Summary of The Hindu 23th JANUARY 2024

Consecration done , PM called it a historic day

On Monday PM performed rituals inside Sanctum Sanctorum of Ram temple .

He addressed 8,000 in Ayodhya , says Ram Lalla will not be in  ‘tent’ any longer .

Prime Minister thanks judiciary for “  upholding dignity of law and justice “ , He says temple to be symbol of peace , patience and harmony .

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ( RSS ) , sarsanghchalak  Mohan Bhagwat told that under Ram Rajya , people should stop fighting over petty issues .

Supreme court in a petition about TamilNadu CM M K Stalin giving “ oral order “ to state police , to ban live telecast of pran pratishtha of Lord Ram at Ayodhya told that such “ oral order “ is not binding to state police .

With no Iron or steel Ayodhya temple is a study in sandstone

Some. Important  features of Ram Temple built are :

     No iron or steel has been used in the construction of Ram temple . Sandstone has been used for construction .

Stones has been sourced from. Bansi Paharpur area of Rajshtan .

     Nagara style :– The Nagara style temple will be 380 feet long.from east to west , 250 feet wide and 161 feet high .

The temple is built in 2.7 acres area .   The temple is 3 storied with each floor 20 feet high and will have 392 pillars and 44 gates .

     About 70 % of area will be green area . “ The green area includes the portions which are very dense and in some portions , very dense . Nearly 600 trees are preserved in this belt

The temple  is built at an estimated cost of ₹1800 crore ,

Chinese research vessel enters Indian Ocean ,

The Chinese research vessel ,Xiang Yang Hong 03 is entering the Indian Ocean and is headed to Maldives , according to OSINT , open Sea Intelligence portal .

The Destination Male is noteworthy , given the moratorium on foreign research vessels by Srilanka .

PM announces solar rooftop scheme for 1 crore household

PM on returning from Ayodhya announced a scheme named “ Pradhanmantri  Suryodaya Yojna “ . Under the scheme 1 crore rooftop solar panels will be installed on houses of poor mainly .

Speaking about this PM Modi said that this will not only reduce electricity charges of poor but will also make India self reliant in energy .

No information on time line for such installation has been given .

Currently there is no centrally compiled data on how much houses solar roof top has been installed

Ministry rushes team to Manipur ;

Meitie MLAs call for postive action

The Union Home ministry on Monday rushed a team of officials to Manipur after a fresh spate of killing and violence in the state .

Tension rose between the two communities .

The recent violence erupted after killing of two village guard members , by militants .

This led to two day Bandh called in East Imphal


Meanwhile 35 Meitie MLAs passed a resolution that they will take action in consultation with Public if “ the government of India is unable to take any positive action “ .

The officials will meet members of the two communities and is expected to break a deal between the two .

Odisha govt seeks urgent deployment  of kumki  elephant from TamilNadu

Odisha govt has sought assistance from TamilNadu govt for making Kumki elephants and Mahauts available  in the wake of increasing human elephants conflict in the eastern state .

Kumki  elephants can be deployed strategically to help and manage and drive wild elephants and thereby reducing the damage the crops , wildlife habitation , and potential loss of both human and elephant lives .

These elephants can also be deployed for forest patrolling  and rescue operation “ .

TamilNadu govt has a successful plan under which kumki animals are trained and utilised. for wildlife conservation purposes .

President urges  youth to remain vigilant against use of Technology

President Draupadi Murmu conferred Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal  Purashkar for the year 2024 , on 19 childrens.

The award was given to 9 boys and 10 girls in different categories , namely art and culture , bravery , innovation , science and Technology , Social services and sports .

The award is conferred to the children in age group 5 to 18 years .


Iran and Pakistan envoys to return to duty as ties improve

Iran and Pakistan announced on Monday that their ambassador would resume their duties from Friday .

Pakistani Foreign Minister Jail Abbas Zilani has

Invited Iran’s Foreign Minister to Islamabad next week .

Tension spiled between Iran and Pakistan after Iran struck missile in Pakistan’s Baluchistan area . Pakistan had recalled it’s emanssador from Tehran and told Iran’s ambassador  who was on a holiday not to return Pakistan .

Ron de Santis ends his US Presidential bid , Haley sole contestant against Trump

Florida Governor Ron De Santis has suspended his Republican presidential campaign on Sunday , ending his 2024 while house bid just before New Hampshire primary .

Now only Nilkie Hiley stands against Donald Trump for getting. Presidency from Republican side .

Mr De Santis vowed to move towards Donald Trump .

“ It is clear to me that majority of Republican Primary voters , want to give Donald Trump another chance “ Mr De Santis said .


Ron DeSantis has ended his Presidential

Russia blames Kyiv for attack on  Baltic sea port

The Kremlin in Monday blamed Ukriane for an attack on Russia that started a fire on three LNG tankers .

“ The juice regime continues to show its bestial face . They are striking civil , infrastructure ,people .,” .

Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said .

Currently both Russia and Ukriane are strinking each other with drones , which are hitting deep inside their territory .

ZELENSKY proposes Ukrianian citizenship to foreign fighters


Families of hostages urge Israel PM to seek a deal with Hamas

The Israeli Army bombarded Khan Younis , the new epicente  of the war in Gaza  ,on Monday.

The  families of hostages held by Hamas urged Netanyahu to reach a deal with Hamas to secure their release .

Earlier Netanyahu had denied the demand by Hamas to take hostages in leiu of ending the war

Taliban enforcing ban on single and unaccompaniednwoma woman : UN

According to a UN report published on Monday , The Taliban are restricting women who are unmarried or have no male guardian from working .

Earlier Vice and Virtue ministry of Taliban had said that that it was inappropriate for an unwed 8oman to work .

Taliban has stopped woman from most areas of public life , it stopped girls to go to school beyond class six in 2021 .

It has also forced strict dress code and has shut down all beauty parlours .


Statehood for Palestine the only credible way to peace in West Asia : EU



Sony calls off 10 billion dollar on ZEE .

Sony a pictures Networks India has called off 10 billion dollar merger with Zee Entertainment Private Lid ( ZEEL )  . Sony has blamed Zee of not meeting closing conditions within deadline and has initiated arbitration proceedings worth 90 million dollars .

The two companies had entered into deal of merger in  Dec 2021 .


Jammu CSIR finds Cannabis compound that has antibiotic effect

Jammu CSIR found a compound called phytocannaboids a class of comppund in Cannabis plant that possess some hitherto unexplored antibiotic properties .

The  compound can be used to make drugs used in treatment of Anti Microbial Resistance ( AMR ) diseases .

AMR is a major health concern world wide , it  refers to bacteria , virus , fungi that no longer respond to medicines used to treat them .

In 2019  India has attributed 2.97 lakh deaths to AMR .

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On equal access to the benefits for all SCs

The Union govt has formed a high level committee of secretaries , to evaluate and work out a method of equitable distribution of benefits , schemes , to the most backward communities among 1200 Scheduled Caste Communities .  SC communities has found to be crowdwd by  Dominant communities among them .

At the heart of these is demand raised by Madiga community in Telangana .

The Madiga community  comprise of 50 % of SC population in Telangana , for years this community has been crowded out of govt schemes .

The erstwhile Attorney Journal of India opinwd that subcategoriesation of SC community was possible and constitution could be amended to bring this about .

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