Summary of The Hindu 14 August 2023 Current Affairs — —

Manipur  official
told to quit social media groups

Amid the reports that the bureaucracy and the
police are in split on ethnic lines in Manipur , the state government. had
asked officials to quit formal and informal groups on social media platforms
that further ” seapratist , anti national , communal and divisive agendas

A letter sent to commissioner ( home ) that is
also part of status report filed by govt in supreme court on August 1 tells
” It has been noticed that many formal and informal groups in social media
platforms such as Facebook , WhatsApp , and other chat groups are engaged in
furthering separatism , anti

 national , anti state , anti social , communal
and divisive agendas which cause disturbace in existence of peaceful harmony
and law and order situatio  of the state
” .The letter said that some government employees are also sharing and
commenting ” on these .

It warned that officers and public servants
being involved in such will face desciplinary action.

14 states yet to join education scheme

PM USHA ( Pradhan Mantri Uchhatar Sikhs a Abhiyan
)  foucses on districts to be identified
by states and it will improve condition of higher educational institutions . It
will be done in three stages

First stage – States and UTs sign
MoU with education ministry with commitment of implementing the National
Education Policy , 2020 reforms .

Second stage : The state govt will
shortlist universities , colleges , and districts .

Third stage : The ministry will
evaluate the proposal and then send them for approval by a project approval
board .

Kerala , TamiNadu and West Bengal are among
the 14 states and UTs which are yet to sign 
MoU with education ministry , it will allow finds of about ₹13000 crore
from centre for revamping higher educational institutions .40 percent expense
in PM USHA is bore bu states . Center has told that it is taking with states
which has kot signed MoU to sort out differences .

Kerala retains part deleted by NCERT in textbooks

The textbooks of Kerala will include

The Mughal Era and Akbarnama
insoon to be released textbook .

Topics of Middle ages , cultural
formation , the age of discoveries and inventions .

Polity and social science books
will include Global Hunger Index ranking , history of communal rights and
atrocities .

SC proposes.   ‘
permanent security units ‘ for all courts

court has proposed permanent
security units ‘ to guard court complexes across the country , recalling the
incidents of violence and gunfire in court premises recently .

A bench of 
justice S. Rabindra Bhatt and Dipankar Datta observed .

The court has asked the High courts to prepare
” security plans ” in consultation with home secretary and DGP and
Police commissioner to protect court premises .

” The security plan may include setting
up a permanent court security (unit ) in each complex ” .

The bench said plan ought to increase source
and strength of these manpower .It has directed that schematics of CCTV
cameras  has to be laid down on a
district wise basis where the state govt have to provide funds .

India China to hold military talks today .

India and China are set to hold 19 th round of
military talks on Monday at Chusul as part of effort to resolve the stand off
in eastern Laddakh , defence sources have said .The Indian stace has been
consistent , that is status quo ante as April 2020 , and focus would be on
disengagement from Depsang and Demchowk . The above details restoration of
patrolling rights till the traditional patrolling points .” A defense
source said .

18 th round of talk was held in April but was
stalled and no result was achieved .

Depsang and Demchowk is the only two points
left where still there is conflict .

Haryana Mahpanchayat decides to resume Yatra in Nuh on
August 28 .

Mahapanchayat of Khaps in Haryana has decided to resume Brijmandal
Jalabhishek Yatra on August 28 . Violence during and after Yatra between two
communities killed almost 6 persons .The Mahapanchayat also demanded NIA probe
into violence incidences

Other demands were to ease arms licenses for
Hindus and merger of Nuh district with some other district .


 Two militants killed in Pakistan after attack on a convoy
of Chinese workers

Two separatist militants were killed when a they attacked a Chinese workers
convoy that were heading to Gwadar port .

Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA)  has taken its responsibility .BLA claimed
that two of its fighters died in a ” self sacrificing ” attack while
Chinese convoy was going to  Gwadar port
. BLA which generally exacerbates its claims told that four Chinese workers and
9 Pakistani  soldiers died in this .

China has told to take strong action against
any such person attacking Chinese people and project .

Under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC )
a road has to be constructed from China to Gwadar in Pakistan. A port at Gwadar
has also gone constructed .


China vows ‘forceful’ 
reply over Taiwan VP’s US visit .

Taiwan’s vice president William Lai is on tour
to Paraguay , mid way he on Sunday landed in New york . China has made strong
objection over US permitting Mr. Lai to transit through its territory .

” China is closely following the development of the situation and
will take a resolute and forceful measures to safeguard national sovereignty
and territorial integrity ” ,a Chinese Foreign ministry spokesperson said
on Sunday.

Incursion by Chines military around Taiwan’s
waters and airspace have been happening nearly daily in the past years .


11 persons banned from TV in Pakistan.

The Pakistani media watchdog has stopped TV channels from giving air space
yo 11 people , including journalists accused of criticizing the military and
Shahbaz Sharif led govt and declared ” proclaimed offenders ” or
absconders by courts. News Channels has been warned of serious penalities
against the violation .

11 persons include Sabit Shakir , Mohd
.Peezada , Wajahat Saeed Khan , Shaheen 
Sehbai , Adil Farooq Raja , Ali Nawaz Awah , Murad Saeed and Hammad
Azhar .


7, including baby , killed in Ukraine’s Kherson

Seven People – including
a 23 day old baby girl were killed
in Russian shelling in
Ukraine’s southern Khorasan Region on Sunday .


Pain anger as Hawaii wildfire toll rises to 93

Anger was growiing on
Saturday over the officcial response to
the wildfire in
Hawaiian town Lahaina .

Hawaiian authorities have begun a probe into
handling of fire , with residents saying there had been no warning .

More than 2,200 structures were damaged or
destroyed as the file broke through Lahaina town , according to an estimate
property worth 5.5 billion dollar was destroyed and left many homeless .

was a resort town containing around 12,000 people .



55 killed , over a million affected in Bangladesh floods
,says official

 At least 55 people has been killed in torrential rain causing floods and landslides in South
Bangladesh .




Rebooting the codes

Criminal laws need reform but not new and unfamiliar

the editorial

The editorial talks about recently revamp of
criminal laws . The name of laws has been changed which the editorial is
critical of .

It hails some new changes .


reform in Criminal laws

Govt has brought laws replacing whole IPC (
Indian Penal Code ) , CrPC ( Criminal Prceedure Code ) and IEC( Indian Evidence
Code ) . The new codes names of these are Bhartiya Nyay Samhita (BNS ) ,
Bhartiya Nagrik Suraksha Samhita (BNSS) and Bhartiya Sakshya ( BS) bill . The
editorial tells that changing the names to only Hindi was not necessary .



major changes

Hate speech has been dropped from
punishment . However section 150 talks about targets on ” subversive
activities ” and ” endangering. the sovereignty and unity of India ‘

Section 153 penalises  ” false and misleading information
jeoparadising false , misleading information about India .”

Mob lynching has been introduced
as a separate crime .

Videography has been made necessary
on collecting evidences

 Glaring Omission

Government should have stood true to the top court
judgement on ECI selection process

the editorial

The editorial talks about recent bill in Rajya
Sabha that tells that the committee choosing Election Commissioner of India
(ECI) will contain PM, leader of Opposition and a cabinet minister . It tells
that it is not in line with SC judgment . Further it talks how an independent
EC is necessary  for democracy .


did SC said recently regarding appointment of EC and CEC.

EC and CEC is generally appointed by President
. SC Constitutional. Bench judegemt envisaged an independent committee
comprising Prime Minister , Leader of Opposition and Chief Justice of India .SC
however said that the judgment will hold until govt makes a law regarding
appointment of EC and CEC .

govt bill

Govt has brought a bill that tells that the
appointment committee will comprise of PM , leader of Opposition and a cabinet
minister .

The editorial tells that it would have better
if the govt bill was same as the committee appointed by SC .

                     Independence of Judiciary
and election commission is necessary for any vibrant Democracy.

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