Summary of The Hindu 23 SEPTEMBER 2023 Current Affairs

Minister drops plan to join Asiad inaugural after China bars entry of Arunachal players

Union sports minister canceled his visit to the Asian games , due to China denial of entry to three players from Arunachal Pradesh .

The three players Nyeman Wngshu , Onilu Tega and Maoung Lagmu were refused entry despite e accreditations from the organizers .While wungshu could not board his flight from New Delhi , the other two were told that they could only travel till Hong Kong .

The Asian games is going to start from today , on Friday MEA learnt that players were stopped from boarding on Thursday night ,ministerial visit was canceled afterwards and  protest was lodged with Beijing .

” The govt has learnt that the Chinese authorities has targeted , and premeditated manner discriminated against some of the the Indian sportspersons from Arunachal Pradesh ”

 ,MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said . In line with our long standing and consistent position , India firmly rejects differential

treatment of Indian citizens on the basis of domicile or ethnicity ” , he said .


Hangzhou ,  where  Asian games is being held

BJP MP triggers row with slurs against  BSP member during Lok Sabha debate

BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri used crude and comminallu charged slurs in Hindi to target Muslims on the floor of Lok Sabha against BSP MP Kunwar Danish Ali on Thursday .

Speaker OM Birla warned Me. Bidhuri that strict action will be taken if such behavior will be taken if such behavior is repeated and words were expunged .

By afternoon ,  BJP issued a show cause notice to Mr. Bidhuri but till the time of writting , the notice has not been released to press .

Many MPs from INDIA bloc has written to Lok Sabha speaker seeking suspension and action . Many have told that it must be probed by Privilege committee .BSP’s Mayawati has called this ” unfortunate ” . 

SC declines to consider for independent audit of ” source code of EVM system

Supreme court on Friday declined to  entertain a writ petition seeking an independent audit of the source code governing the entire Electronic Voting Machine ( EVM ) system .

The petitioner told that audit should be done under AIEEE 1028 standards and it would clear any doubts in citizens .

SC however told that the Election Commission ( EC ) was constitutionally entrusted with superintendence and control of polls . The petitioner has not provided any material to show that EC breached constitutional mandate .

Sanatan Dharma row : SC notice to T.N. govt and , Udayanidhi

The Supreme Court on Friday sought a response from the TamilNadu govt and DMK leader Udayanidhi Stalin on a petition seeking investigation into  his remarks on  ‘Sanatana Dharma’  .

On September 2 in Chennai during a conference Udayanidhi Stalin had compared sanatana Dharma with dengue Malaria and called for its wiping out .

QUAD Ministers hold talk on rule based order ; UN reform

Foreign ministers of QUAD met in New York. The talk between the foreign ministers were about Indo pacific , Ukraine war x counter terrorism ,UN reforms , situation in Myanmar and North Korea .The readout after the meeting says

     ” free and open ” Indo pacific where disputes are settled by international law .

     Discussed the outcome of QUAD counter terrorism working groups Consequence Management exercise , which tells how the QUAD could help regional countries that had experienced terror attacks .

     QUAD expressed deep concern for the Ukriane war , and talked about lasting peace in accordance with International law . QUAD also backed UN efforts to restart the grain deal .

     It called for ‘  comprehensive”  UN reform , including expanding permanent and Non Permanent members of UN security council .

     On North Korea , the statement condemned Pyong Yang’s destabilising missile launches and pursuit of nuclear weapons .

     On Myanmar QUAD supported transition to an ” inclusive federal democracy ” and ASEAN five point consensus .


Panel calls for revising rules for construction around protected ASI monuments

A parliamentary panel has observed that construction rules around the monuments conserved by Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI ) be reviewed .

Currently there is provision of 100 m prohibited area and 300 m regulated area around all the monument protected by ASI .

Conflict with local peoples interest is one of their reason for this .

Currently there is total 3691 protected monuments with ASI .

SC rejects petitions to lift ban on sale , use of firecracker in Delhi

The SC on Friday rejected pleas to include Barium as an I grediaent in fire cracker , while retaining the prohibition on sales on bursting joint firecrackers .

Court rejected the petition to loft nan on sale and use . court told the authorities and Delhi Police to regulate violations of ban on firecrackers in the National capital .

No signal from Vikram and Pragyan :  space agency

ISRO , which was hoping to awaken the Chandrayaan 3’s Vikram lander and Pragyaan Rover on Wednesday said , it has not received any signal from either of two  , despite continuing efforts to establish communications .

On September 2 , the rover was put in sleep mode ; two days later in September 4 lander was also put in sleep following the end of one lunar day .


Ukraine hits Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Crimea

Ukriane struck the Russian black sea fleet Sevastopol it left one person killed .

Russia. defense ministry initially said that one serviceman was killed but later told that he was missing

Ukraine official has claimed responsibility of series of other attacks on Crimea but didn’t confirm or denied the attack on Sebastopol .

Sebastopol has suffered many attack during this war .

In 2022 attack six person was killed in a attack on Sebastopol .  

Map of Sebastopol

US warns against attacks on diplomatic missions

In wake of tension between India and Canada over killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar , and US has cautioned against attacking of embassy in its soil .

Jake Sullivan spokesperson said that ” Vandalism or Violence against diplomatic facilities or foreign foreign diplomats is in US is a Criminal offense , and we take any threats against facilities or personal extremely seriously ”

The states department comes amid the call of Sikhs for Justice a US based Sikh organisation to ” shutdown Indian Missions ” on September 25 .

In March 2023 , pro Khalistani persons had entered Indian Consulate in San Francisco and vandalized it  .

US taking to India about Canada murder :


US National Security Advisor  Jake Sullivan told that US is in touch with is in touch with India at high level over India Canada tensions that arose after Canada PM accusation on India over killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar .

He said that Washington is giving India ” no special exemption ” in the matter .

Syria , China announce strategic partnership ahead of Asian games 

Syrian President Bashar Al Ashad is in China . He will participate in opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian games . On Friday China and Syria held a series of diplomatic meetings and the two nations announced formation of New formation of a strategic partnership .


People Count

The Census is too important to be delayed for Political reasons

About the editorial

The editorial discusses different facets of upcoming census . It talks about govt decision that census will be conducted only after 2024 general elections

About Census

Since 1881 census is being conducted after every 10 year . It was to be conducted in 2021 but was delayed due to CoViD . Recently Home Minister Amit Shah in Lok Sabha told that census will be conducted immediately after elections in 2024 . Delimitation will be held in 2026 and it will be on the basis of census conducted . Many important policy decisions are pending due to lack of Proper Census data . Citizenship Amendment Act and National Population Register are important among it .

Conduct of upcoming Census

It will be the first time Digital census will be conducted ,citizens will be able to register themselves on their own . Census data will be linked with digital birth and death  data , and it will keep getting updated in case of new birth or death .Census will be huge exercise that will employ around 30 lakh govt employee .

Political red herrings

The attempt to impeach Biden might backfire against the republicans

The editorial is about recent remark by US speaker Kevin MacCarthy that IS chamber of Congress will move to impeach Joe Biden .

Mr. McCarthy is Republican while Joe Biden in Democrat , the move is seen as revenge as IS justice department is investigating agianst Donald Trump who is a republican .

The allegations is that Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was paid more than 20 million dollar by “foreign source”  . Joe Biden paid off prosecutors  an amount to end an inquiry into Burshino , a Ukrainian energy firm on whose board Hunter Biden had a seat .


Only 13 months are left for US general elections , Editorial says that the move can backfire for republicans .

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