Summary of The Hindu 3st NOVEMBER 2023

Kejriwal defies summons to ED , goes for roadshow

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday did not appear before the Enforcement Directorate for questioning in Delhi Excise Policy on Thursday , and instead attended the elections rally , in Madhaya Pradesh . He wrote to the agency calling its summons ” unsustainable with law ” and ” motivated “.

In his reply Kejriwal termed the summons a ” fishing and roving ” exercise by the agency .

Given the situation the agency may issue fresh summons .

Mob loots weapons from Manipur Police

Around 700 armed miscreants attempted to storm a police camp , and snatched eight sophisticated weapons , over half a dozens of ammunitions  , and over half a dozens of vehicles from multiple police stations in Imphal , on Wednesday evening .

Meanwhile in Moreh hundreds of Kuki Zo women and children huddled outside the camps of Assam Rifles and BSF on Thursday fearing violence after 15 year girl was allegedly assaulted by Manipur police commandos on Wednesday night .

Moitra other opposition MPs walk out of ethics committee meeting

Mahua Moitra on Thursday appeared before the ethics panel of , but the meeting ended on a chaotic note .

The Trinamool MP and other opposition leaders came out of meeting , accusing Panel Chairman BJP’s Vijay Kumar Sonakar of asking ” undignified ” question about her personal life .

According to sources , she was asked about her relationship with industrialist Darshan Hiranadanai .

The committee had  11 members . Five were BJP members while five were opposition members .

A request to adjourn hearing was voted out as there were more members against adjourning .

Panel chair Mr Sonkar told journalist ” The committee’s agenda was to probe TMC MP Mahua Moitra’s alleged unethical conduct .Instead of cooperating , Ms Mitra in a for of anger , used abusive language against committee .”

SC seeks donations through electoral bond , reserves verdict on scheme

The election commission on Thursday gave Election commission two weeks time tonprodice updated data , till September 30 , 2023 to funding to political parties through the electoral bond scheme.

A five judge bench led by

Kerala govt. moves Supreme Court against governor over pending Bills

The Kerala government has sought a declaration from the supreme court that governor Arif Mohammad Khan has ” failed to exercise his Constitutional powers  and duties .” in holding the bills passed by the state assembly for a long and indefinite period .

Kerala raised the demand in a special leave petition filed by filed before Supreme Court on Thursday .

Jarange Patil withdraws hunger strike

Maratha quota activist Jarange Patil on Thursday ended  his nine days long fast . Activist sets 24 December as last date for Maharashtra govt to grant reservation to all members of the community by issuing OBC Kunbi certificates .

CM Eknath Shinde thanked Jarange Patil and told that reservation will be fulfilled in the estimated time

Antony Blinken , Lloyd Austin to visit new Delhi

NCERT to introduce electoral literacy content  on textbook

Ministry of education and Election Commission had signed a Memorandum of Understanding according to which NCERT will include and update text to include electoral literacy in this .

Begining with class 6 and 12 in all schools ,it will extend to colleges .

Voter apathy among youths is going to be one of the focus areas .

‘CBAM will kill manufacturing in EU ; India to levy carbon tax ‘

The European Union’s ( EU’s ) Carbon Border Management Mechanism ( CBAM ) is unfair , says commerce minister piyush Goyal , saying that Carbon can not be priced same for India and  EU .

He said that even if CBAM rolls out in 2026 ,India will neutralize it by its own tax .He also said that Carbon can not be priced same both on India and EU .

Early this year EU passed CBAM ,through which EU will be able to tax  on  import for the Carbon footprint in their production .


Toll crosses 9,000 as Israel troops  advance in Gaza strip

Israel troops advanced to Gaza City as the death toll rose to 9,000 . US and Israel. mediators intensified their efforts to ease situation in Israel’s seized Gaza .

A day before US president Joe Biden suggested a ‘ humanitarian pause ‘ in Israelis attack on Gaza .

Earlier the day , the US , Israel , Egypt and Qatar that meditates with Hamas , allowed hundreds of Palestinian with foreign  passport to and dozens of wounded to leave for Gaza first time for the first time ,dozens more left for the first time .

Israel did not immediately respond to  Mr. Blinken remarks , but PM Netanyahu has ruled out a cease fire .

Mounting unease

Arab countries including those allied with US , and at peace with Israel has mounted pressure on US and at peace with Israel .

Jordan recalled it’s ambassador from Israel , and told Israel envoy to remain out of the country until there is pause on ” humanitarian catastrophe ” it is causing .

In 25 days more than 3700 children have died .

In Israel attack .

More than 1,65000 Afghans flee Pakistan

More than 1,65,000 Afghans have fled to Pakistan in the months since it’s govt ordered 1.7 million people to leave or face arrest or deportation .

Authorities in Afghan side had just been overwhelmed with the by the scale of exodus as they attempt to process those returning .

Over 1,29,000have fled through Khyber Pakhtunwa borde , while 38,100 have crossed through Chaman in Baluchistan province .

Lebanon’s Hezbollah hits 19 position in Israel simultaneously

Lebnan based Hezbollah on Thursday said that it simultaneously attacked on 19 different position using drones and explosives in northern Israel  along the border with Labnon .

Bahraini Ambassador to Israel return home , says parliament

Bahrain President on Thursday said that its ambassador has returned home and economic ties of country has been suspended over the war with Gaza .

Putin signs Bill revoking ratification of Russia’s nuclear treaty

President Putin on Wednesday signed a bill on Wednesday revoking Russia’s ratification of a global nuclear test ban , a move Moscow told was needed to establish parity with US.

CTBT – Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was adopted by UNGA in 1996. It bans nations for conducting nuclear tests . It had 187 signatories . But countries like US , India , China , Pakistan , Egypt and Israel did not ratify it .

The current move of Russia to have parity with US in this .

Myanmar military says lost control of strategic town on China border

Myanmar’s military Junta has lost control over the  strategic town on Chinese border following days of clash in ethnic armed group . Government , administrative organizations , and security forces were ” no longer present ” in tradehub Chinese Haw , which borders Yunnan Province of China .

Showing momentum

Persitant inflation alongside moderate growth remains a challenge


Pakistan should not blame Afghan govt for its illas and evils .

The editorial is about Pakistan interior ministry deadline for illegal migrants to leave country by 31 St October . Pakistan though told that the deportation of illegal migrants were not aimed to any particular community but Afghan migrants seems to be most affected . Pakistan a month ago was home of 1.7 million Afghans . Many fled away Afghanistan due to deteriorating condition , they faced . At least 6 lakh fled when Taliban captured . Many other moved during Soviet occupation of afgjanistan .

Pakistan has set up many deportation centers where illegal migrants will be put and later deported .

Pakistan argument was that illegal migrant were security concerns to the country . ” there have been 24 suicide attacks in the country  out of which 14 were carried out by Afghans ” Pakistan Interior minister Sarfaz bugti said on October 3 . Apart from this they also weaken already bad economy .

The editorial says that Pakistan is just escapegoating over Afghans over failure of its own policies .








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