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                              The Hindu – 29 july 23

 Headline : Keeping literature on violence not a terror act , says SC , grants bail to duo .

About the  case :

SC was hearing bail petition of Vernon Gonsalves and Arun Ferera . Both were being investigated by National Investigation Agency ((NIA) in Bhima -Khotegaon case .

Bhima Khoregaon  (2018) case is related to violence between two communities one of them being Dalit at a place Bhima Khoregaon near Pune . One person was killed in violence while it had brought chain of protest across Maharashtra .About 30 police got injured while 300 were arrested . NIA in its investigation found several literatures  with Vernon Gonsalves and Arun Feriera that supported maoist activities . They had been held on delivering fiery speeches at Elagar Parishad in Pune that was funded by Maoist .

SC judgement :

SC granting bail to duo told that merely holding literature of violent acts doesnt constitute a ” terrorist acts ” under UAPA Act , 1967 .

Court also told that association or mere processing association with terror organisation not enough to attract “memebership ” of such organisation .

 Headline : SC asks center , six states to respond to plea of lynching .

In a petition filed by an NGO National Federation of Indian Woman ( NFIW) , SC issues notice to Home ministry and heads of police to Maharashtra , Haryana , Rajasthan , Bihar and Madhya Pradesh  with respect to their response to mob lynching cases .

 Thaseen Poonawala case 2018 , :

An important case regarding mob lynching . SC had called mob lynching as ‘ “creeping thereats ” and needed to be nipped in the bud . SC had also issued directives like Police must register FIR in such cases , and police will be made accountable for any such cases .


 July 10 , 2023 –  SC on July had asked states to bring before the court the steps taken by it to stop mob lynching . Also what action they had taken  in mob lynching cases .


Headline : Wang Yi pledges to defend Sovereignty

China’s top diplomat Wang Yi  on Friday pledged to ” firmly defend ” China ‘s sovereignty and security in his first message and once again assuming charge of foreign minister in wake up of removal of Qin Gang .

                    On Friday Chinese websites showed new websites showed Qin Gang as new minister along with a message from veteran diplomat . The website returned the messages and videos of Qin Gang which had been removed earlier this week .

                        Mr. Wang in his message said ” will unite more closely around the CPC central committee and comrade Xi Jinping at its core ” and also ” firmly defend national sovereignty , security and developmental interest ” .

 Headline : two health bills passed without d bate in LS .

The bills passed are :

     The National Nursing and Midwifery Services bill 2023  — It seeks to repeal Indian Nursing Council Act , 1947 and set up a National Nursing and Midwifery Commission ( NMMC) .

Currently there are around 33.41 lakh nursing personals registered in country .

                    The bill seeks to regulate and maintain nursing and midwifery education . It will also call for  research and development and adoption of new methods in this field .


     The National Dental Commision bill will repeal Dentists Act 1948 .It will regulate and manage dentistry ,dentist education and oral healthcare .


Headline : India Japan will work to strengthen ” peacetime cooperation ” :jaishankar

Japanese Foreign minister Yoshimasha Hayashi is in India on his tour to 6 nations.

On Thursday he held 15 th annual India Japan Foreign ministers syraheic meet  where Japan recommitted to invest 5 trillion yen in India between 2022 and 2027 .

                      Addressing India Japan forum organized by Ananta center Mr Jaishankar praised Japan as an ” exemplar moderniser “that is a role model for India .He credit Japan for revolutionizing car sector by bringing Maruti Suzuki , metro by providing metro trains and technology in initial phases and now supporting India,’s bullet train aspirations .

                    Japanese Foreign monsoter will visit Srilanka , Maldives , South Africa , Ethiopia and Uganda . Headline : Modi says India can become hub for chip making industry

PM Modi on Friday inaugurated ‘ Semicon India 2023 ‘ in Gandhinagar . PM  Modi made strong pitch for investment in Semiconductor in India .

He told

” To expedite growth of the semiconductor sector in the country, we are continuously undertaking policy reforms and also working with partner countries for a comprehensive road map for semiconductor industry , ” he said while listing the storng measures take by govt .

                  PM Modi highlighted internet penetration , fibre infrastructure , huge talent , market etc some to be the driving features of India’s semiconductor industry .

400mn dollar investment by AMD :

US chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has pledged to invest 400 mn dollar in chip manufacturing in India over five years also to build largest design center in Bengaluru .

 Headline : Need legally binding instrument to end plastic pollution

PM Narendra Modi called G 20 nations to work constructively and bring a legally binding instruments to end plastic pollution . He was addressing G 20 environment ministers meeting that is going in Chennai , through videoconferencing .

                     He told that India achieved its target to non fossil fuel electricity years ago the target year 2030 .

                   He called ‘ small island nations ‘ as  ‘ large oceanic countries ‘ . He stressed responsible use of Oceanic resources . He hailed success of India project Tiger and told that Project lion and Project Dolphin is under way .He talked about Mission Amrit Sarovar which created more than 63000 water bodies in just 1 year .            

Headline : Hong Kong Court turns down govt plea to to ban Protest song .

Hong Kong govt has requested to ban broadcasting and distribution of a song Glory to Hong Kong in a landmark decision that rejected challege  to freedom of expression in the city .

 The song was written during protest against Chinese govt in 2019  and it’s lyrics call for democracy and liberty .

                         Hong Kong in 1997 was transferred from UK to China , after 99 year lease period ended . China had.promised that Hong Kong could keep its civil liberties , democracy  for 50 years . Chinese govt from time to time tries to enforce its hold over Hing Kong . Recently Homg Kong govt tried to push Google to show China’s national anthem at top in search result for city’s anthem but to no avail

Headline : Army general declare himself leader of Niger .

Niger army Chief Abdourhamane Tachiani has been named as the new leader of unstable jihadist hit nation on Friday .This was the third day since elected president Bazoum was detained .

                      France the former colonial master of Niger has called the coup neither complete  not final .This coup is completely illegitimate and profoundly dangerous, for Nigeriens, for Niger and for the whole region,” Mr. Macron said, calling for Mr. Bazoum’s release.


Headline : Putin ‘ studying’ Africa’s bid to end Ukriane war


Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow is “carefully” examining proposals made by some African leaders to end the conflict in Ukraine. “We respect your initiatives and we are examining them,” Mr. Putin said on the second day of a Russia-Africa summit. The summit comes after Russia pulled out of a deal to allow Ukrainian grain exports through the Black Sea




Headline : Singapore’s hangs woman for ‘ drug trafficking’ .


Singapore conducted its first execution of a woman in 19 years on Friday and its second hanging this week for drug trafficking despite calls for the city-state to cease capital punishment for drug-related crimes.

                       Singapore’s laws mandate the death penalty for anyone convicted of trafficking more than 500 grams of cannabis and 15 grams of heroin.

   Editorial 1

Needless Move :

By allowing ED’s Chief continuation the SC has undermined its own authority

About the editorial :

The editorial is regarding recent decision of SC to allow ED chief SK Mishra to be in office till September 15 . Keeping back its own july 11 judgment in which it has asked him to step down . The editorial criticise this decision of court .

 About SC 11 july judgement ;

SC had observed that giving extension to term to ED chief was unconstitutional . And had directed him to step down before 31 July .

 About recent extension by SC ;

Just few days before 31 July center moved to SC asking that , FATF evaluation is underway and it is necessary for ED chief to be in office . It is a matter of national interest . It asked for court to let ED chief be in office till 15 October .

SC finally extended the term till 15 September

SC rebuked govt that how can the system be so dependent on this one officer .

 Editorial view :

Editorial tells that in any department several officers are working , and just removing one should not hamper it entirely . FATF evaluation is critical for National secirity bit even after this there was much enough room for SC to not extend ED term .

  Editorial 2

Mercury Rising

Climate change calls for a renewed sense of of urgency

About the editorial :

The editorial is about the  heatwave , high temperature this july month has brought all over the world . With UN secretary general call Global warming has passed and “global boiling ” has arrived . It also talks about steps that can be taken to minimise it .

 What Antonio Guterras told :

Recently UN secretary general Antonio Guterras told at UN head quarters that the age of Global warming has passed and ” global boiling ” has arrived . He was alluding to high temperature world faced during July this year .

Several scientific study claims july this year to be the hottest month in 12000 years . World Metrological Organisation and European Commission’s Copernicus Center has indicated that july this year is expected to be hottest month in 176 years  with temperature 16.95 degree celcius . .2 degree celcius higher than 2019 .

 Effect of high temperature :

Temperature in Chinese North West reached 52 degree celcius ,  wildfires in Greece , USA  and Italy  , USA and many European countries facing extreme heat than expected , Unexpected Heavy rains in North and West India , South Korea , China causing flash floods .These are effects of extreme heat .

  What can be done :

Antonio Guterras UN Secretary General told that ” dramatic ” measures need to be taken to still prohibit temp rising above 1.5degree celcius . COP 28 President designate Dr Sultan Al Jaber has pointed out the same .

For India PM Modi has called that he will make India third largest economy once he comes to power , it will be even better if India which currently promises to become a net zero country by 2070 , to reduce this period to 2050 .    Climate change affects everyone and work should be done to enforce all power to become a net zero country as soon as possible .


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