Summary of The Hindu 30th NOVEMBER 2023

US blames Indian official for plot against Pannun

US department of justice in a publicly released statement has accused Indian government  trying to plot killing of Khalistan separatist Gurupatwant Singh Pannun .

India has formed a  “ high level “ committee to probe into US allegations . The MEA said that the panel will probe into nexus between organised criminals , gunrunners , terrorist , and others .

What does US justice department say

The plot include Involvement of Indian operatives , including an Indian intelligence official . Indian officials gave Indian wanted criminal Nikhil Gupta 15000 dollar for killing Pannun in New York City  . Nikhil Gupta is now under arrest of US police .

Gujrat Police dropped charges against Mr. Gupta at the behest of Indian Official .

The statement also says that there is link between plot against Pannun and killing of Nijjar in Canada .

Gurupatwant Singh Pannun is a dual citizen of Canada and India .  He is a khalistan separatist . India has designated him as individual terrorist . Recently in a video he warned Sikhs to not use Air India flights .

Major oil and Gas firms have pledged to go Carbon neutral by 2050 : CoP 28 chief

Conference of Parties 28 ( CoP 28 ) started in Dubai , several Oil and Gas companies have committed to become net zero or carbon neutral by 2050  , and net zero methane by 2030 , the COP 28  President designate Sultan Al Jaber told at press conference ahead of starting of COP 28 .

He did not name the names of organizations that he committed to achieving the milestone .

Mr Al Jaber is UAE’s  minister of Industry adb Advanced technology . He is also CEO of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ( ADNOC) .

The International Energy Agency ( IEA ) estimates that oil and gas operation account for 15 percent of total emission globally per year .

Another major step that the CoP 28 presidency under UAE could take credit for  was taking credit for world’s two major economies “ US and China “  aligned towards climate action and reducing methane emissions, Mr . Jaber said .

Al Jebel Denies allegations of using climate talks to strike fossil fuel deals

BBC earlier had reported that Mr Jabel will plan to meet delegates of 27 countries and will try to expand his oil and gas projects .

He told these report as “ false “ .

“ There Allegations are false  , not true , incorrect and an attempt to undermine the work of CoP 28 presidency “ he said .

India backs UN resolution against Israel for not leaving Syrian Golan

India has voted in favour of a draft resolution in UNGA ( United Nations General Assekbly ) that expressed deep concern over Israel not withdrawing from the Golan heights . The Syrian. Golan was occupied by Israeli Forces on June 5 , 1967 .

The resolution introduced by Egypt , was adopted by 91 votes in favor , eight against , and 62 absentation .

Australia , Canada , Israel , the UK and The US voted against it .

What was Kerala governor doing for 2 year on billa , asks SC

The Supreme Court on Wednesday found substance in the argument of state of Kerala that Governor Arif Mohammad Khan had behaved as an “ adversary “ by keeping pending eight key bills for two years before granting assent to one of the referring seven to president .

“ There is some substance to what is being argued by the state here . What was the governor doing for 2 years on these bills …. The power of governor cannot be used to to thwart the normal process of democratic law making by legislature “  CJI observed .

The Governor represented by Attorney General R. Venkatramani said “ there were both political and Nonpolitical dimension “ to what happened . “ I don’t want to get into this “ , he said .

Apex court allows six month extension for Delhi Chief Secretary .

The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the extension of term of Delhi’s current Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar by six months .

Center and Manipur ink deal with banned Meitie insurgent body

The. Center  and Manipur government has signed a peace agreement with United Nations Liberation Front ( UNLF ) , a banned Meitie organization .

UNLF is banned and also the oldest armed group based in Manipur valley .

“ The UNLF has agreed to renounce violence and join mainstream . I welcome them to demonstrate process . “  Home Minister Amit Shah said .

The UNLF was formed in 1964 , and has been operational in Indian territory and outside .

Free Food grain scheme to continue for five more years

Center on Wednesday approved extension of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojna (PMGKAY ) in March 2020 during the COVID19 pandemic lockdowns and ended it in December 2022 .

Center to provide drones to 15,000 women’s group  for use in agriculture

The center will provide drones to 15,000 progressive women Self Help Group ( SHG)  to be rented to farmers for agriculture purposes .

The drone services will be used by farmers for Nano fertilizer and Persricide application .

The decision was taken at a cabinet meeting chaired by PM Modi .

The scheme will have a financial outlay of ₹1261 crores for 2 years .

The cost of a drone is 10 lakh , of which 8 lakh will be provided by center . Drone pilot and copilot will get a. Honourium of 15,000 and 10,000 respectively .


On final day of ceasefire , mediator seeks extension of Israel Hamas deal

International mediators appeared to make progress on Wednesday on extending truce between Gaza and Hamas  in keep feeding hostages in  return for release of Palestinian .

Israel has welcomed the release of dozens of hostages . But it claimed on Wednesday that around 160 prisoners are still being held in Gaza . 

Biden directive

The Biden administration has told Israel that if it resumes the offensive it must operate with far greater precision .

Srilanka reaches deal with India , Paris club on debt plan

Srilanka has reached an “ agreement on principle “ with India and the Paris club group of creditors including Japan , on a debt treatment  plan that will help the Srilanka in getting 3 billion dollar fund .

Paris club is a group of 22 countries which include Japan and Australia , these countries help those in financial crisis .

China the top lender to Srilanka though attended the meetings but didn’t signed the agreement.

Paris club counties

Argentina’s Melie vows committment to freedom in  US

Argentina’s President elect Javier Melie on Tuesday met senior officials from white house in Washington . He met US NSA Jake Sullivan . Argentina’s President office said he had expressed “ his views on the international geopolitical agenda aligned with west and his committment with the values of the freedom “

It added that Mr. Suvillan speaking on behalf of the administration .

“ Converted the willingness of the US government to co-operate in transition of incoming Argentinian government “

Aegentina is facing deep economic crisis , with high inflation and it’s currency falling daily compared to dollar .

Mr Meitie is thought to be Pro US , he has promised to have better relation with US and making dollar it’s currency in election rallies .

Tamils are being pushed out in the east of Srilanka  , says Tamil MP

Srilanka is pushing Sinhala population in the North and the eastern provinces of the country with the aim to displace the Srilankan Tamil population from these religion , C V Wingneswaram one of the Srilankan MP told this addressing an interaction at Press Club if India .

“ Srilanakan Tamil are buffer between India and pro China Sinhala populations whinare from southern Srilanka . But over the years , the Sinhala population has been supported to increasingly get into the mothern and eastern territories that belong to Tamil Population “ .

Greek PM was ‘ grandstanding ‘  in sculpture row , says UK’s Sunak

UK preime Minister Rishi Sunak defended his decision to snub Greek President Mitsotakis .

Pakistan court acquits former PM Nawaz Sharif in graft case

Turkey has promised to give NATO approval for sweden “ Within weeks “

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Tibias Bilstorm said on Wednesday his Turkish counterpart had promised that Ankara would approve Stockholm memeber ship of NATO “ within weeks “

Turkey has held Sweden admission to NATO


Dravid and Co reappinted for another term

Indian Cricket team Coach Rahul Dravid term was to end after CWC 2023 , his term has been extended till T20 world cup 2024 .


Rocky Reminder

The Silkyara tunnel rescue is laudable but the accident was preventive

The editorial is about the recent Silkyara tunnel rescue operation.  It took 17 days to rescue 41 trapped workers . The tunnel had collapsed on 11 November , a day after collapse a line was set up between workers and outside world . They were provided water , food and oxygen through this tunnel . The width of debris horizontally was 56 meter . 

On November 16 Auger drill was flown from Delhi . The auger drill drilled about 46 meter ,

before it getting caught in metal webs . On  simultaneous vertical drilling started .

Final 10 meter of horizontal was drilled by rat hole workers , who did it manually with their tools .  

The Silkyara tunnel is being built  to minimize distance to travel  Char Dhams . This is being made despite expert committees has told not to make this because of safety concerns .

The editorial says that  government should Lear from theae accidents to aborr similar accidents in future .

 A better model

The. ECI must act independently as the arbiter of election code breaches .

The editorial is about recent election rallies , and breaches of code of conduct by various parties . The editorial says that Election Commission of India ( ECI ) acted in a bias manner by not seeing faults if BJP but only looking to opposition leaders fault .

Congress and AAP faced ECI notices for their comments on PM Modi . ECI banned BRS  implementing  Rythu Bandhu Scheme for farmers  .

The editorial says that ED statement on Bhupesh Baghel that he was involved in Mahadev App scam and announcement of PMGKY extension for five years were other violations .

What is behind the Halal ban certificate in UP ?

Halal is a Arabic term whose meaning is “ permitted “ on other hand Haram means “ prohibited “ . Halal term is generally used regarding food items , means meats which are permitted regarding Sharia law .

Why in news ?

UP Food Department recently ordered ban on all Halal products that are being used , in UP or are sold in other parts of country , however ban does not extend to exported food items .Halal food items are exported from UP  to Arab countries .

Police raided malls to seize Halal items .

The state govt has given 15 days time to manufacturers to withdraw their Halal products within 15 days from market .

How are Halal certificates issued ?

Halal certificates are issued by Jamiat Ulema I Hind’s Halal unit and Halal Sharia Islamic Law Board .


A Halal packaged food products 

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