Summary of The Hindu 27th MARCH 2024

High drama in Delhi as AAP , BJP holds protest

The Aam Aadmi Party workers staged massive protest at different locations in Delhi .

They even tried to  march to the PM’s residence but were detained . Section 144 is imposed around the PM’s residence .

BJP workers on other hand were protesting demanding resignation of Arvind Kejriwal Kejriwal .

Meanwhile , Mr. Kejriwal issued his second directions to ensure that medicine and testing facilities are available to all government hospitals and Mohalla clinics  , Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj read the statement .

Employment scenario in India grim , says ILO report

India Employment Report 2024 was released by International Labour Organisation ( ILO ) on Tuesday and was released by Chief Economic Advisor , V. Annatha Nageshwar .

The report had the following major  findings.

     Labor Participation increased slightly in 2022 as compared to 2019 .

BJP says no to Akali Dal , to go to alone in Punjab

India supports Philippines’ sovereignty says Jaishankar , sparks Beijing  response

EAM S. Jaishankar is  on a Five day visit to three countries Singapore , Philippines and Malaysia . After completion of Singapore assignments he reached the Philippines . He met  Filipino President  Bongdong Morcos and Foreign Minister Enrique Milano . The talks were on trade , digital Infrastructure , Indo Pacific Myanmar  , Ukraine etc .

S . Jaishankar on South China Sea

In a joint Press Conference S. Jaishankar said ,” I take this opportunity to firmly reiterate India’s  support to the Philippines for upholding it’s national sovereignty “ .

He further said that UNCLOS was the “ constitution of season “ and all parties “must adhere to its entirety in both letter and in spirit “.

Reacting Sharply on S. Jaishankar ‘s comments in Manila within hours , the Chinese ministry of Foreign Affairs called on India and Philippines to “ respect China’s  territorial sovereignty “ .

“  Maritime dispute are issues between countries concerned . Third party has no right to interfere whatsoever “ . Chinese spokesperson Lin Jian said.

 The Philippines is a major trade and defense Partner for India . In 2022  Philippines signed an agreement  to buy Brahmos Missiles from India .

Sensing China threat , India joins Sri Lanka in race for seabed mining

Earlier this month India applied for International SeaBed Authority  ( ISBA ) Jamaica , for rights to explore two vast tracts in the Indian Ocean Seabed that aren’t part of its jurisdiction .

Afanasy Nikitin Seamount ( AN Seamount )  is the region for which India has applied .

The region has a cobalt rich crust .

Why India chose the  AN Seamount :

The region has already been claimed by Sri Lanka , under separate laws . but India’s application is part of a report motivated by Chinese vessels undertaking reconnaissance in the same region .

About AN Seamount

A Seamount is a structural feature ( 400 km into 120 km ) in the Indian Ocean ,located about 3000 km off  India’s coast .

From the Oceanic depth of around 4800 meter  it rises to about 1200 meters . It is rich in deposits like Cobalt , Nickel ,Manganese and Copper .

For exploration of the Ocean beyond the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone ( EEZ ) , the country has to take license from the International Seabed Authority ( ISBA ) , ISBA is an autonomous organization under UNCLOS ( United Nations Conventions of  Law Under Seas ).

EEZ is 200 nautical miles from the county’s coast .



Julian Assange granted temporary reprieve from  extradition to the US

Wikileaks founder  Jillian Assange was granted a temporary reprieve  from being extradited to US , from the UK .

A British High Court ruled on  Monday that Julia Assagne would be extradited immediately , it has given US three weeks provide assurance that Mr. Assagne having fair trial in US .  Like no death Penalty , Right to Free Speech etc .

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assgne had published sensitive Military and Diplomatic documents of the US . He is facing  18 charges in US court , 17 of which are under US Espionage Act . There are charges that have the Punishment of Death Penalty .

Mr Assgne  for 7 years was hiding in Ecuadorrian embassy in London , to escape Sweeden’s rape Charges.

From 2019 Mr. assgne has been improsoned in London . In 2022 ,British govt decided to extradite him in nine cases  , Mr Assahne had moved to courts against this decision .

Israel and  Hamas dog in as international pressure mounts for Gaza in ceasefire

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday vowed to continue its offensive on Gaza . About the recently passed UNSC resolution for ceasefire in Gaza ,Mr.Netanyahu said that it had emboldened Hamas to reject a separate proposal for ceasefire and hostage release .


Hamas’s demand :

In talks with Israel , Hamas has said that it will hold Israeli hostages till Israeli agrees to a more Permanent ceasefire , withdraws its forces from Gaza and releases hundreds of Palestinian prisoners including top militants .“

Netanyahu said “ Israel will not surrender Hamas delusional demands and will continue to achieve all its goals in the war : releasing all the hostages , destroying Hamas’s  military and governing capabilities and ensuring that Gaza will never be a threat to Israel “

Five Chinese among six killed in Pakistan suicide bombing

A suicide bomber carrying explosives laden car hit  a vehicle killing six persons in Khyber Pakhtunwa Province of Pakistan .

Six of the five are Chinese citizens .

Those killed were working on the Dasu Dam Project .

Dasu Dam is the biggest hydropower project in Pakistan .

The Pakistan Taliban has stepped up militants’ attacks in the region .

EU asks big tech firms to identify A Deep Fakes ahead of Elections

The European Union ( EU ) will go for  Elections between June 6 and June 9 .

The EU called on Facebook , Tik Tok and other Tech Titans to crack down on Deep Fakes and Other AI generated Contents by using clear labels ahead of Europe wide polls in June .

The 27 countries will go for EU elections from June 6 to 9 . Brussels fears “ manipulation and disinformation “ by Russia .

The European Parliament has 705 seats ,this is going to increase to 720 this time .

EU member states from different countries elect different numbers of MEPs . Germany elects a maximum of 96 members followed by France ( 79 ) and Italy ( 76 ) .

Number of Seats in European Parliament in European Union

‘Crew of Baltimore ship were all Indians ‘

A Singaporean flagged ship Dali  in the early hours of Tuesday collided with a major Bridge in Baltimore US . This caused the Bridge to Plunge and Collapse in the river .

All 22 Crew members are safe 

Baltimore  Accident 

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