Summary of The Hindu 26 may 2023 Current Affairs

THE HINDU 26/05/2023

All in one policy plan to spread insurance in India.

IRDAI (INSURANCE REGULATORY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OF INDIA) Is driving multi pronged changes to expands citizens net in insurance.

It is mainly following changes:-

 BIMA VISTAR— it is a new bundled insurance product that will cover life , health , accident and property cover through a single simple policy. Till now policies are like ,health policy , property policy So customer has to take lots of policies for overall cover

 BIMA SUGAM—it will be a one stop shop for customers interacting insurers and distributers  Digital health registries will be linked to BIMA SUGAM, so that claims can be settled within hours and days.

 Permitting insurers to sell value added services with policies for example a yoga class bundled with health scheme.

 To expands insurance scheme in villages woman will be appointed,

 States will form insurance committees to expands coverage across districts .

 The micro and regional insurers will also be allowed to Hourish

IRDA Chief Debashish Panda on Thursday said that they are striving to create “UPI LIKE MOMENT” in insurance .

The claim is to provide insurance cover for all by 2047.He also told that some statutory changes will be done soon in insurance field . The regulation field believes that these changes can double the number of jobs to 1.2 crore

. China constructing model villages opposite to LAC

According to official sources china is continuing to expands the network of model villages or xiokang (moderately prosperous villages) opposite to line of LAC in the middle and eastern sectors. Major construction sites are Barahoti , Mana , Niti and Thangla areas. In Arunachal Pradesh opposite to Kameny area the villages are also being constructed. Villages are being constructed all along chumbi valley facing the strategic siliguri corridor . There has been increase in patrolling by Chinese along border also Chinese transqrenion in middle sector is now increasing. India –china shares 3400 km –LAC. It is divided in 3 parts western (Laddakh) Middle (Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand) and Eastern (Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh).

Indians army is increasing use of technology on forward bases along LAC. New autonomous vehicle will soon replace transportation of rations by animals in difficult areas. Snow scooters, laser dazzlers and new generation sniper rifles has also been inducted use of UAV for surveillance have increased .

Rethink boycott decision , Nirmala tells opposition

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has called opposition to rethink its decision to boycott inauguration ceremony of new parliament building about opposition’s call that the move is disrespect to resident of India , she reminded how opposition had disrespected and abused President while she was sworn in . She recalled several incidence where opposition had inaugurated legislative assemblies without inviting the governor of states. She called opposition to reconsider its decision . 19 political parties including congress has decided to boycott inauguration ceremony of new parliament building.

It is unfair to boycott : Mayawati

will attend inauguration : Dev gowda

Bahujan samaj party chief Mayawati and JD(S) leader H.D. Dev Gowda has told that they will attending the inauguration ceremony of new parliament building.

One ,man’s ego has denied president her right: congress

Shah slams congress for boycott of parliament building inauguration

Food grains, oilseed harvest will break rewards says centre Union minister of agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar released the advanced estimates for production of different food grains this year Agriculture minister has credited farmers researchers and farmer friendly polocies for growth.

Two more cheetah cubs die at KAMO park ;one unwell

On Tuesday two more cheetah cubs died , extreme heat and lack of proper nutrition is likely to be the reason. A third cub which is underweight is under observation 3 adult cheetah out of 20 relocated from Namibia and south Africa died.

New committee to keep watch on cheetah project

Centre on thrusday appointed new steering committee , comprising National and international experts to look into the implementation of project cheetah . it will be led by Rajesh Gopal , SECRETARY GENRAL , GLOBAL TIGER forum. The committee will be in force for two years and will convene at least one meetings every month besides field visit of KUNO National park.

Amid reports of shortage, FSSAI to hold surveillance of milk and milk products

. Milk sector has hit due to death of around 2 lakh cattle due to lumpy skin disease and increase in fodder cost. FSSAI will do nation wide surveillance to look into adulteration in case of shortage.


Chinese hackers attacking infrastructure warm US

State sponsored Chinese hackers have infiltrated critical US infrastructure network, US its western allies and Microsoft told this on Wednesday. It has also warned that similar espionage attacks could be occurring globally. Microsoft highlighted Guam a vs territory in the pacific ocean with a vital military outpost ,as one of the targets , it also highlighted such activity from other parts of US. The stealthy attack is carried by China sponsored actor debuted “Volte Typhon “ since mid 2021. Microsoft has said . it said that ‘volte typhoon’ has capability to communication between US and Asia in future crisis” the statement said. In this campaign the affected organization span the communication , manufacturing, utility, transportation , construction , maritime , government , information technology and education sectors” Earlier US , Austrian, Canadian , newZealand and UK authorities had warned of global hacking by Chinese. China however has denied these allegation it has termed Microsoft report as extremely unprofessional and scissor and paste work. “it is clear that this is a collective disinformation campaign of the five eyes coalition countries , initiated by US for it geopolitical purpose Chinese foreign ministers spokesperson MO Ninasais.


Five eyes alliance monitors electronic communication across India globe.

It is an intelligence alliance Five Eyes (FVAY)

Wagner say it is handling BAKHMUT to Russia army.

Wagner chief yevgeny Prigozhin said in a video that it had stated transferring their position capture in BAKHMUT to Russian militants . The fight for BAKHMUT was going far about a year. Wagner chief conceded that about 10000 prisoners it had rewrites to fight in Ukraine had been killed in battle field. Wagner had gathered troops from prisoners , prisoners in exchange were promised amnesty after war.

US visa policy does not bother Bangladesh;

The new policy of US govt on denying VISA to individuals who are seen to be “ undermining Bangladesh election” will not “bother” Dhaka , its Dy. Foreign Minister Sharior Alam said on Wednesday,. Earlier US secretory os state Antony Blinkar had said that individuals from a range of important sections of Bangladesh govt will be denied US visa if they are found in infulging in undermining electoral process.

Moscow to shut Swedish consulate bar diplomats.

Moscow said on Thursday that it was expelling five Swedish diplomats and closing Russia’s general complete on Gothenburg and Swedish Diplomatic mission In of Petersburg . In April Sweden had expelled five Russian diplomat Russia had called is a hostile move.

3 killed one injured in shooting incident in japan

Armenians hacked with pa
gans spy wars during war say NGO

Dozens of Armenia journalists NGO workers and officials have said this.

Iran says it has successfully tested long range ballistic missile

Its range is 2000 km.

South Carolina renews abortion ban.

Editorial 1

Lost opportunity

The inauguration of parliament building should have marked a fresh start.

What the editorial is all about?

The editorial is regarding the opening ceremony of new parliament building for which many opposition parties has denied its presence. The editorial talks this in context of democracy.

About inauguration of new parliament building and issue surrounding it

Newly constructed parliament building will be inauguration on 28th May. It will be inaugurated by prime minister Narendra Modi . Opposition parties are telling that it had to be inaugurated by president as she is head of state and not PM. The 19 opposition parties including congress has released a statement in which it has told that it will boycott the inauguration by PM. BJP has cited that in 1975 Indira Gandhi the than PM has inaugurated parliament annexed building also when Rajiv Gandhi was PM he had inaugurated parliament library

Way ahead

Political parties should not be so aslant and should attend the inauguration ceremony been though it is not appropriate for PM to Inaugurated it instead of president . there has been quite a lack of dialogue between center and opposition with both completely divided this should not be the case always.

Editorial 2


Russia and Ukraine seem determined to continue their high cost war

What is editorial is all about?

It is about recent capture of BAKHMUT by Russia . it talks about how the conflict . it talks about how the conflict has moved thus far and future prospects of ending war.

About capturing BAKHMUT by Russia

. Fight for BAKHMUT was going from about 10 months Ukrainian President Zelensky had compared this with Battle of Saratoga and had earlier told “ —-the fight for BAKHMUT will change trajectory of our war of independence and our freedom “ Russia has claimed that it has captured BAKHMUT . Ukrainian have told that they are still fighting in some parts of BAKHMUT ,but BAKHMUT is mostly in Russian control . Wagner group a Russian mercenary group has played huge role in capturing BAKHMUT.

What capture of BAKHMUT means and what is the way ahead

Russian has suffered huge losses recently with Ukrainian getting missile defense system, cruise missile and other arms and ammunition along with training from west . Russian missiles has not been able to penetrate Ukrainian cities. It is only after capturing of soledar, BKHMUT has come as a breather for Russia . with none of the two sides any signs to compromise , the war does not look to end very soon. It can escalated as Ukrainian is preparing for its spring counter –offensive.



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