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51 killed as rain landslip rock Himachal Pradesh

At least 51 people were killed in different parts of Himachal Pradesh when heavy rain triggered landslides ,  blocked key roads and blocked down houses .

In Shimla at least nine people died when a temple collapsed following landslide .Temple was crowded as it is Monday of. Shrawan month.

In Mandi of Himachal Pradesh 19 people died in different rain related incidents .

The UNESCO world heritage site Shimla Kalka bridge was damaged after a part of it was swept away a 50 meter bridge .

At jadon village of Solan district seven members of a family killed in a clidbirst on Sunday night .

Six bodies have been killed at Sambhal near Pandoh .Deaths were reported from Kangra and Hamirpur as well .

Along with Army , SDRF , NDRF , ITBP the state  police and other were involved in relief and rescue operation .

Flood affected areas of Himachal Pradesh

More rain expected in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand today : IMD

Isolated and heavy falls also likely over Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh during next 24 hours and substantial decrease  there after from tomorrow ” the IMD said .

The reason being told is due to ” interaction” between western disturbance and active Monsoon .

Retail inflation surge from 4.87% to 7.44 %

Retail inflation  resurged  in July hitting 7.44% with 4.87% in June . This is highest pace of increase in inflation since April 2022 . First time after September 2022 the inflation has crossed 7% mark .Vegetable prices soared 37.3% mainly due to tomato , while cereal and pulses became over 13% costiler .Food inflation for Urban and Rural areas were 12.3% and 11% respectively . 

India China holds 19th round of Corps commander talk

India and China on Monday held 19 th round of Corps  commander level talk at Chusul to  disengage from Despsang and Demchock .The statement on outcome of talk is expected in a day or two .

Since begining of Corps Commander level talk in 2020, the two sides have disengaged from five conflicting points near LAC . These friction points were – Galwan , The North and South banks of Pangong Tso , Patrolling point (PP) 15 and 17 A in Gogra Spring area .

Earlier friction points which now has been resolved

SC to consider more ‘ bite ‘ to media regulations , suggests raising penalty

The SC on Monday said that a fine of ₹1 lakh is hardly deterrent for television channels involved in unethical conduct on air .The fine should ideally be more than the profits the media outlet make form entire show .

The court issued a notice to ” National Broadcasting and digital Association ( NBDA) an independent media body watch dog , the center and other respondents on the ” strengthening the framework ” for regulation. 

President urges citizens to move ahead with harmony , brotherhood

President Draupadi Murmu on his speech on the eve of Independence day Sayed that identity of being an Indian citizen towers above all others .She says the constitution is nations guiding document  and it’s preamble  contains the ideals of Freedom struggle . 

CRPF approved officer wins President’s Police Medal for gallantry

Assistant Commandant Loukrapam Imbocja Singh , from Manipur is the lone recipient of President’s police medal Gallantry (PPMG) announced on the eve of Independence day .

PPMG is awarded for conspicuous gallantry in saving life and property , in preventing crime or arresting criminals.

A total 954 police personnel have been awarded police medal . 

President also approved four Kriti Chakra,  and 11 Shaurya Chakras .The four Kriti Chakra will be awarded to four personal of the central Reserve Police Force killed in action during an anti Naxal operation in Chhattisgarh  in April 2021.

Peacetime gallantry award : precedence is Ashoka Chakra , kirti Chakra , Shaurya Chakra

War time gallantry award : precedce is Paramvir Chakra ,Mahavir Chakra and Vir Chakra. 

Modi Shah pay tribute to the victims of partiton

14 August is marked as partition horrors Remembrance Day .

” It is an occassion to remember the Indians who lost their lives during partition . This day is also reminder of tribulation and struggle of those who were forced to migrate ” Mr. Modi said 

Hindenburg report : SEBI seeks 15 more days to submit report

SEBI on Monday asked the Supreme Court for 15 days more to complete its inquiry into Hindenburg report accusing the Adani group of ” brazen stock manipulation and accounting fraud schemes over the course of decades over the course of decades ” .

SEBI told that it has completed investigation in 17 out of 24 ” matters ” and four are under for approval .

SC had formed a six member committee to look into report filed by SEBI . Committee looking at interim report had said earlier that SEBI was in ” chicken and egg ” situation in identifing owner of 13 companies .

SEBI this time however has said that it has made progress in these cases .

Center approves two inter state routes for helicopter services

Union govt has approved two inter state routes for the for the helicopter services related for people affected by the ethnic conflict in Manipur .

The new routes approved is from Churachandpur to Aizawl  in Mizoram and other from Kangkopki/Senapati to Dimapur .

After the violence started on May 3 , the violence pushed the kuki zomi people who had settled in Imphal valley , back to their respective hill district , while Meitie people settled in hill areas came back to valley areas .

Neither community has been able to use roads to travel  inside state due to fear of violence from other communities .

The passenger will have to pay ₹2000 while rest will be bore by central and state govt .


Manipur both churachadpur and Kangkopki is Kuki dominated 

Bihar govt sounds alert after water discharge

After releas of around 4 lakh cusecs of water from the kosi barrage following heavy rain in the catchment areas  of Nepal , Bihar govt on Monday sounded alert  for flood in Bihar . 

After moon ISRO  gearing up launch mission to study sun

ISRO will be launching spacecraft for Aditya L1 mission on August last or September begining .

The spacecraft will be placed at L1 point in earth’s Halo orbit at a distance of about 1.5 million km from earth , a spacecraft at L1 is always towards sun without facing any continuous view of sun.

The space craft will carry seven payloads the observe photosphere , chromosphere and outermost layer of of the sun ( corona ) using electromagnetic and particle and magnetic field detectors.

Aditya L1 will be put on lagrangian point L1 

Tamilnadu govt moves Supreme Court for release of Cauvery water by Karnataka .

The TamilNadu govt on Monday the supreme court seeking a direction to Karnataka to release 24, 000 cusecs of cauvery water from its reservoir in Niliguidulu for the remaining period of month starting from August 14.


Center recognised the right of Nagas to Integration : Muivah

T. Muivah  general secretary of National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCM-IM ) during event at 77 th ” Naga indeondenxe day ” said ” On the issue of integration of all areas , govt of India has officially acknowledged that it is legimage right of Nagas and  thus it shall be finalised accordingly .”

There are more than 50 Naga tribes residing in Manipur , Assam , Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar . Naga people have been demanding a separate state NAGALIM .

Greater NAGALIM as demanded by NSCN(IM) 


Anwar ul Haq Kakar sworn in as Pakistan’s care taker prime Minister

Anwar Ul haq kakar , a ethnically Pashtun leaders who is considered close to millitary establishment was on Monday sworn as Pakistan ‘s new PromeMinister .

He will be PM till new PM after holding election arrived

Mr kakar now faces daunting  task to holding free and fair election and keeping fragile economy in check . 

Taiwan’s Lai vows to ‘ restrict annexation ‘ on trip to US

Taiwan Vice President vowed on Sunday ” to resist annexation ” in a speech in NewYork on Sunday . Mr. Lai is frontrunner in Presidential election next year . He is on a trip to Paraguay and in between he is to transit through US.

His visit has already caused anger from Beijing . 

Chinese defence Minister to visit Russia and Belarus

Chinese defence minister Li Shangfu is visiting Russia and Belarus in show of support to those nations which the west has South to isolate over Russia’s invSion to Ukraine .He will address at the Moscow conference on International Security and meet security officwrs from other countries .

Representative from about 100 countries and eight international organisations will be participating in this .


Niger coup leaders to. Prosecute ousted President for ‘ treason ‘

Niger Mutinous soldiers said they will prosecute deposed president Mohd Bazoum for ” high treason ” and undermining the state security  . If Bazoum is found guilty Mr

Bazoum could face death penalty , according to Niger’s penal code .

Earlier Junta said that they were open to dialogue with West African countries to resolve the regional crisis . 

Bangladesh seeks extradition treaty with UK to bring back Muzibur Rahman killers 


Hawaii fire toll nears 100 as anger grows against govt inaction.

There is wide criticism that govt remained fairly in active in this.


UK scrambles jets to intercept Russian bomber near Scotland .

Russian bombers flew near Shetland island near Scotland the region being petrolled by UK .UK jets were scrambled to respond two Russian bombers flying in the region.

Editorial :

Contentious criteria

The center must visit PM USHA and take on board dissenting states

About the editorial

The editorial talks about PM USHA – Pradhan Mantiri Uchhatar  Shikhsha Abhiyan , many states still has not participated it . Editorial talks about its terms and tells that center should try to convince  dissenting  states so that all can agree on this .



Pradhan Mantri Uchhatar Shiksha Abhiyan – Under this states has to sign Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU )  with ministry of education . Center provides fund to renovate higher education in districts chosen by states . The condition is that State has to implement NEP( New Education Policy  ) .


Issue with PM USHA

25 states has signed MoU but several non BJP states such as Western Bengal , Tamil Nadu and Chhattisgarh  has not signed MoU . Family Nadu is even preparing its own education system to not implement NEP – New Education Policy .  It has also demanded that Education be brought to state list  from concurent list .

Center should talk to states and look into their problems in this regard .

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