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THE HINDU 18-05-23

 SC gives time till August 14 to SEBI to probe Hindenburg changes.

The SC on Wednesday gave SEBI time till August 14 to complete Hindenburg Adani probe. SEBI clarity that the investigation referred by Minister Pankaj Chaudhary in parliament in July 2021, was about October 2020 probe into “minimum public share holding norms and consequential violation”. SEBI was responding to the petitioner that it had been probing Adani since 2016

  L-G can desabitse MCD with power to appoint aldermen: SC

SC on Wednesday told that holding the power to nominate Aldermen L-G can destabilize democratically elected MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi). AAP has challenged power of L-G to appoint 10 aldermen in MCD without aid and advice of ministers. MCD has 260 seats. 250 are elected and 10 are nominated by Governor these 10 is knows as Alderman. Petitioner is telling that thought L-G has power to nominate but it should be done on advice of cabinet, which is being violated currently.

 SC asked Manipur leaders to show restraint in statement

In SC, kuki – zomi tribe told that CM, N.Biren Singh had made “Provocative and targeted” statement SC waged constitutional authorities to show “same restraint” and “great some of responsibility”. Over Manipur High courts order to state govt. to take demand of inclusion of merits in ST category to center, SC told that justice Murlidharan has not corrected his judgment get SC has given time to justice Murlidharan to correct his judgment. SC had earlier said that who will be given ST states doesn’t come under High courts. SC had given time to Manipur High court judge justice Murlidharan to current its judgment.

 Manipur situation will normalize soon: shah to delegation                                                    HM Amit shah met civil society groups from Mizoram he told that situation will normalize soon in Manipur. About 5,000 Manipur residents are in shelter in Mizoram

.  Drive against Drugs forest encroachment not against any tribe : Manipur govt.    Manipur govt. has rejected claims that its eviction and anti- drug drives are behind MITIE – kuki clash. Manipur CM said that the govt. never targeted any community during eviction drive to save forest. Also the drive against drug too was not community specific. Out of total poppy cultivation in 15,496 acres , 13121 acre is dominated by Kuki chin people. 2340 acre are Naga tripe areas. Between 2017 and 2023 under Narcotics Drug and Psokchotropic substance (NDPS) Act,

 873 belonged to Kuki chin community

 1083 were Muslim (Meitie Panjab)

 381 were Metie

NHRC (The National Human Rights Communities ) issues notice over UP school.                 13 UP girls were sexually ananlted by computer instruction at a Govt. School in Shahjahanpur CBI raided at 12 location in Delhi and Rajastha . The changes is of corruption in awarding civil work worth Rs. 2200 crore to kiru- huydro electric power project.

Cabinet gives approval for fertilizer subsidy of ₹1.08 lakh crore for kharif                        Union cabinet on Wednesday approved ₹ 1.08 lakh crore subsidy for on-going KHARIF and monsoon season. Minister of chemical and fertilizers Mansukh Mandavik said ₹38000 cr. Will be subsidy on phosphoric and potassic (p&k) Fertilizers, while ₹ 70000 cr will go towards the Urea subsidy. Fertilizers subsidised rate Urea ₹276/ per bag DAP ₹1350 PER BAG (Actual ₹ 4000/bag) Subsidy ₹240/bag CBI searches multiple location in graft case realated to KIRU- Mgdro electric power project. The total corruption / year Urea – 325 to 350 lakh tonnes DAP – 100 to 125 NPK – 100 to 125 Muriate of Potash – 50 to 60 (Mop) Centre expects that fertilizer subsidy this year will cross Rs. 2.25 lakh crore Last year it was Rs. 2.57 lakh crore. The reason fertilizer prices rerrained high is – fall in production, hiked Logistics cost due to vkraine crisis . India imports fertilizers mainly from Russia and china DAP – Dia Ammonium Phosphate NPK – Nitrogen Phosphorus Potasium Orea – NH2 CO NH2 – For Nitrogen deficiency. Hystere tomy – Surgical procedure to remove Uterus. Women can No longer get preqnant after it. Last month SC had directed state govt. and UTs to implement quidelines formulated by Centre to monitor “ Unnecessary” hysterectomies within 3 months. “The right to health to an intrinsic element of the right to life imder article 21 pf the Cortication. Life, to he enjoyed in all its diverse elements must Take steps to reduce annecessary hysterectomies, centre tells states. be based on conditions of health. There has been serious violation of fundamental rights of women . Who underwent unnecessary hysterectomies “ court had Said in Its Judjment. A PIL has been filled in SC that to Bihar , Chhatigarh and Rajasthan “unnecessary hy7sterectomis” were carried out under Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna” as well as other Govt. related schemes. On Wednesday on World Hypertension Day 75 million people with hypertension and diabetes under standard care by 2025. Hypertension will be tackled at Primary health Centres. Three tier health system Diabetes and Hypertension is District hasptal (tertoons) Tackled at PHC Community healty canter secondary) Primary The decision Who the next CM of Karnataka will be decided in next 48 to 78 hours raid party leadership on Wednesday. Both M siddharamain and D.K. Shiv kumar on Wednesday held meetin with Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi . N. Siddharmaidh who enjoys report of majority of MLA is more like3ly to he the CM as he is abo favorite of High Command . His Focus will be on good wo9rk to win polls in Telangana , said KCR Siddharamaiah is likely choice of high command. Don’t get perfurbed by karrnataka results: KCR Hypertession to be tackled at Primary Health Centres. Telangana Assemnly – 119 Seats. BRS – 103 , AIMIM – 7 , INC- 5 , BJP -2 Elections in Telagana is expected to be in last of 2023 or beginning of 2024. K. Chandrashekhar Rao ( KCR) is CM of Telangana and chief of Bharat Rashtra Samiti ( BRS) Union Cabinet has updated Production Linked Incentive ( PLI) scheme for “IT hardware based on feedback from firm. Earlier it was ( PLI Scheme, 2021 ) 4 % incentives for investment in manufacturing in India for eligible. Firm like Dell, Flextronics. Now Incentive has been increased to 5 % with an “ Optional incentive” added for wing domestically produced components. Including the optional incentive total incentive may amount to 8-9 % Electronics manufacturing in India has whitened consistent growth with 17% CAGR in last 8 years. This year crossed $105 billion India is 2nd largest handset maker behind China Spicejet’s offer to settle unpaid dues not good enough Air castle an Ireland based lessor to spice jet has filed petition in National company Law Tribunal (NCLT) to declare spicejet bankrupt . On Wednesday aircraft told the tribunal that settlement talk with spice jet was inconclusive . Spicejet owes air castle about $6million Lessor- one who leases his land or property to other. Next hearing will be on 25 may. Centre more than doubles outlay on PLI for It hanware to Rs. 17000 crores. Australia canceled QUAD meeting in SYDNEY after US president pulls out Australia cancelled QUAD meeting that had to be held on may 24 in SYDNEY , because of JOE BIDEN pulling out of it. Australian PM told that JOE BIDEN”expressed disappointment” for not coming to Australia . the reason given was debt ceiling issue which is to be solved before 1 june and is vital for American economy . The four QUAD leaders however will meet in Hiroshima during G-7 summit. PM Modi still will visit Australia and will have bilateral meeting with President Albanese. QUAD—– Australia+India+US+ Japan G-7 —-USA ,UK, Germany , France,Italy ,Japan, Canada Key climate threshold likely to be breached in 5 years : UN U
N’s world meteorological organization has predicted.  It is near certain that 2023-2027 will be he warmest five year period ever recorded.  There is 98% chance that next five year will be the warmest.  66% chance is that annual global surface temperature will exceeds 15◦ C above pre industrial level for at least one of the 2023-2027. The 2015 Paris agreement saw countries to cap global warming at “well bleow” 2*C above average level measured between 1850 and 1900 and 1-5*C if possible Green house gases has caused global warming. Beijing asks embassies to remove political sights. Authorities in china capital asked sevral western embasis this week to remove political sign from therir outer walls, diplomatic source said. Several western embassies display Ukrainian flags in solidarity with Ukraine against Russia invasion . Several western embassies display Ukrainian flag in solidarity with Ukraine against Russia’s invasion . Sevral European missions have said that they received such notices from chinese authorities but they would refuse chinese requests. Veina convention gives embassies freedom for such things . Officials of embassies are immune also the territory of embassy is thought to be the country of diplomat Imran,Russia ink deal to complete major transport network. Imran and Russia signed final part of project that complete international north transport corridor (INSTC). AS PER FINAL part of the project 164 km of railway in Iran’s north will be completed in next 3 years. INSTC—- it connects India to Iran through ship and than Russia to rail and road . It cross Azerbaijan final leg signed — railway (164km) line between RASHT(Iran) and ASTARA (Azerbaijan) . Both Iran and Russia are under western sanction by the treaty now why will be able to avoid western route. They will be able to avoid SUEZ canel. Search on a Chinese ship capsizes in Indian ocean with 39 on board Search and rescue operation vessels were in race with time to locate a Chinese fishing vessel , which had capsized water of the Indian ocean south of Sri lanka on Tuesday with 39 people on board. It had 17 Chinese ,17 Indonesian and 5 mariners from Philippines. Australia maritime safety authority (AMSA) is coordinating with Indonesian on srilanka and Chinese navy to rescue the vessel. Indian navy’s information fusion centre-indian ocean region (IOFC-IOR) is also sharing required data. The location is 5000km from Australia and 1300km south of srilanka. Chinese president XI jimping on Wednesday “demanded all out efforts in the rescue of the missing people” state media reported that he further called for “efforts to further strengthen the investigation and early warning of potential safety risks in deep sea operation to ensure the safety of life and property” Editorial 1 Timely cautions The top court has rightly cautioned probe agencies against crossing limits What the editorial is all about? Recently SC said that enforcement directorate (ED). Should not create an atmoshphere of fear while doing investigation . editorial tells that the style of ES’s functioning is over zealous and it should not be like that. Why SC said that ? Chhattisgarh govt in a petition had called that ED is trying to create fear, it has harassed excise officer while probing Chhattisgarh liqur scam. It also told that ED crossed its boundries. What other criticism ED ifs facing ? ED’s director period was extended to 2 years in 2018. But he still continue to be in office. Earlier SC had slammed govt that whether it had found no other man .. govt through has responded that the current director’s team will lost in November 2023. Govt should not see ED as its own tool and ED itself should be more responsible



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