Summary of The Hindu 17 SEPTEMBER 2023 Current Affairs

India Middle East Europe corridor to have multiple routes but hurdles remain

Days after India , US , Saudi Arabia , UAE , and other countries launched India Middle East Europe Economic Corridor , said many of the are still being ironed out , the multiple route options are being carried out . In Iran Mundra and Kandla in Gujrat , and Jawahar Lal Nehru Port Trust in in Navi Mumbai . In West Asia , the ports are Fijaillah , Jabel Ali , Abu Dhabi on the UAE , as well as Dammam and Ras al Khair ports on Saudi Arabia .

There are railway lines in Saudi Arabia that is under construction.While many where construction  has not started .

Center published disability database stripped over socio economic database figures

The Union govt is  shelving whatever doicp economic data it has collected while registering 94 lakh persons with Disability. for the issue of Unique Disability ID ( UDID ) .Data being collected included, socio economic data , marital statue , PwD status etc .

Earliera parliamentary committee had raised doubts about department ability to carry out UDID using data just available , citing lack of proper data .

Will make INDIA bloc an electoral success ; CWC

The newly constituted Congress Working Committee ( CWC ) at the first meeting in hyderabad on Saturday , welcomed the ” continuing consolidation  ” of INDIA bloc and resolved to make it ” an ideological and electoral success ” ,

 Kamal Nath springs a surprise tells , says INDIA bloc first joint rally in Bhopal cancelled

The first planned rally of INDIA bloc to be held in Bhopal on first week of October may not take place . Congress Chief  kamal nath , informed ” it is not going to happen ”

Mr. Nath told journalist on the on the sidelines of press conference called Kan Akrosh rally .

” there is anger and sorrow in people of Madhya Pradesh ( over the anto Sanatana Dharma ) . The were afraid that people might spread their anger and hence cancelled the rally ” Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan said .

 3 infiltrators killed down amid Pak fire cover

The Indian army on Saturday , accuses the Pakistani army of giving fire cover to infiltrators in Uri sector of Baramulla where three infiltrators were killed close to the line of control ( LoC) . Two bodies have been recovered and however however the third infiltrator was given cover fire by Pakistan army and he died after crossing to Pakistan side .


Iran marks one year since the death of Masha Amini

Iran security gorc s briefly detained the father of Masha Amini on Saturday and spread across mainly Kurdish areas of the country .

Massive security forces were deployed in the Iran mainly in Kurdish areas on the anniversary.

One year ago , Moral police of Iran detained Masha Amini and she succumbed to the wounfs suffered .Massive protest had erupted following Madha Amini death.

Britain on Friday imposed sanctions on four Iranian officials while , USA told that it was sanctioninggg Moore than two dozen individuals .

 Foreign aid arrives in flood hit Libya but hopes to find survivors , dwindle

World health Organisation on Saturday said that till now 3958 bodies have been recovered , with 9000 still missing .

Shipments has started to arrive in the ,Benghazi .

Former US diplomat gets probation for ethics violation

Yet another fuel price record in Pakistan , triggers furore

On Friday Pakistan raisef fuel prices . Petrol prices was increased 26 rupees while diesel prices was increased to 17 rupees .Petrol and diesel prices crossed 330 rupee per litre .Currently one i dollar means 296 Pakistani ruppes .Inflation rate in August stood 27.4%.

The rise in petrol prices prompted to immediate protests and legal challenge too . 

Kim Jong Un inspects key weapons along the Russia defense chief

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Saturday visited defense minister Sergei Shoigue in Vladivostok , where he inspected state of the art weapon including hypersonic missile .The pair also inspected some of Russia’s nuclear bombers . 

Lesbian couple in Hong Kong register victory in IVF court

A Hong Kong court sided with a lesbian couple who said that both the couple should have parental status over their child born via ” reciprocal IVF ” ,a ruling held as win for the LGBTQ community .


 How will middle East corridor impact trade ?


The story so far :

On the sidelines of G20 event , India Middle East Europe Corridor was signed . The event was was chaired by India , US, UAE , Saudi Arabia , European Union , Italy , France and Germany . The partnership is a part of Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment ( PGII )

What is the corridor ?

The proposed IMEC will consist of ship to rail networks (road and sea ) , railroad networks and Network . It would enable transportation of goods and services from India to UAE. Saudi Arabia , Jordan , Europe and back .

The corridor is expected to  reduce cost , generate jobs , and lower greenhouse gas emission .This in turn will translate into ” transformative integration of Asia , Europe and Middle East ” .The MoU tells that along the railway lines , electricity cable , digital connectivity as well as pipes for green hydrogen will also be  put .

The MoI tells that participants will work ” collectively and expeditiously ” to arrange all elements of design .A meeting has been planned in next 60 days to carve out an ” action plan ” with relevant timetables .

The project once completed is expected to transfer goods 60% faster than the Indian root .

 Geopolitics around the project

The project is said to be a counter to China’s Belt and Road Initiative ( BRI ) . Chinese news agency Gloabal times has suspected the physibility of the project . Saudi Arabia doesnt have any ties with Israel , other participant like UAE, Jordan has ties with Israel . The implementation of project may push Saudi Arabia to have ties with Israel . Saudi Arabia , Pakistan , and Turkey are among countries who doesn’t recognise Israel because of Palestinian issue


What is driving the global biofuel alliance ?

The story so far :

On September 10 , on the sidelines of annual G 20 , an India led Grouping named Global Biofuel Alliance was formed . The alliance would bring countries  together to codevelop , accelerate technological advances in production process .and advocate for biofuel especially in transport sector .

The three founding members are India , Brazil were joined by Argentina , Italy and South Africa .


What are biofuels ?

The International Energy Alliance defies biguels as a. Alternative to fossil fuel based liquid transportation fuel such as gasoline , diesel and aviation fuel .

Are biofuels alternative to fossil fuel ?

There is distinction. between biofuel and sustainable biofuel . Biofuel is made of Corn , sugar canes and Soybean mainly . It is also known as 1G , means first generation .Sustainable biofuel is made of cooking oil and animal fats . The second generation is knows as 2G means second generation .

Global Biofuel Alliance has emphasised the use of 2G ethanol.

Why is renewed focus on biofuels ?

The. disruptions in global crude oil supplies is one of the reason. Countries are trying to shift  to Electric vehicles for transportation , but aviation sector , heavy vehicles ,shipping will still find it hard to move towards aviation sector , it is here where experts are looking to use 2G ethanol .

India currently mixes 10 % ethanol in Petrol and diesel .Here it reduces farm income , increases while increases farmers income and provides job .


What happens next ?

GBA countries 85 % of global biofuel and uses 81% . India has plan to shift to 20% biofuel mixing in petrol and diesel from 2025.


This is very significant as India announces to become net zero from 2070 .

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