Summary of The Hindu 24th FEBRUARY 2024

Western countries pushing Russia to learn on China

·         On  the last day of Raisina dialogues , Foreign Minister S Jaishankar spoke on several issues such as Russia , China and India’s bid for UN Security Council

     On Russia –  S Jaishankar told that west must give “ more options “ to Russia rather than “ closing doors “ onit and pushing it towards closer embrace with China . He praised Russia as “ an enormous tradition with statecraft “ ..

     On China –  He criticized China for playing “ mind games “ and told “ the mind  games which would be played would be just between the two countries and no other country should exist between the two countries “ .

‘Gemini AI’s reply to query on Modi violates IT rules ‘

·         Gemini : Google’s AI product is violating Information Technology laws and criminal codes, said IT minister , S.  Chandrasekharan This was in the context of its reply to PM Modi .

·         Query : “ Is Modi a fascist “

·         Gemini : “Mr. Modi has  been accused of implementing policies that some users have characterized as fascist “ ,

·         “ These are direct violation of Rule 3( 1) (b) ( the IT Rules ) and violation of several provisions of criminal code “. Said OT Minister .

·         Rule 3( 1) ( b) of IT rules says – says that Online platforms should inform users to “ not to host , display , upload , modify ….or share any information that …..belongs to another person …. Is grossly harmful ,defamatory , obscene , Pornogrpahic , Paedopbilloc or otherwise unlawful in any manner “ .No comment by Google have come thus far .

Other Countries :

China issued a directive in 2023 to warn firms  against using ChatGPT products .

Google’s self imposed restrictions ensured that.Bard didnt respond to political questions  about Vladimir Putin when they were asked in Russian.

Delhi calls on Moscow to discharge Russian military’s  Indian ‘ helpers ‘

·         India has approached the Russian authorities for “ early discharge “ of Indians working as support staff with Russian army , the Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA ) said on Friday .

·         MEA spokesperson. urged Indians to stay away from participating in the Russia Ukraine war .

·         The Hindu has subsequently reported that there are at least 100 Indians who are said to have been hired by Russia. army as helper but were forced to fight alongside Russia against Ukraine .

Russian skiers ignored norms ,triggered Gulmarg avalanche

·         The Investigations have revealed that the Rissia. Skier group , ignored safety guidelines and ventured into non ski zone .

·         One Russian was killed and other injured in recent avalaches in Gulmarg .

Center amends surrogacy rules , allows couple to use donor gametes

·         Union govt has amended surrogacy  ( Regulation ) rules , 2022

     New Rules says that both gametes need not come from a married couple in case they are certified as sufferring from a medical condition. Now couple can have a Child through surrogacy but must have at least one gamete from Intending couple .

Earlier the rule was that both gametes must come from intending couple .


     Single Mother undegoing Surrogacy must use self eggs and donor sperms to avail surrogacy procedures .says the notification released by Health ministry .

     Surrogacy means  that a Child is born in some other women’s foretus , which is not the intended parents .Both Egg and sperms can come from intended parents , or as per the new rules at least one gamete should come from the intended couple .


      Surrogacy by a single woman : SC asks govt to explain stand The Supreme Court on Friday asked the govt whether a single woman undergoing surrogacy will affect legitimacy of a child .“ If there is no marriage and children is born ,which is the law that gives them legitimacy to a children to born outside a formal marriage, be it void or unavoidable marriage ? “ Govt responded that the concept of “ illegitimate child “ does not exist any more . 


ISRO : PAPA detects solar wind impact of Coronal mass ejection

·         PAPA ( Payload On board the Aditya L1 ) is an Energy and mass analyser for in situ measurement of solar winds .

·         ISRO on Friday said that PAPA has detected the impact of Coronal mass ejection.( CMEs ) CME –CMEs is a significant ejection of magnetic field and a accompanied Plasma mass from Sun’s Corona into the heliosphere .CMEs are often associated with solar flares and other forms of solar activities .


Coron Mass Ejection.


US piled new new sanctions on Russia on War’s anniversary

·         US and EU piled up new sanctions on Russia on the anniversary of Russia Ukraine war.

             and Ukraine war

     US treasury department plans on Monday to impose more than 500 new sanctions on Russia , and it’s war machines in theargest single  tranche of penalties .

     The EU announced on Friday that it is imposing sanctions on several foreign companies over allegations that they have exported dual use products to Russia , that could be used in its war against Ukraine .

The  27 member Russian also said that it was targetting scores of Russian officials , including members of Judiciary ,local politician and people responsible for illegal deportation of military re education of Ukrainian children .

Israel seeks to open – ended control in post war Gaza

·         On Friday Israel PM presented  a two page  document that talks about its post war adminstration of Gaza .The documents talks about allowing only few groups that don’t support teerrorst organisations and are not funded by foreign countries to participate in forming the govt .The view is totally different from that US is pushing for , US , Egypt and Qatar are lousjig. fir immediate ceasefire and giving complete Sovereignty to Gaza for forming new government .

Froze’  participation in security bloc : Armenia

·         Armenia has suspended its particpation in a Russia led security bloc , Collective Security Treaty Organisation. ( CSTO ) .

·         This comes after Russia ignored to intervene in Armenia Azerbaijan tension last year . This costed Armenia to lose , Nagorno Karabakh .

·         Russia and Armenia is long term allies but recent indifferce by Russia over regional issue has made the relocation between the two countries getting soared .

·         In an interview with France 24 Channel Armenian Prime Minister “ Nilkol Pinkshyan said “ We believe CSTO did not fulfill its objective vis a vis Armenia is concerned in 2021 and 2022 .”

·         He also accussed Moscow of carrying a “ Coordinated propaganda  campaign “ against him and his government .

·         CSTO – CSTO is a post soviet military organisation , formed in 2002 .It’s members are Belarus , Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Russia , Tajikistan ,Armenia , Azerbaijan , Georgia , Uzbekistan.

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