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ð  June inflation quickens to 4.8% as food prices climb.


– 4.81%

– 4.31%


– 4.5%

– 3%

of inflation released for June shows increase in retain inflation from 4.3% to

inflation surged hugely form less then 3% in May to 4.5% on June.

Food Inflation                                    Egg (7%)


inflation (12.7%) Spices Inflation  (19.2%)           Pulses

prices is causing major distance forces to inflation with “flooding plus unemen
monsoon” hurting vegetable supply.

inflation – Inflation in food, energy, housing, consumer durables, etc food
inflation –

Big –
Ticket defence deals likely during PM’s paris visit.

Modi’s two day France visit will start on July 13.

major agreements expected.

26 new Rafale M
fighter Jets for Indian Navy

Cooperation in civil
nuclear issues space, cyber security, counter terrorisms dimate danger.

rejects EV parliament move to discus Manipur situation

on Wednesday rejected the European parliament’s plan to hold am “urgent debate”
on the violence in Manipur, calling it an issue “totally internal” to India.

Abut EU
debate on Manipur

debate set to take place later on Wednesday, seeks to condemn violence and
direct the EU’s top officials to speak to New Delhi about remedying the

secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra said, “this is a matter totally internal to India.
We are aware of the happings of European parliament and have reached o members
of European parliament (MEP) concerned” motion by MED has criticised BJP for
practitsig divise politics in Manipur, AFSPA, UAPA terrorist FCRA law, internet
shut down etc.

U.S. Ambassador cric garcetti offerred US help in dealing with the situation in




ð  IN UNHRC vote, India stands against discretion of KORAN.

on Wednesday voted in favour of a draft resolution tabled in the UN human
Rights council (UNHRC) that condemns and strongly rejects recent public and
premeditated acts” of the discretion of the Koran

97 member UNHRC adopte the draft resolution “countering religious hatred
constituting incitement to discrimination, hostility of violence” withy 28
member voting in favour, 7 assentation’s, and 12 members voting against.

voted in favour of resolution that “Condemns and strongly rejects the recent
public and predetermined acts of discretion of holy Koran, and under scores the
need for holding the perpetrators of these acts of religious hatred on account
in line with obligations of states arising from international human rights

had brought the resolution. Those voting in favour included – Bangladesh China,
Cuba, Malaysia, the Maldives, Qatar, Ukraine, UAE.

against – US, Belgium, final and, France, Germany, the U.K.

ð  China pitched four tents in “buffer zone” in Ladakh : chashul

Chinese people’s liberation Army (PLA) pitched four tents in a “buffer Zone” in
eastern Laddakh’s chusul two days ago. According to chusul councillor konchok
starzhin. 3 but of there four was removed following India Army’s objection.
Removal of 4th is in process.

ð  Centre to buy tomatoes from south and west to sell in northern

prices surpassed 200/kg on Wednesday. The national avg. price is 111.71 :

and floods in Himachal Pradesh has caused transportation  disruption, pushing it even further.

from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra to be procured for distribution
at retail outlets at a discount to consumers in Northern cities such as Delhi
NCR has been ordered by centre.

293 people stranded
in Lahaul spiti district, rescue operation continue.

operation are on to relocate 293 people stranded in chandrataal area of
lahul-spiti district in Himachal Pradesh. Heavy rain caused this situation.

ð  24 invites 24 “like minded” parties for Bengaluru meet, Sonia to
be part of debate.

meet is scheduled in Bengluru on July 17 and 18.

invites are MDMK, KDMK, VCK< RSP< Forward Blow, Indian Union Muslim

participation is suspicious as congress didn’t clarify its support for Delhi

ð  SC gets two new Judges

chief Justice Ujjal Bhugan and Keala chief Justice S. Vankaterayan

 Bhatti are the new
appointee as sc Judges. SC strength now is 33, with only one vacancy.




ð  Zelensky persists with bid for Ukraine’s NATO entry

the end of annual NATO summit following decision were taken regarding Ukraine

NATU – Ukraine
council, a new forum was formed. It will serve as a permanent body where 31
NATO members and Ukraine can hold consultation and call in emergency situation.

Norway told that it
would supply ultra high drones and components of air defence missile system to

A joint declaration
issued by G-7 lays ground work for each naion to negotiate agreement to help
Ukraine bolster its military omes long term.

President Zelensky told “The results of the summit is good, but if there crore
an invitation, that would be ideal.”

day ago zelensky had called NATO’s non Invitation to Ukraine to be a NATO
member as “unprecedented and absurd”


Ukraine on Wednesday said that it had shot don 11 Russian drones overnight, in
a 2nd consecutive night of attacks.

ð  Despite conservative backlash, EU parliament backs biodiversity

parliament on Wednesday narrowly backed a key biodiversity bill aimed at
rebuilding EU land and water habitats.

bill was passes with 336 votes in favour, 380 against. While 13 absentism.

nature Restoration Act

It aims to
resuscitate degraded ecosystems by boosting forested areas, marine habitats,
and increasing connectivity between rivers.

seeks to grow population of bees, birds and butterflies especially in farmland,
and peat land previously drained.

Those against this
law has point that it will hurt farmers, reduce food security, unit
possibilities of building wind and hydro electric energy facility.

ð  Pakistan gets final IMF nod for 3 –bn loan in stand – by
arrangement in a major relief to Pakistan on Wednesday IMF gave final nod to 3
bn loan

ð  It is believed that it will improve Pakistan’s FOREX and also
open the door to multilateral agreements with institutions and countries.

from west Asia

received 2 billion from Saudi Arabia and 1 billion from the UAE, as per
conditions of the fund.

ð  Wagnor mercenaries surrendering weapons to military : Russia

 ð  North korea test fires new missiles in  response to U.S. military activity.

ð  Thai poll body to suspend PM frontrunner






ð  Piecemeal extension of ED, EBI heads are a setback to their

ð  What the editorial is all about?

editorial talks about recent Judgement of SC in which it directed ED Director
Sanjay Kumar Mishra to step down. The Judgement also held central villance
commission Amendment act, 2021 for central govt to have power to extend term.
The editorial is particularly critical is this point of Judgement.

ð  About recent court verdict about ED, CBI Chief.

directed ED chief  S.K. Mishra to step
down from his post by 31st July. He was made ED chief between
2018-2020 but given 3 consecutive extension for 1 year each. The extension of
this term was to end in November.

ð  What does law say?

The term of ED and
CBI chief is 2 years central villigillance commission, Amendment act 2021 say
that there officers can be given extension of 1 year each 3 times.

court has retained this law but a major flaw court points out that is that here
full control of extension is with govt, while it should not be the case and it
should be given by a committee comprising should be given only in “rare and
exceptional cases”. The editorial is not happy that court retained CVC (Amdint)



Migrant Pressure


The Netherlands must focus on its economic challenges to stop far right.

ð  What the editorial is all about?

The editorial is about recent development in the Netherland where PM Mark rutle resigned over migrant issues. The editorial talks of problem of migrants in Europe.

ð  About Resignation of Dutch Pm Mark Rutlle

Dutch PM Mark Rutle : had brought two migrant related policy –

                   (i)        A temporary one for those fleeing conflicts e-g people fleeing sudan

                  (ii)        Permanent one for those fleeing persecution eg. A person fleeing his country to avoid any punishment of death by any dictatorial regine.

                (iii)        A two year waiting period to the children of recognised Rufugee living in Neatherland to join their parents.

                 (iv)        The coalition partners of Mark rutle which are mostly right leance supported the 1st two but disagreed on 3rd Mr. Rutle first resigned and later told that he is retiring from politics. Right wing generally are against migrants they blame migrants for all their problems

ð  Migrant crisis in Europe

ð  Europe has been seeing a surge in migrants with the numbers crossing 4 lakh for 2022. Netherland got 21,000 migrants moistly are from Syria yemen and African countries. EU countries in Europe has been adopting their own policy which are detrimental for migrants EU need to take clear stand that hep migrants



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