Summary of The Hindu 4th APRIL 2024

SC to list please to verify count in EVMs before polls

The Supreme Court on Wednesday has agreed to hear a petition on Wednesday  seeking a directive  from the election commission to cross verify the vote count in all Electronic Voter Machines ( EVM ) , by counting all the Votes Verification Paper Audit Trail Slips ( VVPAT ) .

Association Of Democratic Right ( ADR ) along with several others had requested the Supreme Court for hearing .

Supreme Court  orally and said that it will hear the case week after next week  .

Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail ( VVPAT ) is an independent system attached with EVMs . This helps voters to verify their votes is castas intended .

EC earlier replying to this had said that slips would pose great difficulty because of the amount of time it would take .

TN accuses center of delaying disaster relief fund

TamilNadu on Wednesday filed a suit  in the Supreme Court accusing the Union govt for treating the state in a “ step motherly  “ fashion by delaying the release of disaster relief funds of nearly ₹38,000 crore  sought by Chief Minister M.K Stalin to help in Cyclone Michaung and unprecedented floods .

The suit was filed under article 131 of the Constitution .

A similar suit has been filed by Karnataka govt for the release of drought fund under National Disaster Response Fund.

Three freed Rajiv Gandhi case convicts sent back to Sri Lanka

Three Srilankan Nationals convicted in the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassination case – Murugan alias Sriharan , Robert Payas , and Jayakumar who  were prematurely freed from prison in 2022 ,by Supreme Court orders were deported to Sri Lanka on Wednesday .

Seven persons were convicted for life term in the Rajiv Gandhi Murder case . But in 2022 , Tamil Nadu Government recommended remission of six of them on grounds that they already had been in jail for a long time in their life .

India rejects report on abusive condition at Shrimp hatcheries

Corporate Accountability Lab ( CAL ) a Chicago based human rights  group in its recent report has cited “ dangerous and abusive “ working  conditions in Shrimp hatcheries in India .

Ministry of Commerce has refute such allegation as an attempt to malign Indian reputation in Shrimp export .

Shrimp export by India

India is the world’s biggest supplier of Shrimp .

In 2022-23 India’s seafood export stood at 8.09billion dollar of which Shrimp export accounted for 5.06 billion dollar . It’s share in US market has increased from 21% to 40% in. a year  by 2022-23 .

Andhra Pradesh alone accounts for 70 % Shrimp  production in India .

Shrimp is USA’s favorite seafood .

Three more  bodies of Naxalites recovered in Bijapur district

On Tuesday police has killed 10 Naxalites in Bijapur district of Karnataka .

Three more bodies were discovered on Wednesday .


Nine dead 1000 injured as 7.4 strong quake hits Taiwan

A 7.4 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday killed nine people in Taiwan and more than 1,000 were injured .

The earthquake damaged dozens of buildings ,Tsunami warning was sent to Japan and Phillipines before being lifted .

The epicente of the earthquake was 18 km South of Taiwan ‘s. Hulien city at a depth of 34.8 km . It was at 8:00 AM local time ( 0000 GMT ) .

A quake of 7.6 magnitude in September 1999 had killed around. 2400 people .

Taiwan is at the junction of two tectonic plates making it prone to earthquakes .

Ukraine’s new law lowers conscription age to 25 in a bid to replenish troops

Ukraine on Wednesday lowered the military conscription age from 27 to 25 . In an effort to replenish its depleted ranks after war with Russia .

Earlier Zelensky has called for mobilization of more than five lakh troops . Lowering the age seems to be in direction of that .


India among countries mulling telescopes on , around the moon

Astranaumers are looking to put forward to opening a new window on the universe , by posting high resolution telescope in the moon and orbit around it .

There are numerous proposals to do it , including one from India known as PRATUSH .

The telescope is being built by Raman Research Institute ( RRI ) in collaboration with ISRO .

A similar project is being launched by NASA and ESA launched by 2030 .

China is expected to launch its first moon orbiting telescope by 2026 .

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