Summary of The Hindu 25th FEBRUARY 2024

Center discloses key consumption expenditure findings after 11 year gap

·         The National Statistical Survey Organisation ( NSSO ) recently released data on Household Consumer Expenditure  Survey ( HCES ) , the data on Monthly Per Capita Consumption Expenditure (MPCE ) was released  recently .

·         The MPCE ( without amputation ) for Rural and Urban areas stood Rs. 3773 and Rs. 6,459 respectively .

·         The MPCE ( with amputation ) for Rural and Urban areas stood Rs.3860 and and Rs.6521 respectively

Bitter rivals Congress , AAP seal alliance deal

·         The Congress ,AAP  has arrived at a seat sharing understanding in Delhi , Goa , Gujrat , Haryana and Chandigarh for upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

     In Delhi , Out of total 7 seats , AAP will contest on 4 seats leaving 3 seats for Congress .

     In Gujrat , the AAP will contest from Bharuch and  Bhavnagar while Congress will contest on remaingi 24 seats .

     In Haryana ,  AAP will contest from Kurukshetra , while remaining 9 seats will be contested by Congress

     Congress will contest from both seats in Goa  and remaining one seat from Chandigarh .

     Leaders from both parties last week announced that by “ mutual understanding “  they have decided not to enter into any alliance in Punjab , and will be fielding their own candidate for all 13 seats .

Sharad Pawar unveils new party symbol at Raigad fort

·         A new party symbol a ‘ man blowing tura ( trumpet ) ‘ was inaugurated by Nationalist r Congress Party ( SharadChandra   Pawar )  chief Sharad Pawar .

·         The earlier Symbol ‘Cloak ‘ has gone to Ajit Pawar’s Party which has been declared as real NCP by election commission .

Three New Criminal laws to come into force on July 1  : MInistry of Home Affairs (MHA) notification says


Assam to repeal Muslim Marriage Act , Opposition calls it ‘ unconstitutional ‘

·         Ahead of introducing a bill on the Uniform Civil Code ( UCC ) , Assam govt has repealed Assam Muslim and Divorce Registration Act of 1935 .

·         After this all Muslim Marriages and Divorced will have to be registered through the Special Marriage Act .

Prime Minister lauds role of cooperatives in farmers welfare

·         Prime Minister inaugurated the “ World’s largest grain storage plan” in cooperative sector.

·         This will cover 11 cooperative sector in 11 states . PM Modi also laid the foundation stone for additional 500 PACS ( Primary Agriculture Credit Societies )  ,across the country for the construction in Godowns and other agri infrastructure  under this initiative

·         This will be funded by NABARD and spearheaded by the National Cooperative Development Council . ACS – Acts as intermediary between Cooperative banks and  beneficiaries .Government has recently increased the scope of the working  area of PACS .

Ahead of Abu Dhabi WTO conference , SKM conference , fisherfold flags concern

·         13 th Ministerial Conference of World Trade Organisation is set to begin on Monday , in Abu Dhabi .

·         The main concern of  farmers is on a draft text on additional provisions on fisheries subsidies , work programme on e text and draft  text on agriculture . India has rejected WTO demand to curb fishery subsidy till now .

·         One of the demands of farmers group Samyukt Kisan Morcha ( SKM ) is that India should quit WTO ( World Trade Organisation ) .

·         SKM ( Non Political ) has decided to send a three member group to Abu Dhabi tobrise thier concerns for attending parallel sessions in Abu Dhabi .



Kyiv hosts Western leaders on second war anniversary

·         Western leaders gathered  in Kyiv to mark the anniversary of Russian strike in Ukraine

·         Mr Zelensky posted a video that showed Italian Premier Georgia Meloni , Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo , Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , as well as the European Commission President Ursula Van Fel Leyyen together in Kyiv .

·         “ More than ever we stand firmly by Ukraine . Financially. economically and militarily and morally . Until we finally is free .”

·         Ms Von Der  Leyen said in a post on X .Meanwhile Britain has pledged an additional 10.8 million dollar aid to Ukraine .

Navalny’s body released to mother a weak after his death in Arctic prison colony

·         The body of late Russian opposition leader Alexie Navalny has been handed over to her mother , more than a week after he died in an Arctic Prison colony , his spokesperson said on Saturday .

·         Navalny had died on February 16 in one of the Russia’s toughest prison in northern Siberia , where he was servina a 19 year sentence on charges of widely seen as political retribution for his opposition .

Brazil’s Lula doubles down , accussed Israel of Genocide in Gaza

·         Brazil’s President Lula De Silva alleged that Israel is committing genocide  against Palestinians .

·         Lula write on Twitter that he  would not “ give up “ his dignity for falsehood , “ .

·         In response to the comments by Mr. Lula . Israel declared him a Persona non  Grata ( unwelcome person )  , summoned  Brazil’s ambassador and demanded an apology .In retalliation Mr. Lula recalled Brazi’s ambassador to Israel for consultation .

US troops shoots down three Houthi drones , attack seven anti ship missiles


(1)  How is the Ukraine war changing the world order ?

·         February 24 was the anniversary of Russia -Ukraine war .

·         The war has pushed Russia towards Asia and the Global South .

·         West continues to supply weapons and money for the war to Ukraine . India and many other countries remain neutral in this .

 Where does the war stand now ?

·         Russia is on offensive , in December it captured Maryinka . Recently after heavy fighting it captured Avdiivka . It is piling up its pressure on Ukrainian forces in Krynki , Kherosan , in the  South.

·         General Veralii zarzgulayi was fired recently by President Zelensky after eight month in action .

·         Gen Zarkuzhnyi hae called for mass offensive ,suggesting that Ukraine was facing huge shortage of forces  on the frontline.

·         They lost many of their  west supplied weapons in counter offensive and are waiting for fresh one .

How has the sanction affected Russia ?

·         Russia offered discounted oil and gas to India , China , Brazil  .   Russia opened many shell companies  to transact smoothly  for these .

·         Russia has increased its closeness to countries like North Korea . It has bought weapons ,drones from North Korea .

·         Russia’s two major industries, Energy and Oil, remained vibrant after the war .

How is war transforming Russia

·         Finland has joined NATO . Now the Russian boundary meets with NATO country .Armenia, a long term Russian ally has currently soared relations because of Russia’s policy of non intervention .Russia has increasingly became  more dependent on China . Russia is becoming more authoritarian and cracking down on protest against govt  more often .


(2)   The Global South stand on Israel’s war in Gaza

·         The International  Court of Justice ( ICJ ) will give its “ advisory opinion “ to UN on Israel Palestine issue . In December  2022 Israel had asked for this . . Monday will be the last day of hearing . The West and Global South seems totally divided over the issue .

·         West backed by US and European Countries mainly has argued Israel’s right to “ self defense ,” . While South Africa  has called the current attack in Gaza as “ war Crime “  .

What is ICJ hearing about ?  Key arguments ?

·         In December 2022 , Israel asked an advisory opinion on two questions :.

(1)    What are the “ legal consequences “ for Israel over its policy of “ occupation ,

        settlement and annexation “ of palestinian territories since 1967 war .

(2)    What legal consequences arise for other states over Israel’s policy of “

       discrimination “ .

·         As  many as 52 nations gave written comments over this . Global South led by Brazil and South Africa came heavily against Israelis occupation. .

·         Palestinian side said that Israeli government had left only three choices for Palestinians “ displacement , subjugation and death “ calling their action “ ethnic cleansing ,  Apartheid and genocide “ .

·         US , UK led west called for Israel’s right to “ self defense ,” .

 India’s stand

·         India has recently voted in favour of any resolution that has asked for ceasefire in Gaza .

·         Most of the Arab countries are India’s major trade partners with India .

·          Israel being a major defense exporter to India .  India so far has balaced it delicately .



Asif Ali Zardari : Return  of the survivor

·         Zardari is set to be Pakistan’s new President after his party PPP has made coalition with Nawaj Sharif’s party PML – N .

·         Zardari is husband of former Pakistan PM Benazir Bhutto and father of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari .

Yulia Navalanya : Woman of Opposition

·         Yulia Navalanvay is the wife of Alexie Navalany who died recently in a Russian prison at Arctic .

·         She has vowed to continue the fight of her husband and continue to fight for “ a free Russia “

·         Navalny was a fierce critic of  Vladimir Putin . He was undergoing 19 year jail on charges of extremism .

Kamal Nath : Indira’s third son

·         Recently Congress refused to give tickets to Kamal Nath for Rajya Sabha entry . There was huge speculation that he  may join BJP . But he denied it .

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