Summary of The Hindu 26th MARCH 2024

United nations calls for ceasefire in Gaza during  month of Ramzan

The United Nations Security Council on Monday passed a resolution that demanded a halt in fighting in Gaza , a ceasefire during the holy month of Ramzan . The resolution also demands releases of hostages by Hamas .

The Resolution was passed by 14-0 vote , with the US abstaining .

In earlier attempts to pass any resolution about a ceasefire the US has always vetoed .

Shortly after resolution was passed , Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a planned visit to Washington by a high level delegation and accused the US for “retreating “ from a “ principal’s position “ by allowing the resolution to be passed .

Netanyahu was to talk on the plans of military operations in Rafah .

US reasoning on abstaining :

US National Security spokesperson John Kirby said that the US had been “consistent” in its support of the ceasefire as part of the hostage deal .

“ The reason  for abstaining was that the resolution did not condemn Hamas .”

The US said that the resolution could hurt ongoing negotiations that are going in Egypt .

EU probe into tech giants for ‘ violation ‘ of new law may trigger hefty lines

The European Union on Monday , launched a probe on whether Apple , Alphabet and Meta violate its new Digital Markets Ads ( DMA ) .

The companies could be fined 10 % of their global revenue and 20% of the repeat infringement of DMA .

About DMA

The DMA fully came into effect on March 7 and seeks to regulate large online companies called ‘ gatekeepers ‘ , whose products and services are used by 450 million EU users . The DMA had designated six ‘ gatekeepers ‘ in September last year  : Alphabet , Amazon ,Apple , ByteDance , Meta and Microsoft .

Recently Apple was fined around 2 billion dollars for anti competitive behavior in the market for the distribution of music  apps .

Arunachal Pradesh has always been part of China : Lin Jian

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar  in a reply on China’s claim over Arunachal Pradesh has said the claims to be “ ludicrous “ , had said  Arunachal Pradesh to be a “ natural part of India “ .

Chinese Foreign  Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian on a question on Mr  Jaishankar ‘s  comment claimed that Arunachal Pradesh was always part of China before it was “ illegally occupied “ by India .

14 injured at fire in Mahakal temple in Madhya Pradesh

Fourteen priests were injured during a fire in  Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh on Monday .

“ The fire starter as a gulaal (coloured plate ) fell on Puja thali (ritual plate ) that contained burning camphor.

The treatment of those injured is going  in district hospital .q

Jaishankar discussed bilateral ties with Singapore PM , senior ministers

External Affairs Minister was from Saturday on three day visit to Singapore .

On Monday he met Singapore President Lee Hsein  Loong .

He also met Foreign Minister of Singapore Vivian Balkrishna  . He held a separate meeting with trade and Industry minister of Singapore .

Trade , investment  and Indo Pacific were found of the talk.

Robusta coffee prices touched all time high amid Global shortage

Robusta Coffee farmers are happy as their produce is fetching an all time high price .

The reason behind is said to be shortfall in supply to the market . While production has also declined .

Arabica and Robusta is two major varieties of coffee  : Arabica and Robusta

Robusta is grown specifically in region of Wayanad , Kerala .  Wayanad Robusta Coffee is under the GI tag .

Arabia variety is mainly produced in Karnataka (   Kodagu , Chikmagalur , Babubudashgiri , Coorg )


For the IS , Russia is the enemy that destroyed it’s plans in Syria

ISIS K has taken the responsibility for the recent attack in Russia that killed more than 137 people .

Russia was not in the good eyes of IS ever since their involvement in the Syrian Civil war.

Russia was fighting from the Syrian government side , and it thwarted the IS plans to capture key cities Al Raqqah  mainly . It stalled the expansion of IS controlled areas .

Recently , ISIS has been releasing several propaganda videos saying ‘ Russians have the blood of Muslims on their hands ‘ .

In January a suicide blast had killed many in Iran ,that was plotted by same Group .

ISIS K Operating Zone

Four suspected ‘ attackers ‘ of Moscow’s concert hall held in ‘custody’ on terror charges.

Russia has ordered four men accused of killing to be held on “ terror “ charges .

The Russian Court led the hearing in the case .

The men face life in prison . However , Russian Officials have calmoured for lifting of moratorium on the death Penalty to deliver even the harsher punishment .

Phillipines lodges protest against  China over water cannon assault

Thr Phillipines lodged its “ strongest protest “ agiant Beijing on Monday  over Water cannon attack on its boats in South China Sea .

Phillipines summoned a senior Chinese diplomat .

In response , China warned that the relationship was at crossroads and  Phillipines should choose a prudent way forward .

United States , EU , Japan , Australia and 16 other countries have supported Phillipines and rule of law .

Pak team in Kabul to improve trade ties

 A delegation from Pakistan’s ministry of Commerce ,arrived in Kabul on Yesterday to discuss Afghanistan counterparts , how to improve trade relations .

This comes in the backdrop of tense relation between the both countries after Pakistan recently launched strike on Afghanistan territory .

Thailand delivers aid to Myanmar , but critics say it only helps the ruling  Junta

Thailand delivered its first batch of humanitarian aid to war torn Myanmar . On what officials hope will be continuing efforts to ease the plight of millions of people displaced by fighting .

Thailand sent ten trucks of aid to  three towns in Myanmar’s Kayin state , where it will be distributed to 20,000 displaced people .

Currently armed conflict is going o.  in several parts of Myanmar .

More than 2.8 Million people has got displaced and many living in conflict zones are facing food and essential commodities crisis .

Areas which has got captured by  aemed groups are especially vulnerable .

UK issues online ads to deter illegal channel crossing .

The UK on Monday launched a new Global social Media campaingn , aimed at Vietnam in Particular , to deter migrants aimed to cross the channel to deter Northern France  on small boats .

An increasing proportion on “small boat “ arrivals are from  Vietnam , UK’s interior ministry said .

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