Summary of The Hindu 16th DECEMBER 2023

Protest rock parliament over security breach row

A day after 14 MPs were suspended from two houses of parliament , opposition rocked Parliament with disruption. . Their demand was a statement by Home minister over security breach in Lok Sabha .

Bhajanlal Sharma sworn in as new CM of Rajasthan

LS security breach Parliament sent to seven day police custody

Lalit Jha who surrendered to Delhi Police on Thursday night , is described by Delhi police as the alleged “  mastermind”  behind the  December 13 security breach in Lok Sabha .

He has disclosed his involvement and how he was the mastermind of entire conspiracy . He destroyed the mobile phones of four other accused .

It was disclosed that there was plan for protest in Parliament on December 14 but they got visitors pass one day ago .

SC refuses to stay survey of Shahi Idgah

The Supreme Court on Friday refused to stay an Allahabad High court order allowing a court monitored survey of Shahi Idgah adjoing Krishna Janamabhoomi in Mathura .

SC asks Indian nationals named in Pannun case to move to Czech court

Family Member of Nikhil Gupta moved to Supreme Court regarding arrest of his son  illegally and kept in solitary Confinement in Prague .

The court said that the matter to be extremely sensitive for Ministry of External Affairs and Government . Court told family members to go to Prague court of any violation is taking place regarding human rights or else .

Pannun issue can cause “ serious damage “  to ties if not addressed : US lawmakers

A group of US Democratic lawmakers , who are supporters of India US relationship , have said that bilateral relationship can suffer “ serious damage “ if allegations about plotting to kill Pannun is not addressed .

However they welcomed India starting an investigation into it .

India’s export dipped 2.83%  in November

India’s goods export slipped back into contraction , dropping 2.83% in November to 33.9 bollion dollar , the coal imports dropped even farther by 4.33% to 54.48 billion dollar .

Trade deficit is 6.1% o. year on Year basis .

And 31.2% less than October tally .

The slowness of Global trade is responsible for this dip in India’s export .

Ambitious coal transport plans may test railways

Indian Railways has plans to transport 400 Mt additional coal by 2030 . This poses huge congestion and losgistical challenge to railways .

Currently 660 Mt of coal is transported through railways ,

The Institute of Energy Economics and Finance ( IEEFA ) said in a report .

India is increasing its dependence on coal for power plants which has been criticized by Western countries  citicing emissions .

India will buy Venezualian crude , Puri

Petrolum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has said that India will buy Venezualian crude as some refiners in the country has the capability to process heavy crude , Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has said .

In October this year US had removed sanctioned on purchase of Veneizualian crude oil . 

According to 2019 estimates of BP ( British Petroleum ) Venezuela has largest proven oil reserve of about 303.billion barrels . Saudi Arabia stands second in oil reserves .

.Venezualian crude is heavy and specialized refineries are required to process it .


US Israel to discuss timetable to scale back war in Gaza

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met with Israeli Foreign minister Yoav Gallant , US and Israel discussed scaling down the war against Hamas ,

he said it would take months to destroy Hamas ,he added that different phase of war will take place at different times over those period .

Hungary blocks EU aid for Ukraine despite consensus on block membership talk

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban on Friday blocked 50 billion euros  ( 55 Billion dollar  )  European Union ( EU) fund to Ukraine .

A day before Hungry hhad removed its objection on Ukaine being inducted to EU . This has paved the way for Ukriane to be inducted to EU .

EU has decided to hold the talks on EU finding to Ukraine next year .

Over humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza , EU is decided .

EU has 27 member countries .Decision in EU is taken on consensus by all countries . Hungry is closest and friendly  to Russia in the bloc .

China slams UK US criticism of bounties on Hong Kong activities

China lashed out at Britain and the IS on Friday , after they condemned Hong Kong police for offering bounties to capture five overseas activists .

Hong Kong authirites on Thursday said that five who fled the city after Being  imposed the National Security law in 2020 , would be pursued “ till the end “  and offered 1,000,000 HK dollars for help catching them .

The move was strongly condemned by USA while UK called it “ a threat to our democracy and fundamental human rights “.

Maldives will not renew agreement for joint hydrographic survey with India : top official

Maldives cabinet has decided against renewing a 2019 MoU with India for hydrographic survey . The information was given by Chief spokesperson of Maldives President’s office .

MoU is due to expire in 2023 .

Under Hydrigraohic survey Indian Navy and it’s Maldivices National Defense Forces survey sea around Maldives that generated Updated Navigational Charts and Electronic Navigational nal Charts that would “ enchance the Navigational safety of shops and enhance the blue economy of Maldives “

NATO member Finland to grant US access to 15 military bases

Finland and US will sign Defense Cooperation Agreement ( DCA ) next week giving US access of 15 military bases.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels hit Cargo ship in latest Red Sea attack

Yemen’s Houthis targetted Liberian flagged Cargo ship causing fire on the deck .  Houthis are attacking ships in red sea to pressurise Israel in Israel Hamas war . Houthis controls part of Yemen including capital Sanna . They are backed by Iran .

Venezuela , Guyana agree not to use force to settle disputes

Venezuela’s PM Nicolas Maduro and Guyana’s Irfaan Ali met in caribbean island saint Vincent , they pledged not to resort to force to settle dispute over Essequibo region .

Essequibo region is oil rich and belongs to Guyana . Recently in a referendum in Venezuela had declared the region belonging to Venezuela , and had called that Venezuela should take it from Guyana .


Debt and Welfare

As it seems to fulfill poll promises , BJP must keep an eye on exchequer

The editorial is about swearing in of Mohan Yadav as new CM of Madhya Pradesh . The prospect of Shivraj Singh Chauhan , long time CM from Madhya Pradesh is not clear till now .

Massive win by BJP goes to Shivraj Singh Chouhan who undertook 165 rallies in the poll promises by BJP were to

     enhance Ladli Behna Schemes . Under Ladli Behna Scheme women from poor household get ₹1250 a month and it was promised to enhance to ₹3000 per month .


     Increase Tension Patta Collection bag from ₹3000 to ₹4000 . per bag .

     Provide LPG at ₹450 to the beneficiaries of Ladli Behna Scheme .

     Hike in paddy support price from ₹2700 per quintal to ₹3100 per quintal


The editorial says that implementation of these will cost exchequer that is already under debt of four lakh crore .


It will be a challenge to BJP govt to implement it .

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