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THE HINDU 25/05/2023 

19 opposition parties to boycott parliament inauguration by PM
19 opposition parties including congress issued a joint statement saying
there was no value in a new building. they told that they would boycott
parliament inauguration by PM on 28th may.
The signatories are the congress , Dravidra Munetra Kazhgam ,AAP,
TMC, JDU,NCP ,Shiv Sena ,CPI ,SP,RJD ,JMM,IUML, National conference
Kerala congress ,RLD, Revolutionary and socialist party ,MDMK and
Their objective is against PM inaugurating the new parliament
building while Draupdi Murmu not participating in it. According to
them, it should have been inauguration by President Draupadi Murmu.

The statement said it “insult the high office of the president , and
violates the letter and sprite of constitution .

BJP parliament affairs minister Prahlad Joshi has
urged them to participate in 28th May event. Speaking to press person
Mr. Joshi said “ I would like to tell them that this is a historic event .
this is not the time for politics. Boycotting and making issue out of new
issue is most comfortable. I appeal to them to reconsider their decision
and join historic function.

Himanta Biswa Sharma response

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sharma told that in past few years five non
BJP states have laid foundation stone of new assembly building and
governor was not invited in these .
13 NDA constituents have criticized opposition’s decision to boycott
opening ceremony.
Some major parties other than BJP who will be participating in
BJP,YSRCP,AIADMK , Shiv Sena……etc

New parliament to house spectra that symbolized transfer of power in

PM Narendra Modi will install the sengol a spectre given by the
British to india’s 1st PM jawahar lal Nehru to represent the transfer of
power in 1947; it will be installed in new parliament building near the
chair of lok Sabha Speaker.
HM Amit Shah informed in a press conference “SENGOL makes the
spirit of august 15 1947 unforgettable and parliament house is most
sacred place to install it “HM Amit Shah said .
SENGOL— it is five foot intricately carved unbending gold plated silver
spectre ; with Nambe ball in its finial .
It was originally used to mark the handing over the power from one
king to another king by CHOLAS in tamilnadu.
It was kept earlier with Thiruvaduthurai math in mayiladuthural district
of Tamilnadu.
Currently it is in Allahabad museum now Prayagraj.

One killed houses torched in Manipur

On Tuesday viollencxe broke out in Meitie dominated Bishnupur district bording
Churachandpur, which is a domain of KUKI-ZOMI tribal group.the curfew which
was relaxed has been withdrawn following fresh violence.

Manipur tribal body calls for separation of hill areas in the state.

Indigenous tribal leaders forum (ITLF) is conglomerate of tribes in Churachandpur
Churachandpur has been one of the worst affected district of Manipur.
In a petition to former CRPF chief Kuldip singh, currently security advisor to
Manipur govt. The tribal group ITLF has asked for “total separation of hill areas
fronm Manipur .
Hill areas are inhabited by KUKI-ZOMI tribel mainly.
In petition they said “could no longer live with dominant meities anymore”
ITLF has put five demands for centre to lool into
 To facilitate the “homecoming of more than 100 unidentified bodies lying in
Imphal hospital and elsewhere for proper burinal.
 Resettlement and reposting of tribal employees of state and central govt.
 Protection against two armed Meitie groups, Aramban tenggol and meitie
 Neutral forces in border areas. It has alleged that border forces have ben
involved in killing tribal people and destruction of hours.
 Relief to tribal people

Wont let anyone more India-Australia ties, says PM

India and Australia will not tolerate any elements that harbor any plans to harm
strong bilateral ties, PM Narendra modi said on Wednesday .
Speaking at “joint pres conference” modi said “Prime minister Albanese and I
have in the past discussed the issue of attack on temples in Australia and
activities of reparatist elements . we discussed matter today also again . we will
not accept any elements that harm friendly ties with India” PM Modi said in
Sydney .

PM also announced to open a cumulate in Brisbane.

Foreign secretary vinay Mohan Kwatra in an interaction with media welcomed
action taken by Australian govt against khalistani protestor . He told that PM
Modi had acknowledgment “correct appreciation “ by Australia against Khalistani
Reportist .the Two leaders also discussed the need for reform in UNSC.
India and Australia sighned comprehensive economic co-operative agreement
(CECA) in 2022 , which come in force in December 2022.
PM modi also said the two sides have “decided to focus” on economic
cooperative and trade agreement (ECTA)

On India’s initiative G-20 take up effect of draft on women.

G 20 anti corruption working group meeting is scheduled to be held in Rishikesh
on Thursday On India request ,the meeting will discuss how fighting corruption
impacts women.
The definition of economic offenders will also be discussed union minister
Jitendra Singh told on Wednesday.

Independence of judging is part of basic structure of constitution : SC

SC has held that independence of basic judiciary is a part of basic structure of
constitution “the independence of district judiciary must also be equally a part of
the basic structure of the constitution without impartial and independent judges
in district judiciary justice , a pre ambler goal , would remain illusory.the district
judiciary is in most accessible to litigation . a 3 judge bench of SC observed. All
India judge association had filed a petition to lower pension , gratuity etc to
The judgment highlights the doctraine that the “judiciary must posses the
inherent power to compel payment of those sums of money which are reasonale
and necessary to carry out its responsibilities”
GDP growth expected to exceeds 7% estimate im FY 23 says RBI governer.
RBI Growth expenditure FY 23—6.5%
India act to triple speed of its fastest super computers
India is set to dramatically increase it super computing proven and install 18-
petaflops system this year.
Currently India’s most powerful supercomputers are PRATUSH and NIHIR. Their
combined capacity is 6.8 petaflops. These are housed in Indian institute of tropical
metrology (IITM) pune nad national centre medium range weather forecasting
(NCM RWF) Noida . both these came under MoES (ministry of entry science).
In December 2018 Modi govt had signed a deal of ₹ 4500 crore with france under
which ATOS company has to provide super computers to INDIA . the new super
computers will cost ₹ 900 crore.
The new super computers will help n weather forecasting for longer period .it will
also help in greater accuracy in weather forecasting.
Fastest super computers is Frontier Cray (USA)—- 1000 Peta flops
Top 10 supercomputers range between 400 petaflops to 60 petaflops.
China appoints new envoy to US in sign of thaw in ties.
China’s new ambassador to US finally landed in Washington on Tuesday , filling
a post that annually remained close to five months. Many observers see it as
signs of thaw between the relation ship of two countries..
Xie fend the new diplomat told “I
have come here to enhance china vs exchanges
and co operation and I take this my important mission “
China US relationship has faced quite a strain in recent times china also has not
appointed its ambassador for delhi since last seven months.
RON de santis launched US presidential campaign to challenge
trump in primaries.

RON DE saints governor of Florida and TWO TIMES CONGRAMEN HAS DECIDED
TO file republican party.
US has two major parties democratic and republican. Who will fight for
presidency from democrat and who will form republican is decided by debates
among their leaders and vote by party members thereafter mt. De Santis main
rival will Donald trump for republican presidential ticket.
Bulgaraian writer wins international booker prize
Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinoy has won international booker prize on
Tuesday for time shelter a darkly comic novel about the dangerous appeal of
Remember our history , recognize our labour say
srilanka is Malaiyaha tamils

Institute of social development an NGO working on addressing chalaanges facing
malaiyaha tamils in an event highlighted their struggle against discrimination
suffering from injustice.
Malaiyaha Tamils came to srilanka from southern India 200 years back they got
right to vote only in 2003. They generally reside in northern as eastern srilanka.
They mostly work in tea gardens and rubber factories.
More than 20000 men died in Bkhmut battle says Wagner

The head of Wagner group , acknowledged that Russian troops has killed
civilians. They also agreed that wayner has lost more than 20000 men in Bkhmut.
Pakistan govt mulling possible ban on Imran’s PTI party says

Pakistan defence minister knwaja Asif told that govt was mulking ban Imran’s PTI
party , following attack by PTI supporters on military officers after Imran’s arrest
                                         Editorial 1
                                      Ties that end

The Modi visit to Australia adds the bipartisan strength of growing
What is editorial is all about ?

The editorial is regarding PM Modi’s recent visit to Australia . sevral
important issues were discussed Modi talked to Indian discussed how
important this visit was.
PM modi’s 3 day visit to Australia
PM Modi was scheduled to visit Australia primarily because of QUAD ,
but it was declared cancel a week ago.
It made PM’s visit even more important for bilateral ties between India
and Australia .
PM Modi adrenal 20000 Indians diaspora in SYDNEY.
Some major decisions taken on this are:-
 PM Modi renamed an Australian superb “Harris park” as little
 Announcement of opening of an Indian consulate in Brisbane and
an Australian consulate in Brisbane and an Australian consulate in
Bengluru was taken.
 India –Australia green hydrogen task force terms were finalized ,
 Talks about critical mineral sustainable energy and defence and
security ties was also in focus.
 Despite differing stance on Russian’s invasion in Ukraine , they
found common cause of free and open Indo- Pacific and dealing
with an aggressive china.
 One of the major points of talks were anti India and
pro-khalistani activities in Australia .when In march PM Albanese
had visited India , PM modi had talked about these here again
this was a major point of talk.
MORE CASE towards comprehensive economic cooperative
agreement (CECA) signed in 2022.
The bilateral relation between two countries shows lots of hope PM
Diaspora and dosti(Friendship).
                              Editorial 2


What The Is Editorial Is All About?
US is close to breach $ 31.4 trillion debt ceiling it will be one of
the major economic debacle if it occurs .
Joe Biden govt is trying to bring a law and raise the ceiling .
About US debt crisis
US lawnmakers has put debt ceiling of ₹ 31.4 trillions .it
means that US govt can not take more borrowing than $
31.4 trillion .
Joe Biden govt need more borrowings and that’s why it
wants to changes debt ceiling in its parliament . if he
debt ceiling is not raised , US will default on June 15
interest payent.
If US defaults on its debt payment
 It will cause economic debacle in US, credit rating
will downgrade its, interest rates on credit will sour
and stock markets fall.
 Business activity may decline and unemployment
can increase.
White house has calculated that it would results.$ 8.3
millions jobs lost, 6.1 % drop in GDP growth,
unemployment at 5%.
Tussle between Joe Biden and Kevin Mc corthy.
Joe Biden is democrat while kevin MC corthy who is
speaker of house of representative (lower house
similar to lok sabha in India ) is republican.
Joe biden is trying to persuade Kevin MC corthy to
sanction a bill to increase debt ceiling . but kevin Mc
corthy has opposed view till now.
Editorial says that kevin Mc corthy should let bill
introduce in house of representative other wise people
of us wont forgive him and republician party in
upcoming 2024 election



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