Summary of The Hindu 14th DECEMBER 2023

CoP 28 calls for ‘ transition away ‘ from fossil fuel

CoP 28 in Dubai ended on Wednesday with adoption of a resolution called the Dubai Consensus

Important points in Dubai Consensus :

     The standout clause in 21 page document says  : “calls on parties ( to be ) ….. transitioning away from fossil fuels in energy system , in a just , orderly and equitable manner , accelerating action in this critical decade , to achieve net zero by 2050 in keeping with the science “ .

The language “ transitioning “ has been diluted from earlier draft that called for “ phasing out” of all fossil fuels .

Fossil fuel use is main culprit behind emission and action regarding this was crucial .

Difference among countries :

     On one had delegate from Samoa and Marshall Islands expressed their unhappiness that the document does not talk of ending fossil fuel . On the other hand countries like Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Columbia and Senegal said that the agreement was a step forward for a fossil fuel free future .

     A major criticism was lack of financial support given to developing countries by developed countries for technology transfer and to bear the effects of climate change . A 2009 commitment said countries to mobilize 100 billion dollar per year between 2020 and 2025 for Climate financing . But the commitment was not met

During Paris Agreement it was decided to keep temperature rise below 2 degree celsius and try to keep it below 1.5 degree celsius .

To achieve below 1.5 degree celcius target ,countries need to reduce their emission by 2030 to 43% from the 2019 level .However current assessment says that even in most optimistic circumstances , countries will be able to reduce 5% from most optimistic circumstance till 2030.

Smoke canister strike by 2 visitors sets of chaos in Lok Sabha

On Wednesday on the eve of Parliament attack , two men jumped into Lok Sabha chamber from visitors gallery , carrying cannisters with yellow smoke . It created Chaos , parliamentarians beat them before handling to security personals .

Lok Sabha Speaker later told that the smoke was just for sensationalization . Delhimpilicenhas arrested all Six people involved in the incident .There was no terror angle in the incident. , the intruders and their team was just calling a political protest with no link from any political parties . They were upset over no jobs and price rise .

India votes in favor of immediate ceasefire in Gaza by Israel

India on Tuesday voted in favor of United Nations General Assembly resolutions that called for an immediate ceasefire , the protection of civilians in accordance with international law and release of all hostages .153 countries voted in favor , 10 countries voted against the resolution while , 23 countries abstained from it .

When asked about India’s vote ,Israel embassy said that it appreciated PM Modi’s stand on terrorism .

India had abstained from voting on a similar resolution earlier . It shows shift in India’s stance .

Road fatalities rise in India despite Global drop

Global Status Report on Road Safety , 2023  is out . The report is prepared by World Health Organisation ( WHO ) ,

Some. Major points in this report are :

     Road accidents decreased by 5%, to 1.19 million annually world wide , between 2010 and 2021 .108 countries showing a drop .

     Total no of traffic accidents in India went up from 1.34 lakh in 2010 to 1.54 lakh in 2021 .

     Ten Countries succeeded in reduce ng road accidents cover by 50% . These countries are Belarus., Brunei , Darisalme , Denmark , Japan , Lithuania , Norway , Russia Federation , Trinidad and Tobago and UAE , Venezuela .

35 countries have shown notable progress showing declined between 30 to 50% .

     Vehicle growth during the period 2010 to 2021 is 160% .

     Nine in 10 death occur in low and middle income countries .

New Delhi Declaration on Artificial Intelligence adopted

On Wednesday in Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence ( GPAI ) , 28 countries and European Union adopted “ New Delhi declaration “ ,

The declaration affirms countrie committment to “ principles of responsible stewardship for trustworthy AI …..rooted in democratic values and human rights …. and promoting trustworthy , responsible , sustainable and human centric AI “

Few other points on “ New Delhi Declaration “ are

     AI for Global South : “ We have also agreed that GLAI , in keeping up values of partner countries , including countries in Global South “ Rajeev Chadrashekharan said .

     On AI concerns  : “ Concerns regarding misinformation and disinformation , unemployment r, lack of transparency , and fairness , protection of intellectual property and personal data and threats to human rights and democratic values “

The previously summit was held in Japan ,at that time ChatGPT had not arrived . This summit is important as being held after coming of ChatGPT which has shown new type of challenges emerging from AI .

Curb freebies doled  out to doctors by Pharma firms

A five member committee headed by NITI Aayih chief Vinod K Paul has suggested the Union govt to bring in restrictions offered to doctors by Pharma companies .

The measures suggested by the panel is :

     Disclosing piece of branded gifts with gift values not exceeding ₹1000 .

     Prohibiting continuous medical education ( CME ) workshop for doctors in foreign location,

     Making the money received by medical Practitioners from Pharma comapies taxable .


SC judgment won’t change our position on Ladakh

China has never recognised the so called Union territory of Ladakh set up unilaterally and illegally by India . India’s domestic judicial verdict does not change the fact that western section of China India border has always belonged to China “ Chinese Foreign Ministry Mao Ning said replying to a question .

Chinese foreign mInistry spokesperson Mao Ning said in response to a question asked .

China claims Ladakh as it’s own territory .


Nine Israeli troops killed in an ambush as Gaza battle rages

Hamas fighters killed 9 Israeli troops in. Shijaiyah ,  a neighborhood of Gaza City .

Heavy fighting is going on in and around Gaza City . Till now over 18,400 people has been killed in Palestine .

Sunak avoids leadership challenges as deportation bill passed early votes

British parliament passed a bill to deport illegal migrants to Rawanda . BRITISH Parliament passed it 313 to 269 . This is seen as victory to PM Rishi Sunak .

 Rishis Sunak had pledged “ stop the boats “ eartkeor this year , with some 46,000 people crossing English Channel in “ small boats “ in 2022 .

Earlier UK Supreme Court has told Bilritish government t Rwanda policy as unlawful .

The court’s had said , Rwanda was not , for now , a safe country where govt could relocate asylum seekers . It als had told that it will put UK on wrong side of Domestic and International policy .

The new bill defines Rwanda as a safe country MF clears second tranche of 337 mn dollar for Sri Lanka

The IMF has cleared 337 million dollar of extended fund facility ( EFF ) to Sri Lanka .

This is part of 3 billion dollar Sri Lanka has demanded from IMF . The total loan including this tranche received by Srilanka is 670 million dollar .

IMF noted that Srilanka has made “ commendable progress “ towards restoring debt sustainability , raising revenue , rebuilding reserve buffers , reducing inflation and safeguarding financial stability .  “ Strong commitment to improving governance and protecting the poor and vulnerable remains critical “ , IMF said .


China and Vietnam must oppose attempts to measure Asia Pacific : Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping is on visit to Hanoi . The two nations committed to deeper ties and signed more than 30 agreements , including pledge to develop rail links between the two countries .

The visit is seen to counter growing influence of US in the region .

Biden backs Ukraine , warns against allow g putin to win

The US President Joe Biden had told President Vlodmyr Zelensky on Friday that US will not abandon Ukraine in its desperate fight against Russia .

He told that allowing defeat for Ukraine would mean Putin and  “ aggressors everywhere will be emboldened “ .

He was telling this in a press conference with Zelensky side by him in Washington .


Recently Republican in  US Congress didnt allow passing of 110 billion dollar fund that was to be used by Ukraine and Israel.

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