Summary of The Hindu 30th OCTOBER 2023

Blasts kill two , injured 41 at prayer meet near Kochi

At least two person successive explosion in a crowded Jevovah prayer conventions at Kalamassery in Ernakulam  resulted in killing two people and and injuring 41 other worshippers  .

The police have detained Kochi resident Dominic Martin a ” disenchanted member of the religious group , as a suspect in the case .He has been arrested under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act , paving the way for a possible National Investigation Agency ( NIA ) probe.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinayari Vijayan indicated that the death toll might climb .He spoke to Union Home Minister Amit Shah before leave ng for New Delhi , where he was attending the party meeting ,for Kerala .

The blast occurred at 9:38 am , when an estimated 2000 people had assembled for prayer meeting , primarily families with women and children .

Police initially thought it as a ” convert ” operation of radical Islamists firge elements .However investigation took a startling turn when Mr. Martin arrived at Kodakara police station in Thrissur and ” confessed ” for the crime .

Mr. Martin said that he had been a  zealous memeber of the cult like group for 16 years , but had become disillusioned with its ” anti national messaging ” . He said that he resorted to bombing to spotlight group’s ” anti national indoctrination ” .He downloaded bomb making manual through internet and conducted several trial s.

8 feared dead , 32 injured in a train accident in A.P.

Jarange Patil cranks up pressure on Shinde government

Maratha quota activists Jarange Patil on Sunday remained firm on his resolution to continue to his hu her strike , while warning the Eknath Shinde government that it could either grant reservation to Maratha community of face it’s wrath .

His hunger day strike reached fifth day .

” Even if something happens to me , the Maratha community will carry out the agitation ” he said .

Hemant Patil a MP from Eknath Shinde’s Shiv Sena resigned over this issue , saying that he is very much for the reservation of Marathas .

The demand of Jarange Patil is to give reservation to Maratha people in jobs in state.

PM discusses the security situation in West Asia with Egypt President

OM Narendra Modi spoke to Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al Sisi during the weekend the discuss security situation in West Asia .

” We share concern regarding terrorism , violence and loss of civilians lives . We agree on the need for early restoration of peace and stability  and facilitate humanitarian assistance ” .Mr. Modi said .

In a separate statement issued on Sunday , the external Affairs ministry said the two leaders discussed the ongoing conflict ” and it’s implications for the region and the world ” .

On October 22 India had sent humanitarian relief meant for Gaza .

India abstained from voting  at the UN General Assembly at Friday during a resolution calling for ceasefire in fighting .

Govt preparing to release vision India 2047 document

The government. is preparing a vision plan to make India developed by 2047 and to ensure that countries do not fall in middle income trap that several countries have fallen into the similar stages of development .

PM Modi is expected to unveil the plan in 3 months , the report was being prepared by NITI Aayog .

The document will include an outline of reforms to be achieved by 2030 tl, and structural changes in governance that will be critical to make India 30 trillion dollar economy by 2047 , with per capita income of 18000- 20,000 dollar .

Middle income trap

” The biggest thing we are all  worried about is the middle income trap . You can reach a 5000 – 6000 dollar per capita income , and then will not move fast . The whole purpose of the document is to avoid that and to take the country to next level . ” citing the example of Argentina that failed to live up to the promise over the years .

He told that India can start facing facing middle income trap after 3- 4 years .

” How do you address regional disparities  as you see growth in India happening in some part with east and North getting left behind and West and South pushing ahead .”

Canada India rift is ‘ painful ‘ for common friend Australia : envoy

Australian High Commissioner Phillip green in an interview with  The Hindu says that Australia hopes that the two countries India and Canada can work through these difficulties and can find some new foothold in the bilateral relationships . Last week Australia has expressed concern over expulsion of 41 Canadian diplomats .

Developed countries to overshoot carbon emissions goal , says study

Developed countries responsible for three fourth of existing Carbon emissions will end up emitting 38% more carbon in 2030 than they have committed to , shows a study published last week by the Delhi based think tank Council for Energy Environment and water ( CEEW ) .The study shows that 83% of this overshoot will be caused by the US , Russia and EU  ( European Union ) .


Thousands break into aid warehouses in Gaza territory

Thousands of people broke into aid warehouse in Gaza to take flour and basic hygiene products , a UN agency said . It showed great desperation and breakdown of public order .

Tanks and infantry pushed into Gaza over the weekend as Israeli Prime Minister annnoused 2 nd stage of war .

Gaza’s health ministry has said that death toll among Palestinians has passed 8000 – mostly women and minor .

Communications were restored to much of the Gaza early on Sunday . Israeli military said on it had stuck 450 militant targets over past 24 hours , including Hamas command centers and anti tank missile launching centers. It said that more ground forces were sent to Gaza overnight .

The warehouses breaking were a ”  worrying sign that civil order was starting to breakdown after three  weeks of war and a tight seize of Gaza “.

Israeli action ‘ may force everyone ‘ to act , says Iran

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Sunday said Israel’s ongong bombardment in Gaza ” may force everyone ” to act in the latest warning issued by the Islamic republic since the start of Israel Hamas conflict .

” the crimes of the zo nost regime have crossed the red lines , and this may force everyone to take action , ” Mr Raisi said on X .

” Iran considers its duty to support resistance group ” Iranian Considers its duty to support the resistance group ,” Iranian President. Said .

Israel must protect Gaza civilians , says white hoses

Israel must protect innocent Gaza residents by distinguishing them militants and civilians in the palestinian territory , the white house said .

Bangladesh charges opposition party leader with murder

At least 164 Bangladesh National Party (BNP ) including Mirza Fakhrul Alamgiri were accused of murdering a policeman .

The policeman was killed during a demonstration by the party members recently .

Saturday’s protest by BNP  and Jamaat E Islami was biggest this year , and marked new phase in their campaign .

More than 1,00,000 of the two major parties rallied on Saturday to demand PM Sheikh Hasina to step down to allow a free and fair vote under a neutral government .

Xi – Biden run up meeti not going to be smooth : China

 China’s foreign minister Wang Yi met

China’s Foreign Minister considers that the road to an expected meeting between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden would not be a ” smooth sailing ” and both sides should work together to achieve results .

Wang Yi is on three day visit of US , hear he met US  NSA Jake Sullivan and his counterpart Antoney Blinken .

Chinese party delegation visits Solomon’s island

A delegation of Chinese Communist Party the Solomon islands calling the ” flourishing ” ties between two nations in benefit for both .

China in July signed a policing pact with Solomon islands in July , as both countries upgrades their partnership to ” comprehensive strategic partnership ” .

China ‘s visit came just a week before the Australia PM Anthony Albanese visit to Beijing.


Time and change

Panel should be given more time to study criminal law

The parliamentary panel recently postponed adoption of three Criminal procedure bills .

There were some contention about Bhartiya Nyaya Samhita  and Bahrtiya ( replacing IPC ) and Bhartiya Suraksha Samhita ( replacing. CrPC ) . While the other Bhartiya Sakshya Samhita  ( replacing   IEA  ) is supposed to be passed .


The panel  was handed the bill on August 24 , and it held only 12 meetings till now . The editorial that panel was right to postpone adoption and taking more time   this will be good for bill .

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