Difficult to press for women’s quota before LS poll : SC


The. Supreme Court on Wednesday described the constitutional amendment reservist one third of seats to Parliament and legislature , and the Delhi assembly ” very good step ” towards attaining gender parity in politics .But voiced concerns of stepping in to ensure the implementation of it before 2024 elections .

” It will be very difficult to do that . It will amount to virtual legislating .” Justice Sanjiv Khanna head of a dicision bench said .

The court filed by Jaya thakur , represented by senior advocate vikas Singh ,questioned a clause that told to implement Women reservation bill only after next census  followed by a delimitation exercise .

Court has given 22 November as the next date of hearing .

ED probing payment of ₹508 crore to Baghel

Enforcement Directorate told that it was probing an alleged payment of about ₹508 crore by the Mahadev betting app promoters to Bhupesh Baghel , CM of Chatissgarh .

The ED statement came when agency counted searches in poll bound state intercepted 5.39 crore tip to be used in elections .

ED searched hotels and arrested Mr Asim Das , whom ED said was sent from UAE to deliver cash for ” electioneering expenses of the ruling Congress party ” .

Das has admitted that the funds were arranged by Mahadev app and were delivered to a politician named ‘ Baghel ‘ . From questioning of Das and from examining of mails it has been so far established that regular payments have been made in the past and so far around ₹508 crore have been paid to Bhupesh Baghel , CM of Chhatisharh by promoters of Mahadev app .

Bhupesh Baghel has told that the allegation by ED is a joke and is only meant to tarnish his image ..

Delhi’s air quality plummets

Delhi’s air quality slipped  into the ‘ worst ‘ – severe plus categories for the first time this season on Friday . L.G . V K saxena called an emergency meeting and has called neighboring states to reduce stubble burning and advised Delhites to stay inside their homed and leave only when it’s necessary . In a statement Delhites has also been advised to use public transport .QQQ

Air Quality Index ( AQI ) – has following stages

Stage 1 – ‘poor ‘ ( AQI – 200 – 301 ) ; stage 2 – ‘ very poor ‘ ( AQI 301- 400 ) ; stage 3 – ‘ severe ‘ ( AQI – 401 – 450 ) ; Severe plus ( over 450 )

India will work with Sri Lanka on its debt treatment : Nirmala

India will continue to help Srilanka in its debt treatment while the island nation attempts to emerge out of last year’s grave economic crisis , Union Finance Minister told Srilankan President Ranil Wickramshinghe . Srilanka nist bring it’s creditors India , China , Japan on board to get additional funding from IMF .

Srilanka has got 300 million dollar IMF support , it is seeking 330 million dollar more right now .


Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is on  3 day visit to Srilanka . She reached Srilanka on November 1 , she visited Jafna , Kandy and Triconmalee .While no new agreements were linked up during the visit .

On Thursday during the visit MoU ( Memorandum of Understanding ) of 15 million dollar grant assistance from India for promotions of Buddhist ties between the two countries .

Naam 200

On Thursday PM Wickramshinghe thanked PM Modi for about 8 billion dollar assistance during economic crash .

” if we are stable today it is because of the assistance ” Mr Wickramshibghe said .

‘Naam 200 ‘ event is being held to mark 200 years since the arrival of Malaiuaha Tamils.

They were brought to Srilanka by British planters to work in coffee fields. The Srilankan president and Union minister virtually laicjed the foundation stone laying ceremony of 10,000 houses being built by Indian grant assistance .


India will continue collaborating with Sri Lanka

Seven years on , India set to open new counsel in Seattle

Few years after India announced to open consulate in Seattle . The ministry of External Affairs has appointed its first consulate in Seattle , Seattle is home to Many big companies . Sources said that the announcement about opening of new consulate will be during ” 2 + 2 summit ” between India and US to be held next month .

Currently India maintains consulates in Atlanta , Chicago , Houstan ,New York and San Fransisco .

US has also announced to open two new consulates at Bengaluru and Ahmedabad .

Currently Chennai , Hyderabad , Kolkata and Mumbai has this facility .


Israel tightens hold over Gaza City  as  Blinken arrives to push for more aid

US Secretary of state Antony Blinken arrived in Israel on Friday  to press for more humanitarian aid be allowed into beseized Gaza  , this is his third visit to Israel .

The visit follows US president Joe Biden suggestion for a humanitarian ” pause ” in the fighting .The aim would be to let in aid for Palestinians and let out more foreign nationals and wounded .

Around 800 people left Gaza over the past two days .

Israel didn’t immediately respond to Mr Blinken suggestion .Mr Netanyahu had earlier denied any such ceasefire “. We are advancing and nothing can stop us ” he told .

More than 9000 palestinians have died till now .

Hezbollah attack Israeli military position stoking fears that Israel Hamas war can become regional.

Unfazed by US threat , all options are on table , says Hezbollah leader

The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah says his militia is not deterred by US warnings to stay out of Israel – Hamas wars .

In a televised speech Hasan Nasrullah referred to the US military deployment in the region saying ” your fleet in the Mediterranean ” does not scare us ” . He said hezbollah is prepared for all options .

Currently Hezbollah is engaged in fighting with Israel at  Israel border .

Hezbollah chief said that fighting at Labnon – Israel border “would not be limited ” to the scale seen until now .

Ethics group claim territory gains in Myanmar

The. alliance of Myanmar ethnic minority group said it made more gains in its offensive against the ruling Junta on Friday , with the regime vowing that it would hit back at the biggest military challenge it has said success it took power .

The Myanmar National democratic  Alliance Army ( NDAMA ) , the Tang  National democratic Army and the Arakan Army ( AA ) have captured dozens of outpost on their border with China .

Protest halt production for top brands in Bangladesh

Garment factory workers in Bangladesh has been in strike in Bangladesh  , recently the striking workers ransacked dozens of factories .

The demand of workers is to increase their wages . Bangladesh has more than 3500 garment factories accounting for more than 85% of Bangladesh’s total exports that is 55 billion dollar .

But workers monthly salary starts as low as monthly 8500 taka .

Levi’s and H&M are top global brand that has gone through production halt .

‘ We witness the most disruptive force in history ; AI to replace all jobs ,’ Elon musk tells Sunak

The time will come when Artificial intelligwnce will replace all jobs , according to Space X and Tesla founder Elon Musk .

     ” I think we are witnessing the most disruptive force in history here ” Mr. musk said to British PM Rishi Sunak during a conversation at AI safety summit in Bletchley Park , London .

     ” We will have the first time somethig that is smarter than the smartest human ” , Mr Musk said . Mr. Musk said that , on balance ” most likely ” AI would be a force for good , but there was a chance for things to go bad .

     Another point Mr. Musk said that , in future there would be no universal basic income but universal high income , although he didnt explain mechanism through which it will be reached .

     Mr Musk backed Pakistan controversial decision to invite China to AI safety .saying the if Beijing would not be on the guest list it would be ” pointless ”

Mr Musk backed the call of AI safety .


‘ Bletchley Declaration ‘ has been signed by 24 countries including , India ,US and UK .

Among other things it agrees that the risk of AI need to be collectively managed .

Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) gives machines power of analysis like , human being . Its higher version will have super intelligence and through which it can build machines on its own . And is threat to human being .

Google search engine , Alexa , Siri , Amazon search all uses AI .


EU was the first to make rules to regulate AI  earlier this year . Recently US too has formulated rules regarding AI . In G20 this year it was decided that nations will take universal steps to regulate AI .

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