Summary of The Hindu 18 SEPTEMBER 2023 Current Affairs

New parliament to host session from tomorrow

The opening day of special Parliament session will be held at old Parliament building . The next day there will be photo session which is reserved for the end of Lok Sabha session . At 11 AM there will be function at the central hall of parliament after that we will enter new parliament . Parliament session will start from 11 A.M.

The discussion on first day i.e. on 18 th will be on 75 years of Parliament journey .

Eight bills four already listed wil introduced .

However bill to elect Chief election commissioner and other elections commissioner will not be introduced , told Prahlad Joshi , the parliamentary affairs minister .

Many parliamentarian complained of getting late invite for the parliament session .

Center plans to recall RAF from Manipur

Center is considering phased out withdrawal of Rapid Action Force ( RAF) . Govt sources have said . Currently 10 RAF companies are deployed in Manipur .

Internal reports has cited inappropriate deployment of RAF in highly risk areas .

RAF is specialized in riot control and currently is being used in place of ”  regular  CAPF ” .

Operation to flash out militant from Jand K enters fifth day .

Army‘s anti militancy operation in Jammu and Kashmir reached fifth day .Security forces continued to fire mortars and rockets in Anantnag district in Sunday .

2 or 3 Lashkar e Taiba ( LeT ) militants are hidden in hills in densely forested area .

Army sees the highly trained moving from urban militancy to ” jungle militancy ” , where militants are hiding in densely forested areas and then attacking army personals .

Committed of helping artisans says PM : unveils ₹13,000 crore scheme

PM Modi on Sunday on the eve of Vishwakarma day , inaugurated Pradhan Mantri Vishvakarma Yojna ( PMVY ) , PM on this occasion said that his govt was committed to help artisans .

Under Vishvakarma Scheme collateral free loans of ₹1 lakh ( 1 st tranche to be repaid in 18 months and ₹2 lakhs ( 2nd tranche to be repaid in 30 months ) will be given .

Concessional interest payment rate on these loans will be 5% . Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Industry ( MSME) will pay the  8%of the interest .

PM on this occasion stressed on ” vocal for local ” , he asked consumers to buy local products I. This festive season .

PM also inaugurated 1.8 lakh square area built ” Yashobhoomi  ,” .  Yashobhoomi is among the largest MICE ( meeting , incentive , conference , exhibition ) center .

Army likely to induct 114 Dhanush guns by 2026 , says official


Shantiniketan finds a place in UNESCO world heritage list

Shantiniketan a town established by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore , made it to the list of UNESCO world heritage list site on Sunday .Located in Birbhum district it was built around 1901 . Currently it is situated in Birbhum district in West Bengal .

It is India ‘s 41 st world heritage site .

Dossier released by Union Home ministry on th proposed lists ” place exhibits important interchange in human values , over a span of time and within a cultural area of world , on development of architecture and technology , monumental arts town planning or landscape design ”

West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee expressed happiness she wrote on X  that Shantiniketan has been ” supported by people of Bengal over the generations” .


Building built by Devendranath tagore in 1834 , in Shantiniketan

Cheetah project on right path of success : govt report

Four out of six criteria established for assessing a short term succ ss has been met ,

Govt reports said , released 1 year after project Cheetah started . Six short term success criteria were , survival of 50 %, of the introduced Cheetahs ,  establishment of the home ranges in Kuno National Park , successful Cheetah reproduction in the world , Survival of world born Cheetah cubs ; past one year ; successful first generation breeding ; and Cheetahs based revenues contributing to the community livelihoods .

 In one year 8 out of 20 Cheetahs has died , 12 survived , which is more than 50% survival.


EU chief promises a plan of action as migrants flock to Italian island

European Union chief visited Italian island ,Lampedussa which is struggling with surge of migrant arrivals . EU chief Ursula Vander sun was accompanied by Italian PM Georgia Meloni. Ms Meloni promised a ten point action plan to help Italy deal with .

This year nearly 1, 26, 000 migrants have arrived in Italy , so for this year almost double .

Migrants arrive from North Africa .

” Irregular migration is a European challenge and it needs a European response , we are i. This together ” EU chief said In joint conference with PM Meloni .

Ms Meloni reiterated that the right approach is preventing people leaving from Europe and not redistributing migrants among the bloc members .

Migration mainly from African countries occurs every year . And is a problem for European countries .  

Lampedussa islands

Military leaders of Mali , Burkina Faso and Niger on Sunday signed a mutual defense pact

Ministerial delegation of three military ruled African countries from SAHEL region met at Niger’s capital Bamako and signed a mutual defense pact  .

The pact signed named ” Liptako – Gourma Charter ” establishes alliance for the Sahel Province region .

” The alliance will be a combination of military and economic efforts between three countries .

Mali’s Foreign minister said .

The treaty says  , they will cooperate militarily and economically . In case of military intervention in their territories they will cooperate militarily .

Mali , Burkina Faso and Niger all is run by military because of military coup in recent times .All are neighboring countries of Sahel region of West Africa .


Sahel province

14 killed in plane crash in Brazil’s Amazon

14 persons died in a EMB-110 plane crash , that killed 12 passengers , all passengers got killed . All the 12 persons along with two pilots were killed . The accident happened near tourist city of Barcelos .

North Korea’s leader wrap up Russia trip with drones as gift

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wrapped up six days tour to Russia , where he met president Putin ,visited several strategic sites of Russia . He was presented with Drones and bullet proof jackets on his return .

 Chinese police detain staff of Evergrande

Chinese police detained some staff of of Evergrande wealth management company . Evergrande is world’s most heavily indebted real estate company at the center of market crisis .

Sanctions for change

US policy toward Iran has done little to improve lives of people

About the editorial

The editorial is about the anniversary of Masha Amini death . And Is Policy of. sanction toward Iran .

Anniversary of Masha Amini death

Masha Amini died of wounds by Iran’ s Morale Police for not wearing Hizab properly . It attracted wife spread protest in Iran . Govt initially made some changes in laws related to Hijab wearing and those but later forcefully suppressed the protests . Around 500 people died in protests. With many executed after protests ended . On the anniversary ,Iran detained father of Masha Amini .


USA sanction

USA sanctioned many Iranian involved with security apparatus .American sanctions over the years has hit Iranian economy very hard but it has hardly helped to Improve lives of Iranian people .

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