Summary of The Hindu 26th SEPTEMBER 2023 Current Affairs

AIADMK exits NDA after ties with BJP turns bitter

The AIADMK the main opposition party of TamilNadu , on Monday announced a decision to withdraw from National Democratic Alliance and snap ties with BJP .

The decision was taken after an hour long meeting presided by secretary general EK Palaniswami , senior leader KP gurusamy told reporters that in past years BJP state leadership had been ” deliberately , in a planned manner and with motive , defaming ” , icons of the party such as CN Annadurai and Jayalaitha. He was indirectly telling about BJP chief of  TamilNadu Annamalai who had been vocal against AIADMK at times .

Mr. Gurusamy told that party will form alliance to face lok Sabha polls .

AIADMK has been main rival of DMK in TamilNadu and has formed goverenment many times . Last general elections AIADMK had coalition with BJP .

Tibetans are seeking more autonomy , not separation from China

Speaking to a small group of Journalist Dalai Lama told that Tbinetans are asking for more autonomy but not policial separation from China .

On a question whether he want to settle back in Lahasa he told that though he would like to revisit Lhasa , he will prefer to live on in Bharmshala .

In July , Dalai Lama had surprised many by announcing that he had been contacted ” officialy or unofficially ”  by Chinese govt ” in order to deal with Tibetan problems they want to contact me . I am also ready ” . he added .

Dalai Lama escaped Tibet in 1959 , and took asylum in India . China has annexed Tibet in 1951 . Currently Tibetans who are on asylum are settled in Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh and Bylakuppe in Karnataka .

Jaishankar , Guterras discuss reform of Global financial institutions , sustainability

External Affairs Minister ( EAM ) , S. Jaishankar and held bilateral talk with United Nations secretary general Antonio Geeterras and discussed the sustainability agenda and reform of International Financial Institutions .

S. Jaishankar will address UN General Assembly on Tuesday .

Reform of World Bank and International  monetary fund ( IMF ) is a major  agenda .

On the agenda of reform is greater lending capacity of World Bank , and more broad based representation of countries in its board .

Mr Guettwras is vocal critic of performance of these financial institutions .

S Jasishankar also met UNGA President Dennis Francis , with whom he said had. discussed India’s G20 presidency as well as the reform of multilateralism . 

Center rebuffs Moody’s Aadhaar card report , says a billion Indian trust it , no breach of database

Last Saturday in a report rating agency Moody had said that Aadhar biometric system often results in ” service denials ” of its users and we’re unreliable in hot and humid conditions The agency has also refglagged security and privacy risks to users or such centralised systems where a single entity the users .

Minister of electronics and IT on Monday in a note titled ” Aadhaar , the most trusted digital ID In the world –  Moody’s investors service opinion baseless “, the ministry said that a number of international agencies such as suck as World Bank and IMF had lauded Aadhar a d several nations are engaged with UIDAI to understand how they can use a similar system in their country .The minister dismissed concerns over security and privacy in Adhaar system , assertion that there has been no breaches till now .

Eight institutes give array of reasons for Joshimath sinking

Separate studies by eight premier isntitutes in India to know the cause of land subsidence in Joshimath town is attributed to seismic activities , construction loopholes population pressure , poor drainage system and others are likely reason for sinking of the Himalayan town.

The Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology ( WIHG ) , the Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT ) , Roorkee  , National Geophysical research institute , the Indian Institute of Remote sensing  , the Geological survey of India , the  Central Ground water Board ( CGWB ) and the Central Building Reasearch institute ( CBRI ) prepared their own reports on land subsidence . The reports were made public only after Uttrakhand govt questioned over hiding these .

Railway tightens safety rules , asks IRCTC to arrange catering facility  for private coaches

The Indian railways has tightened safety rules in the operation of private trains and coaches by issuing fresh guidelines for catering services and food checks.

IRCTC has been assigned task to of providing food to passenger aboard private trains and coaches booked on full tariff rates ( FTR ) , security and railway staffs will conduct pre departure checks to prevent carriage of inflammable items such as gas cylinder .

The move is to prevent passenges from carrying stoves for cooking .

Few months ago nine passengers died in Madurai , after a gas cylinder  burst when a passenger was trying to make coffee .

The travel company will have to ensure that boarding and deboarding is done as per the rules 


Writer’s Union reached deal with Hollywood studios

Screenwriters Union leaders and Hollywood studios has reached a agreement to reach a tentative agreement to end historic give months long strike .

Actors are still on strike . It is being  thought that they too will end their strike soon.

Picketing by writers  union is going to suspend immediately , however some hurdles still remain for writers to return for work .

Phillipines removes China’s barrier in disputed shoal

Phillipines coast guard on Monday removed 300 m barrier rope and net barrier along the entrance of Scoroborough shoal  put by Chinese coast guard .

Chinese coast guard a week ago had put the net and rope barrier .Phillipin s forces told that it removed the barrier in a ” special operation ” ordered by President Marcos jr .

Chinese spokesperson Wang Wenbin has told shoal to be ” China’s inherent territory” Where China has ” indisputable soveirengnty ” .

Scoroborough shoal is a atoll a two mountain surrounding area , it is administered by China but claimed by Phillipines and Taiwan both .

Befor 2012 it was administered by Phillipines , but after 2012 standoff it is under Chinese control .



Canada speaker ‘ sorry ‘ for honouring Nazi linked veteran

When Ukrainian PM visited Canadian Parliament on Friday , the speaker of Canada Anthony Rota singled out 98 year old Ukrianian migrant to Canada Yaroslav Hunka . Mr Rota hailed Mr Hunta as ” a Ukrianian candian war veteran from the second world war who fought for Ukrianian independence against Russia. A ” Ukrianian hero ” and ” A Canadian hero ”

The remarks ignore heavy crime that Hunta committed as an officer in Nazi military .

The Jewish Advocacy group called it ” shocking ” and ” extremely disturbing ” .

Canadian house speaker on Sunday apologises for his introduction to Mr. Hunta .

Following India , US raised concerns over Chinese vessel’s visit over Srilanka govt

Chinese geophysical r search vessel Shiyan 6

iS on voyage to Indian Ocean . It will operate in sea for 80 days ,with 28 scientific research project from 13 research team onboard , covering a wide angle of mir than 12,000 nautical miles . The vessel will dock to Srilankan port . India has already said it’s concerns regarding docking Chinese ship to Srilankan authorities . US under secretary of state for political affairs Victoria newland called on Sri Lanka ‘ s foreign minister Ali Sabry and expressed her concern . Mr Sabry told that all “Standard of procedure  ” will be followed . 

Nepal China signs 12 agreement during Prachanda’s visit to Beijing

Nepal China on Sunday signed 12 agreement includi g seven MoUs , to enhance bilateral cooperation in various sector including trade is and road connectivity  




Indian women Cricket team won gold defeating  Srilanka 

10 m air rifle team ( Divyansh , Aishwary Pratap and Rudranksh ) won gold

Indian MotoGP

Marco Bezzecchi of Italy  emerged as first winner of India MotoGP .

Jorge Martin came second while Fabio Quarantarao came third

Francesco Bagania crashed out

Expertise above politics

Litigation over water can be avoided only with fixed distress sharing norms

The editorial is about dispute over Cauvery water release between Karnataka and Tamilnadu .

About the dispute


Karnataka contention is that rain this time is 53% less than normal and it will not be able to release more than 3000 cusecs of water .

 Recenbtly Cauvery Water Maangnent Authority ( CWMA) told Karnataka to release 5000 cusecs of water till 27 September . Karnataka went to Supreme Court ( SC) . SC has told that it will hold faith in CWMA and CWRA , and won’t interfere .

Way Ahead

At times of abundance of water Karnataka has no problem in releasing water , but dispute arises only when water is scarce . It is time that CWMA and CWRA creates a mechanism to resolve disputes even for times when water will be less .

War in the Caucasus

Azerbaijan should respect autonomy of the Armenian population

About the editorial

The editorial is about the recent attack by Azerbaijan over Nagorno Karabakh . Its outcome and results of this .

Recent development in Nagorno Karabakh

Recently Azerbaijan attacked Nagorno Karabakh and only after one day , an agreement was signed between Armenia and Azerbaijan . The whole Nogorno Karabakh was assigned to Azerbaijan through this agreement . After this huge outflow of ethnic Armenians from Nagorno Karabakh to Armenia is occurring . Armenia has accessed Azerbaijan of commuting genocide in Nagorno Karabakh .

Historical context and geopolitics

Azerbaijan is Muslim majority area , whereas Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh is both Christian dominated area .

After collapse of Russia , Nogorno Karabakh came in Azerbaijani territory . A referendum was conducted in Nagorno Karabakh , in which most people voted in favor of a separate administration. It was being ruled by a separate govt favoured by Armenia .

Azerbaijan is supported by Turkey mainly in the region whereas Armenia goes for Russian support . Last time in 2020 ,when conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan started Russia had mediated a  ceasefire treaty . This time Russia being involved in Ukraine , gave opportunity to Azerbaijan to attack .











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