Summary of The Hindu 22th JANUARY 2024

Consecration today : PM priest to lead ceremonies

Consecration ceremony in Ayodhya will start 20 minutes after noon in the presence of PM Narendra Modi and 8,000 invited guests .

13,000 security personnel has been deployed .

Ayofhya city has been decorated .  Starting at 10 AM Mangal Dhwani will be played at the temple until the ceremony is ready to begin .

Almost all opposition political leaders which were invited has declined to participate in the ceremony .

Ahead of Consecration , PM finished T. N. temple visit

PM Modi is visiting temples that are related to lord Rama ahead of Consecration ceremony .

On  his visit to TamilNadu he prayed at  Ranganatha Swami Temple . On Sunday he prayed at Kothanur Swamy temple ,.

He visited Arichalmunai point  , prayed lord Shiva at Arunachalmunai here .

Kothadarswamy temple is the site where Vibhishana first met with Lord Rama .Earlier PM Modi visited ,

 Veerabhadra temple , Lepakshi ( Andhra Pradesh ) – The place where Jatayu fell after fight with Ravana .


Thriparyar Sree Ramaswami Temple ( Kerala ) – Also known as Dakshin Ayodhya , the temple contains lord Rama idol .


Srirangam’s Sri Ranganathswany  temple – Rama is regarded to have performed puja of Lord oVishnu here . He later gave the idol to Vibhishna .


Ramnathswamy temple , Rameshwaram –placr where lord Rama worshipped Shiva

Museveni regrets Indian’s expulsion by Idi Amin in 1970s

19 th NAM summit is going on Uganda , Ugandian President Yoweri Museveni expressed deep regret over the  expulsion of Indian ,Pakistanis , Bangladeshis in 1972 during the rule of Idi Amin .

Around 80,000 Indians , thousands of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis were expelled from Uganda  by Idi Amin .

81% of citizens response has affirmed the idea of simultaneous polls  : Ministry

Ram Nath Kovind led high level panel has received over 20,000 responses from citizens , 81% citizens have given responses in favour of “ one nation one  election “, a law ministry statement said on Sunday .

suggestions were also invited from 47 policcal parties and so far 17 have responded .

Recently Congress chief Mallikarjuna  Kharge written to the panel asking it to abandon the idea as it was “ undemocratic and violative to the basic structure of constitution “ .

Nitish inaugurated 500 bed hospital in Samastipur district of Bihar

On Sunday Nitish Kumar inaugurates 500 bed Sri Ram Janki Medical College and Hospital ( SJMCH ) . The hospital was built at a cost of ₹591 crore .

Digital University Kerala introduces , Kairali AI chip first of its kind

Digital University Kerala has designed a silicon based AI chip . It is going to play vital role in edge AI , Aerospace and in precision agriculture .


Hundreds of thousands protest against ‘ anti immigration ‘  far right in Germany .

Hundreds of thousands joined rallies in different cities of Germany .The protesters are protesting against political party AfD’s policy of expulsion of migrants and ,” non assimilated citizens “ .

On January 10 a report by investigative outlet collectiv revealed that AfD meme wrs had discussed the expulsion of immigrants and “ non assimilated citizens “ at a meeting with extremists .

From Friday to Sunday , about 1.4 million protesters gathered in protest in different cities .Both in Berlin and Munich more than 1 lakh protesters gathered .

Take a stand

Chancellor Olaf  Scholaz who joined a protest last weekend , said any plan to expel immigrants and citizens ,alike amounted “ an attack against our democracy , and in turn , all of us “

AfD has 78 seats in Bundestag ( Germany’s Parliament ) , AfD will be significant in upcoming provincial election .


Death toll from Israel strike in Gaza surpasses : 25,000 .

The death toll of Palestinians in Gaza passed 25,000 on Sunday , more than 62,000 got injured.

Currently the main fight is going in Jabelia , Khan Younis and southern Gaza .

Israeli  PM Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the terms by Hamas  to end the war .

Hamas had proposed to release Israeli hostages to end the war in lieu of ending the war .

NISAR mission on track for launch soon : NASA official

The NASA ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar ( NISAR ) Mission , designed to observe natural processes and changes in Earth’s complex ecosystem , is on track for “ early  2024 “ launch ,  a senior officer of NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratory said .

Designed as a Low Earth Observatory , the NISAR will study earth for three years , it will study earth’s ecosystem , ice mass , vegetation , biomass , sea level rise , ground water and natural Hazard , including earthquake , Volcano and Tsunamis and Landslides “.

No Normalization of Israeli ties without Palestinian state

Saudi Arabia Foreign Ministry Prince Faisal Bin Salman Al Saud in an interview with CNN said that there can be no normalization of ties with Israel , without resolving the Palestinian issue .

About the current Israeli attack on Gaza he said “ this is completely unnecessary , completely unacceptable and has to stop “ .

The US president also recently said that a two state solution for Palestine is the right path ahead .

Hamas Chief meets Turkiye Foreign Ministers

Hamas Qatar based chief Ismail Haneiyeh has held a meeting with Turkish Foreign minister , During the meeting the two sides discussed topics about ceasefire in Gaza , humanitarian aid and Two state solution for Palestinian state .

25 killed in attack on crowded market on Russia – held Donetsk

A strike in the crowded market in the Russian occupied city of Donetsk killed 25 people and wounded 20 on Sunday , Moscow backed officials said .

Both  Russia and Ukraine has accused each other of increased attack on  each other’s territories .

This is the biggest strike on Russian territory in recent times


Mosquitofish , used to fight mosquitoes has become invasive in India

Why in news ?

In the last few months various govt and NGOs in Andhra Pradesh , Odisha and Punjab , released mosquito fish in local water bodies to prevent the spread of mosquito menace , that locals have complained for , In Visakhapatnam alone six lakh mosquitofish was released .


Due to change in climate of the world the mosquito borne diseases is increasing . Today these diseases prevail in more than 150 countries worldwide , affecting more than 500 million people .

Mosquitofish , its drawbacks :

Mosquitofish is a species of fish Gombusia .

Mosquito Fish eats Misquito’s Larvae . It was first introduced by the USA in 1960 , soon it spread all over the world .

Mosquitofish became an alternative to chemicals or pesticides , which had dire effect on human health .

But on the other side , these fishes are notorious for detrimental ecological impact , including dispatching and preying on Local Fauna leading to the extinction of local fish .

Introduction in India

In India in 2018 , Gambusia Affinis and Gambusia Holbrooki was declared as invasive alien species due to ecological damage caused by it .

India should introduce some local solution other than Gombusia .

From Voice to action , Can Rabbit R1 disrupt smartphone market

Rabbit Inc has included  AI in its device . One can even book tickets , plan vacations by simply giving voice instruction . This is not possible even with tools such as Alexa , Google Assistant etc .

Rabbit R1 can be game changer in coming times


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