Summary of The Hindu 15th OCTOBER 2023 Current Affairs


PM Modi confirms India’s bid to host 2036 Olympics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday publicly articulated India’s aspiration to host the 2036 summer Olympics and become only the fourth country in Asia to host the games .

He said that country is enthusiastic about organizing the Olympics and is fully committed to making this dream a reality .

PM Modi said these at 141st session of International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) in Mumbai .However he didn’t mention which city will host this . Mr. Modi also conveyed the country’s willingness to host the 2029 youth Olympics  .

Ferry to Sirilanka  plies after 40 years

PM Modi on Saturday launched the high speed passenger ferry between Nagpattanam on the eastern coast of TamilNadu and Kankesanthurai in the nothern Province of Srilanka . The high speed craft Cherriyapani earmarked it’s journey around 8:15 a.m. with 50 passengers and 12 crew members .

” Connectivity is not only about bringing the two cities closer , our people closer  , our hears closer , ” Mr. Modi said .

Red fort to host India’s maiden art , architecture , design Biennale

Red fort will host The India , Art , Architecture and design biennial , 2023 ( IMDB ) , being organized by the Union cultural Mistry from December 9 to 15.

There will be different themes of events such as : Doors of India , Gardens of India , Boolis ( step weld ) of India.  , Temples of India , Architectural wonder of Independent India , Indigenous design , Women in Architecture and design .

The exhibition is being curated by National gallery of modern art , Lalit Kala Academy. Archaeological Survey of India among others .

Center seeks inclusion of traditional medicine on WHO’s list

In a move to put Indian System of Medicines on the World map and provide it with a common language , the Union govt has sought he inclusion of Ayurveda and related system in the 11 th revision of World Health Organisation’s International Communication of Diseases ( ICD ) , as the second module of a supplementary chapter on traditional medicine conditions .

Ayush Ministry Secretary told the Hindu that ” We are hopeful that the addition of Module 2 for Ayurveda could happen by next January ” .

Chinese traditional medicine has been included under Module 1 of traditional medicine on ICD 11. After this Chinese traditional medicine is being used in China , Korea , Japan and other South East Asian country .

Center unveils tradeable green Credit

The government in Saturday introduced green Credit scheme . It was launched at National level by Ministry of Environment and Climate Change .

The program is a follow up action of the LIFE ( Lifestyle for Environment ) campaign . The notification added that the new programme is a voluntary one .

The programme will cover eight types of activities , tree plantation , water management , sustainable agriculture , waste management , air pollution reduction , and mangrove conservation and restoration .

 To get the green Credit one need to register via website . Activity will then be verified by a designated agency . Based on its report the administrator shall grant credit certificate .

The initiative aims to encourage industries , companies  to meet their obligation under any law that is in force for time being .

LDF turns arrival of first vessel at Vizhinjam into celebration

On Thursday first ship docked at Vizhinjam port in Kerala . Kerala CM feels that docking of the inaugural vessel will be a game changer for Kerala’s infrastructure.Left Democratic Front govt is promoting heavily the recent event of arrival of first ship at Vizhinjam .

Vizhinjam International Seaport is being built by Adani Ports . It will be completed in 2024.

Walmart to invest 39 million dollar in farmer livelihood enhancement in India


Israel military say Nothern Gaza residents must not ‘delay ‘ evacuation

Israel military told that citizens of Gaza should not delay in leaving for South  before an expected ground offensive starts . Israel has designated two safe passages for more than one million residents  from nothern part of Gaza strip to South .

Thousands of Gaza in cars with their belongings crossed to South .

UN , US and European Union has called Israel to delay full scale offensive to give civilian time to leave .

Gaza authorities has told that till now 2215 people have died in Israel airstrikes Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeah on Saturday accused Israel of committing war crimes and preventing humanitarian aid from entering the Gaza strip .

Israel has complete blockades the Gaza strip  restricting food , and medical supplies .

Israel admits to mistakes in failing to predict attack

Israel’s National Security Advisor Tzachi Hanegbi told on Saturday that it was their “mistake ” in Intelligence assessment that led to Hamas to make surprise attack on October 13 .

In the attack by Hamas 1300 Israeli has died till now .

Iran minister warns Israel of spread of war across west Asia

Iran Foreign minister Hussain Amirabdullahian on Saturday told reporters in Beirut that Israel should immediately stop it’s attack on Gaza , warning that the war may spread in other parts of West Asia if Hezbollah joins the battle .He said that Israel will suffer ”  a huge earthquake ” if  Hezbollah joins the battle .

Mr. Amirabdullahian said that he met Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Narsallah in Lebanon and Hezbollah chief briefed him if group’s condition in Lebanon.

Israel considers Hezbollah as it’s most serious immediate threat , estimating it has more some 1,50,000 guided rockets and missiles that can hit anywhere in Israel . Hezbollah has thousands of battle hardened fighters , it also has military drones .

Australian voters rejects.  greater  Indigenous right ?

Australia has roundly rejected greater rights for Indigenous citizens . In a voting that was about whether to give Indigenous citizens greater right to aboriginal people most people voted against the proposal .

Till 88% counting of votes 59% has cited against giving any special privilege to aboriginals .

The reform would have given voting rights to Aboriginal and Torres islanders.

The reform would also have created a consultative body that weigh in on laws that affect indigenous community .

President Anthony Albanese had widely promoted voting for giving preferences to Indigenous people . Were the votes in favour , Australian constitution would have been amended .

Adavika has been a symbol of Ukrianian resistance

‘Heated ‘ fighting in Avdivka as Russia tries to ‘surround’ city ; Moscow shoots down two drones over black sea

Ukraine has reported  ” heated ” fighting around the eastern city of Avdavika . Kyiv said Russia. had ” not stopped assaulting ” the symbolic hub for days in their attempt to surround it.

Avdiivka has been symbol of Ukrainian resistance . Russian forces now control territory to the east , north and rest of the territory .

Avdavika is 15 km from Donetsk .

Saudi Arabia Pauses discussion on normalization of ties with Israel


Sources have informed that Saudi Arabia has paused the talks about normalizing ties with Israel  after Israel attacks in Gaza . US had been pushing for normalization of ties between Israel and Iran .

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