Summary of The Hindu 16th OCTOBER 2023 Current Affairs

Israel readies for attack as a million people evacuate

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin NatanYahu vowed on Sunday to ” demolish Hamas ” as his military prepared to move into Gaza strip .

Israel said that it had resumed water supply to southern Gaza on Sunday , as one millions n people evacuated the northern part of be seized territory to escape the looming ground offensive and retaliatory ais strikes .

” This will push Israeli population in southern part of Gaza strip ”

Hospitals has been full . Water has already runb out at UN shelters across Gaza as thousands  packed into Courtyard of the territory’s largest hospital and overwhelmed doctors struggled to care for patients they fear will die once generators ru out of fuel .

Authorities in Gaza said that 2670 people have been killed in the Israeli air strike so far .

With fears of conflict spilling over , US secretary of state is visiting West Asian nations. Arab leaders stressed the need to protect Gaza civilians.

On Sunday Hamas fired rockets from Labnon on Israeli settlement s . LABNON based Hezbollah said that it targetted Israel’s Hanita region and had inflicted casualties . Israel said that it was striking Lebanon in retaliation.


New investments slowed again in Q2 of 2023 24

Fresh investment in July to September quarter , the second quarter of 2023 – 24 has dropped to ₹6.9 lakh crore . 13% lower than the third quarter , and 21.5% down for a year . driven by a sharp dip by the Union government and foreign investors , and a broad based contraction across manufacturing , mining , infrastructure and electricity .





Study estimates count of UAVs required for the three services.

The Chief of defense staff General Anil Chauhan  recently ordered two studies to be conducted on major military platforms to be used by the three services . These platforms are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ( UAV) and and armoured helicopters . The study on UAVs has since been completed with recommendation to acquire 31 MQ- 9B high altitude long endurance ( HALE ) UAVs , and 155 medium altitude long endurance ( MALE ) UAVs.

Center likely to raise age of retirement to scientist to 65 .

The science and technology department is  working on a proposal to increase retirement age of scientist to 65.

Sources said that it has been demand of senior scientist to increase retirement age to 65. Currently scientist in most wing of government retire at 60 . While those working in Indian Council of Agriculture research  ( ICAR ) and Indian Council of Medical Research ( ICMR ) it is 62.

The department of Science and technology has asked the heads of different department about additional expenditure in increasing the age .

Railways develop antifreeze flushes and fuel tanks for journeys in J&K

111 km long railway from Katra IN Jammu to Banihal in Kashmir is slated to be functional before March next year , when the elections resume  . This will link Srinagar to rest of state through New Udhampur – Srinagar – Baramulla rail link . For railways it will pose a new challenge in maintaining water and fuel in liquid form in subzero temperature during the winter . In winter temperature goes 8  to 12 degree celsius below .

To circumvent the problem of water freezing in toilets and fuel tanks , engineers at Rail Coach Factory ( RCF )  in Kapurthala have designed and implemented indigenous innovations .

It has developed anti fuel flushes and fuel tanks for journeys .

Vizhinjam port on maritime map with berthing of first ship


US warns of the prospect of  Iran getting engaged in war

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan talking to CBS told that Washington fears the prospect of Iran getting involved in Israel Hamas war . He said that possibility of opening of a new front along Israel Lebanon border is also high .

He told fearing these US has sent two warships in Mediterranean sea to protect Israel from hostile action .

In Saturday US defense secretary Llyoud Austin announced the deployment of the second aircraft carrier .

Iran is a supporter of both Hamas and Hezbollah , Iran also supplies weapons and war equipment to these two. Hezbollah is based in Lebanon and it can attack Israel from that side .

Blinken raises Hamas issue with Saudi leader during west Asia tour

US secretary of state Antony Blinken called for pressure on Hamas during a meeting on Sunday with the de facto leader to Saudi Arabia.

The top US deplomat met for nearly a. Hour with Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salma. ” Very Productive ” , Mr Blinkes said about the meeting .

Mr. Blinken ” highlighted  the US unwavering focus on halting terrorist attack by Hamas , securing the release of all hostages and preventing the conflict from spreading ,” state department spokesperson Matthew Miller said .

” The two affirmed their shared commitment to protecting civilians and to advancing stability to middle East  and beyond ” .

Prince Mohammad highlighted Riyadh’s Diplomatic outreach ” to calm the situation ” Saudi Press Agency ( SPA ) said . He also called Iran PM Ibrahim Raisi .

Mr. Blinken has been touring the region after Hamas fighters infiltrated Israel .

Saudi Arabia has put the process of normalization of ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia  on hold after the Violence . Saudi Arabia does not recognise Israel .

Pakistan , China to ink deals under under CPEC during Kakar visit .

China and Pakistan will link significant agreements regarding motorways and highways during caretaker prime minister Anawarul Kakar’s four day visit to Beijing starting October 16. The agreement will be signed under 60 billion dollar.  China Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC ) programme .

Mr Kakar would travel to Beijing on October 16 to participate in the ” third  belt and road forum for international cooperation ” .

A MoU is to be signed regarding establishment of modern highway research and Training center ( HRTC ) , with China’s assistance . PM Kakar” center .

Afghans flee western region after fresh quake kills two and injured 154  .

Azerbaijan President raises national flag in Karabakh capital

President Ikham Aliyev raised Azerabijan ‘s flag in the main city of Nagorno Karabakh on Sunday . Cementing Baku’s conquest in the region.

1.2 lakh people lived in Nagorno Karabakh . Most of them have left the city after Armenia signing agreement to cede the city to Azerbaijan .

Armenia has accused Azerbaijan of ethnic cleansing .

Editorial .

Forest pitch

Corruption and Communalism may Trump livelihood issues in Chhattisgarh

The editorial is about Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections . The main fight is between Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party .

Congress is relying of narrative arond Chhattisgarhi sub nationalism . The party is also relying on Direct Benefit Transfer scheme such as Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojna , or the Godhan Nyay Yojna , or higher prices on minor forest produce that cover major chunk of rural and tribal populace .

BJP is targeting government on Corruption and non fulfillment of promises in five years .   Recently ED has conducted raids on several of close aides of CM Bhupesh Baghel .

The assembly has 90 seats , 10 seats are reserved for for scheduled castes and 29 is reserved for Scheduled tribes .

Olympian heights

India must be wary of of the complexities of hosting Olympiad .

PM Modi in opening  of International Olympics Association ( IOC ) annual meeting in Mumbai expressed desire to host 2036 Olympics . He said that India will ” leave no stone unturned ” it it’s efforts to organize Olympics .However which Indian city is expected to hold 2036;Olympics was not made clear .  He also expressed India’s desire to host Youth Olympics in 2029 .

The editorial says that Organisation of Olympic like event though boost country’s soft power but its organization is complex . Tokyo Olympics cost was more than 15.4 billion dollars .

Ahmedabad City has been sent by India to host 2036 Olympics . 2024 Olympics will be hosted by Paris , 2028 Olympics will be hosted by Los Angeles and 2032 Olympics will be hosted  by Brisbane .


Text and Context

Israel Hamas and Laws of War

UN Charter defines when war should can be fought and how war should be fought .

‘ how ‘ war should be fought is termed as International Humanitarian Law ( IHL ) that talks about rules that must be followed during an armed conflict .

The primary objective of IHL is that during an armed conflict , a distinction is always made between combatants and civilians.  War parties can only attack combatants and military targets , not civilian and civilian objects .

The UN approved Kenya led security mission to Haiti

Around a year after Haiti approached UN seeking urgent help to combat deadly gang violence , UN has approved international intervention in the form of foreign security mission led by Kenya . Multi National Security mission will not be operated by UN , Kenya has volunteered to lead the force .

Violence in Haiti has killed more than 2800 persons between October 2022 and June 2023

French AI developer Mistral

Mistral is becoming a lead competitor in Generative AI race .


Some other competitor are ChatGPT , Bard ( by Google ) , Llama 2 ( Meta ) .

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