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THE HINDU 17/05/2023

Don’t create atmosphere of fear SC  caution ED

SC on Tuesday told that ED should work like it doesn’t create n “atmosphere of fear”

      A bench of justice SK. Kaul and Ashanuddin Amanuallah said that even a “bone fide cause”  would seem suspect if  a law enforcement agency in away conducted . itself in  a way  that created atmosphere of fear .

           A petition was filed by Chhattisgarh  govt that alleged that ED was  “running  amok” to “implicate” CM Bhupesh Bhagat in a money laundering case linked to ₹2000 crore Liquir scam .

 Apex court transfers  endosulfam case to Kerala high court

The SC on Tuesday transferred to Kerala  High Court the responsibility to monitor the measure taken by state to provide medical and palliative care for victim of endosulfem contamination .

        The court said that as the compensation has been paid to victim only medical and palliative case facilities will be imported and Kerela High Court will look into that from time to time.

In 2017 SC had directed Kerala govt to pay ₹5 lakh to each victim of endosulfan. There are 3700  victim .May 2023 ::::- SC had directed the Kasargod legal service authorities to look into medical and palliative case facilities provided to endosulfam victim.

Of the victim , 102 are bedridden, 326 are mentally challenged ,201 are physically  disabled ,119 are wrecked by cancer while 2966 other fall in the residual category .


Endosulfan  is a pesticides which was widely used in 1980 and 1990 cashew planters in Kasargod district of Kerala had been using about 20 years by spraying through manual pumps.

 This resulted in several health related issue new born were born with genetic diseases . it also heavily affected animals and bird around. The district; many of it got.

Vanished from area.

Þ    In 2005 kerala govt banned endosulfan.

Þ    In 2011, 7th meeting of Stockholm convention President Organic Pollutants (POP) placed a globall ban over manufacturing and use of endosulfan.

Þ    Oval: KERALAIn 2011, SC banned  use, sale  and manufacturing of endosufan



                  PM to visit Japan, Papua New Guinea and Australia

PM Modi schedule announced   by Ministry of external affairs (NEA) may 19-21.

 Hiroshima, japan for G7 SUMMIT . Talks will be over peace , stability and prosperity of a sustainable plant ; and food , fertilizer and energy security.

From Japan he will reach Port Morsely where he will host 3r summit of the forum for India-pacific Island co-operation >

MAY 22-24 ———– attend QUAD  in SYDNEY  , Australia .

Not violating sanction on Russian says center EU minister Josep Borrell had meeting with India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar in Brassels . the talker were related to trade technology.

Thus circumventing sanction on Russia. It had called these countries “Laundromats”

Centre  reject   US govt report citing electeriorrating  religious freedom in India.

US had recently released “Report on International Religious freedom” the report had alleged violence against Muslim  communities, Christian and Dalit in India.

It had criticized anti conversion law, Hizab etc.

MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi  Called its “misinformation” and “motivated”

“ reqretabbllly, such reports continue to be based on misinformation and flawed understanding”. He said he further said “motivated” and Mr. Borrell earlier had aid that Europe should not permit the entry of refined petroleum product from India that are made from russian oil.

Govt. of India denied these charges of violation of sanction , govt told that it was  possible to fully identify the origins of petroleum products being sold in Europe.

Mr Jaishankar while replaying to a question said the entire contension is baslen “Russian grade, if sustain billing refined in 3rd country .is not treated on Russian   anymore” he referred EV council regulation 033/3014.

Earlier CREA a finland based think tank  had allegal that India and four other countries were buying Russian oil and   selling refined products to European contries biased commentary by some Us Officials only serves to undermime creadibility of these report

Khasi council ordere om father’s surname set off war of word in matrilineal  set off war of word in mattrilliead Meghalaya 

Khasi person who adopts surname of his father will nt be issued schedule tribe (ST) certificate.

Khasi society is matrilineal with woman being head of family. A boys has to be move to girls home after marriage . the right to property goes to woman of the family.

Khasi is one of the three major tribe of Meghalaya . other two being ‘Garos’ and ‘Jaintiyas’

Under 6th schedule of indian constitution special power  an more autonomy                                                        has been given to Meghalaya .

                                KHADC comes for special power under 6th schedule

Voice of people party [VPP]. Which won 4 legislative seats is protesting against  the recent decision of tribal council.

Monsoon to set  in over Kerala on June 4: IMD

India moves closer to getting its first Indigenous vaccine against dengue

Serum institute of India  will conducting  phase 3  trail for  Dengue vaccine from august this year.

SII and Panacea Biotic has agreed to collaborate with Indian council of medical research (ICMR).

Dengue vaccine developed will be India’s first indigeneous vaccine .



It is among WHO’s top 10 global health threats.

An  estimated 100-400 millions cases are reported every year. Out of this 80% is mild and only 20% show concern.

In india 2-2.5 lakh cases are reported annually.

NHRC flags rise in child abuse content on social media.

The  National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has taken Suo Motu cagnisana on a media reported that cited a increase in 250-300% of child sexual abuse  material (CSAM) on social media in India. The NHRC  said the origin of content is foreign soil.

Five  more death take  spurious liquor toll to 22

Two more person in T.N’s villupuram district and 3 in chenqualpattu district  have died .

NHRC has sought reports from chief secretory and DGP.

                              CBI searches 9 premises linked to  RJD,MP in land – for-job case.

With militants changing tack,Rjauri poonch sector an uphill task for securities agencies.

Officials have told that militants are shifting their focus to the Ares which were not affected by militants bw 2007 and 2019.

Poonchh- Rajauri sector in jammu has thin military presence but recent incidence has shown 18 death -10 army jawann and millitants this year.

One the reason is that the track here is very difficult .

Description: C:UsersWINDOWDownloadsWhatsApp Image 2023-05-17 at 3.38.48 PM.jpeg

Leading firms enthausticstic about investing is india, will meet CEO, next week: PM

Collegium recommends A.P. chief justice senior advocated as SC judges.

Andhra Pradesh chief justice—— Prashan kr. Mishra

Senior advocated ——————–K.V. vishwanath

Þ    Manoj Soni new chairperson of UPSC

Ukraine claims it shot down barrage of Russian missiles

In a high intense attack on Tuesday Russia launched 18 missile over Kyiv. Through Ukraine has claimed that it shot down all 18 missiles with PATRIOT MISSLES DEFFENCE SYSTEM.   

Ukrainian defense minister tweeted “another unbelievable success”.

Patriot defense  system was given to Ukraine by America .

It is 3rd time in recent times that Russia has tried to hit Kyiv with barrage of missiles.

No agreement in devolution talk with President Ranil

On Monday Srilanka President Ranil Wickremensinghe  meet Tamil Legislature but no agreement was  reached between the two parties.

Demand of Tamil group

Þ     A new constitution based on right  to internal self determination .

Þ     Early conduct of provincial election ( for over five years provincial council).

Þ     There was no decision taken in this meeting. Tamil leaders have accused president Wickeramsinghe of being  not interested in political in political solution of  Tamils.

Þ     Tamils forms a major minority residing mainly in northern end and eastern part of srilanka

                                                     ·         There are many provisions in current constitution which excludes Tamil population . Tamil are thus demanding to bring a new constitution.

Nepal ex-PM Deuba’s Kin part of arm deal with Beijing says MP.

A member of Nepalese Pratinidhi  sabha has allegal that brother-in-law of former PM sher Bahadur Deuba  IS Involved in deal for Nepal to purchase items such as  Aremoured Personnal Carrier (APC’s) and tactical vehicles worth at least 6 billion Nepal Rupees.

Imran backers who  turned violent to face trial under pak army laws.

Pakistan’s civilian  and military leaders son Tuesday said those who attack state assets and military installation to protest the arrest of former PM Imran khan will tried under army laws.

Fifeteen killed as tribals clash over coal mine ownership in Pakistan 

Two group clashed in Dara Adam Khel along the Afghanistan border .

Azerbaijan makes arrestes over fresh coup plot blamed Imran

Nine Azerbaijan nationals has been arrested in this regards .


Editorial 1


India must not excessively rely on a few large markets

What are editorial is all about?

In April, that is first month of g=financial year 2023-24,goods export fellto $34 billion the editorial talks about the fall in goods also talks about the factors that can affect goods and import in coming years.

Which type of goods does India export? What is the figures for financial year 2022-23?

India exports mainly

·         Minerals oil and products

·         Pearls, precious storms and metals

·         Machinery and parts

·         Organic chemicals

·         Pharma chemical products

·         Electrical machinery and parts etc.

India’s goods exports stood by $447.6 billion with 6.23% growth  in 2022-23 financial year.

What does the data of PRIL 2023 SHOW

The goods exports slumped to $34.6 billion in April 2023it was lowest since last October 12.7% below April 2022 exports.

Imports shrinks sharper and fell to $50  billion

New foreign trade policy aims to achieve exports $2 trillion by 2030.

What does the slump mean  and what needs to be done ahead?

The slumps is because of global slowdown. The good thing here is imports have  also felt and trade deficit has reached a low . Balancing and minimizing  trade deficit should not be the focus. Focus should to be improve  exports for this India will need to pursue a greater  integration with  global value chain. This  can be done and ibeing done reducing price of items , by strengthening supply chain

Trade deficit → EXPORTS –IMPORTS (-ve) 

Financial year → from 1 april to 30 march




Erdogan  may still be in the lead , but  the run off is humbling.

What the editorial is all about?

The editorial is about 1st round result of Turkish presidential election . the editorial talks about Erdogen’s policies and tells that through Erdogen is leading but its power  has decreased.

Þ     1st round result of Turkish presidential election:

60% seats were in contest here .Erdogan won 49.5% of votes while his  main rival                   Kamal Kiliedcdragola  won 44.9% of votes Erdogen is leading in 1st round but he still will have to wait for 2nd round polls to be held on 28th nay.

What were the main issue of this election?

·         Mismanagement  of economy under Erdogan

·         Turkey lira had last 60 % of its value  against American dollar in just two years .

·         Foreign investors  are declining also current account deficit increasing.

·         Annual inflation has hit the middle class.

About Erdogan

Eardogan has been in power for  around 20 years ; his ambition was to  make Turkey like ottoman empire.he moved away from west and strengthened ties with Russia and Arabia countries.HE HAS MOVED HIS COUNTRY  TO ISLAMISM. In period of its power Erdogan has been a powerful leader.

                                           Burt the election results showing that he is facing tough fight from his opposition  he has been humbled by the voters.Description: C:UsersWINDOWDownloadsWhatsApp Image 2023-05-17 at 5.20.34 PM.jpeg



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