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THE HINDU 11-07-2023




ð  Rain continues to pound North India, toll rises to 25.

Relentless rain in most parts of Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Chandigarh  continued for a 3rd and consecutive day on Monday, patting life out of year.

Incidences of landslides has also ben reported satluj and Beas is overflowing also Yamuna and Ghaghara is over flowing.

In Himachal Pradesh 300 people are stranded in Lahaul spiti and Kullu districts rescue operation is going  an Pm Modi held talk with H.P C, Sakhvinder singh such and uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhani.

Among the worst affected is Himachal Pradesh, where 17 people have died tinnous.

ð  Bengal rural election : Repolling peaceful, HC orders FIRs into deatus.

Repolling was held on 696 polling boths on Monday. It passed without any Major incidence of violence 175 polling booths in Murshidabad was the worst affected by violence on 8th July election.

A bench of judge Calcutta he directed FIR to be registered in connection with the deaths on 8th July violence 18 people had died in it.

ð  Foxconn pulls oput of 19.7 bn chip pact with Vedanta

The deal broken

Taiwan based foxconn, on Monday pulled out 19.5 billion semiconductor joint venture with Vedanta Group to “explore more. Diverse development opportunities”.

Over the joint venture the two firms were to invest in a semiconductor fabrication plant in Gujrat, that would make 28 nanometrer semiconductor.

Not brealing with India entirely FOSCONN however added that it was not breaking away with Indian semiconductor entirely. And it still supports Indian govt’s domestic chip making effort.

ð  China protest Dalai lama meeting U.S. Officials in Delhi, calls it interference

China on Monday protested visiting US official Uzra Zeya meeting with Dalai lama in New Delhi.

About the meeting

Dalai Lama told that Tibetans did not seek “Independence” and was open to talks with china govt, which he said had sent feeders to him.

Uzra Zeya – US under secretary for civilian security democracy and human right, and also the US special co-ordinator for Tibetan issues. Last week Mr. Zaya had attended Dalai Lama’s birthday celebration in Washington organised by  “office of Tibet in Washington”.

China’s response

“Xizang (Tibet) affairs are purday internal affairs to china and no external forces have the right to interfere. China firmly opposes any form of contact between foreign officials and the “Tibetan independence “forces” Chinese embassy spokesperson in India said.

ð  Rafales, scorpenes and jet engine development on the Agenda of Pm’s France trip.

Later this week PM Modi will visit paris later this week as chief guest at the Bastille Day parade.

Defence deals that can be signed

Three major defence deal are expected to be signed :

·         Procurement of 26 Rafale-M fighter for the Navy’s aircraft carriers. Air force operates 36 Rafales.

·         3 more scorpene class submarine for the Navy

·         Co-Development of fighter jet engines

ð  SC seeks data on action taken against lynchings.

What SC directed

A bench of justices Sanjeev Khana and bela M. Trivedi directed the state govts to fite year –wise data regarding complaints filed, FIRs registered and challans submitted in incidents linking to mob violence and lynching.

July 2018/ SC Judgement in Tahshin Poonawala case over mob violence and lunching

SC had called lynching “horrend our acts of mobo cracy” as an anathema that requires special law and punishment.

It had asked centre and states to stop the messages, videos, fake news that incite mob violence and zynching.

ð  SC asks Manipur about status of stolen police weapons.

The court also denied of any intervention demanded by Tribal force petitioner.

“we do not want these proceedings to be a platform for further escalation of violence – we are not running the security apparatus or the governance in the state — then what is elected govt for”. CJI Dy chandrachud said.

ð  Dilution of Article 370 led to unprece dented era of peace in J&K, centre informs SC.

In a 20 page affidavit filed by ministry of home affairs over situation of J&K after abrogation of Article 370 say:-

·         “Life has returned to normalcy in the region after over 3 decades of tarmoil”, the home ministry announced.

·         “street violence” engineered by terrorists, Bandhs, hartals has become a “thing of past”

·         “Resolute anti-terror actions” had dismatted “terror ecosystem”

·         Infrastructure development also at fast speed.

ð  SC issues notice to centre on Delhi ordinance impleads L-G n case.

The court will hear petition on July 17 sealling stay on L-G’s executive order removing 437 independent consultations of Assembly;

The pleas says that after ordinance was passed; it gave the L-G control over “civil services’ in Delhi.

ð  SC to hear Udhhav’s plea to qhash EC order on shiv sena name and symbol on July 31.

ð  BRS will strongly oppose centre’s uniforms civil code plan, says KCR.

KCR told this while meeting with all India personal law board.

ð  Import of urea may ease by 2025, alternative forms will replace it.

Talking to the HINDU union fertilizer minister said

·         About recently cleared 3.7 lakh crore package for farmers.

3.7 lakh or package for 3 year will be used for fertilizer subsidy and push for organic farming.

No sudden change towards ORGSANIC FARMING

·         Mansukh Mandviya said that govt’ is moving towards organic farming step by step and no sudden push will be given like srilanka.


“Our attempt is to end import dependence on urea by 2025 and replace it with forms of Urea.

Nano Urea is a nanotechnology based revolutionary Agri-Input which provides Nitrogen to plants. There falfil pants nutrient requiresments as a fertilizer.

Nano urea results in higher nutrient use efficiency (80%). It help in minimizing the environment foot print by reducing the loss of nutrients from agriculture fields in the form of leaching and gaseous-emissions which used to cause environmental damage and climate change

A 500 ml of NANO urea replaces one bag of 45kh of urea. It will reduce transportation caste as well.

Mansakh mandviya told that there is need to increase awareness about nano fertilizer among farmers.

Under PM-PRANAM scheme passed by union cabinet Govt will incentivise states for promoting natural farming and organic farming .




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ð  Biden meets Sunak, king in U.K. before NATO summit.

Nato summit is scheduled on 11th July 2023 in Lithuania’s capital VILNIUS US. President on its route to Vilnius stopped in London. He met British PM Rishi Sunak and king chardes.

About US-UK relationship

Presiden Biden described US-UK relationship as “rock solid”.

While Rishi Sunak said “we stand as two of the firmest allies in that alliance and I known well wand to do everthing we can to strengthen euro-Atlantic security”.

Britain is not in support of US decision to give duster ngunitions to Ukraine.

Issues at NATO

(a)  Sweeden membership – Sweeden becoming a nezd NATO member will be a major point of talk.

For any new member to become NATO member is required. However turkey a NATO member has objection of Sweeden getting NATO membership sweeden earlier used to support Kurdish terrorist which Turkey has strongly protested.

Endogan demand

On a phone call on Monday turkey’s president erdogan conved Mr. Biden that he would cease objecting to Sweeden’s application if the EU opened up membership talk for turkey. Turkey’s EU membership talks have been stalled since 2016 over have rights considerations.

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Mr. Biden linked the sale of US F-16 fighter air craft to Ankara and Greece, to NATO expansion.

At 10 Downing street

PM Rishi sunak and President Biden held talks on recently signed Atlantic Declaration – an economic and technology framework between the two countries the UK is grapping with questions of its identify after leaving EU. Talks were held on AI as well. UK is trying to become leader in AI

Recently on NATO

Jens Stoltenberg term as NATO chief got extended.

Koran was burned in sweeden in front of a Mosque endogen had strongly protest it.


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A – Lithuania (Capilal : Vilnius)

NATO meeting location.

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ð  Russian president met wagner chief prigozhim days after muting : Kremlin.

Kramlin spokesperson Dmitry peskov on Monday said that days after a short lived muting by wagner chief prigozhin, the mercenary chief met vladmir putin on June 29.

What happened in meetig between putin  and Prigozhim on June 29 ?

·         Mr. Putin offered an “assessment” on wagner’s actions on the battle field in Ukraine and “of the events on June 24”.

·         “the commanders themselves president their version of what happened they underscored that they are staunch supporters of the soldiers of the head of state and the commander in –chief, and also said that they are ready to continue to fight for their homeland” Mr. peskov said.

24th may rebellion

      Wagner captured Russian city Rostov-on-Don and started moving towards MOSCOW. A truce was reduced with Belarus president Luka-Shenko as mediator.Ak this wagner chief had to be exiled to Belarus

About Prigozhim wher abouts

Still there is large uncertainity about wagner’s chief’s whereabouts through the agreement between putin and prigozhim, prigozhim had to be exiled in Belarus. However, Belarus president Lukashenko few days ago told that prigozhin is in Russia.


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ð  Soloman islands and china sign deals on Police economy, tech.

Leadrs of Solomon Islands and china promised to expand relation Solomon island PM Manasels sogavare met Chinese president Xi Jinping and country’s no 2 leader, premiar Li Qiang. The two leaders signed agreements on police, economic and technical co-operations.

“We are here to further boost relation” Mr. sogavre told Mr. Li

About solomon’s island it is about 2000 km from Australia in  south pacific ocean.

Before 2019 it had diplomatic relations with Taiwan and not china. However in 2019 it established diplomatic relation with china.

Few months ago solomon’s Island signed a secretive agreement with china that might have allowed Chinese forces to use its land.

Worry for US and Australia

Solomon island can prove to be a major Chinese point in south pacific sea, and it is worry for USA and Australian, which are trying to lessen  Chinese presence in south china sea.



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ð  Longest-serving Dutch PM Rutte quits politics after 13 years in power.

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ð  Twitter rival threads surparies100mm wers in less than five days.


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Threads                          100 million assers.

                                      < 10 days.

Chat GPT                      2 months

Tik Tok                           9 months

Instagram                       2 ½ years

Threads has become fastest to reach 100 million mark. It was launched by METSA on July 5.


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ð  Rescuers save 86 migrants from boat near canary Islands

Spain’s coastguard said it rescued 86 migrants from sub-sahara Africa from a boat near canary islands. Rescuers were searching for a missing migrant boat that had “left sengal with around 200 people own board”.


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ð  Chandrayaan-3 speaks to moon’s rising importance in scienctific, political milieus

ð  What the editorial is all about?

The editorial is about chandrayaan-3 mission and how it will witness India’s capability in space.

Also it has talked about India’s recently signing ARTENTIG ACCORD. It has talked about it also.

ð  About chandryaan-3 Mission

Chandrayan-3 will be launched from Sriharikota (SHAR) at India time 2:35 PM on July 14.

Chandrayaan-3 is replica of its successor chandryaan-2, which failed to make lander (Vikram) land on moon the reason for the failure was later recognised as software glitch in chandrayaan-3 the rocket will place the payload in an elliptical orbit around the earth where a propulsion module will take over an pilot the lander to a circuler orbit around the moon finally the lander will detach and will begin a series of manoeuvres culminating in a grandual landing (on August 23-24) this year.


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ð  About recently signed “ARTE MIS Accord”

Countries are looking to establish a permanent base at moon, for research purpose, mineral exploration etc. There are two grouping in this one led by china-Russia and other by US and its western allies china-Russia are working an ‘international Lunar research station” while India by signing Artemis accord has aligned with USA in this regard.

The Global South : Origins and significance

ð  Is the term ‘Global South’ geographical?

No, In fact two large nation that are in global south china and India is in northern hemisphere.

ð  What is “Global south”

The global south refers to various countries around the world that are sometimes referred to as “developing” less developed and “underdeveloped” countries in Global south mostley have suffered imperialism and colonial rule.

Most of these countries lie in Asia, south America, Africa south in global map.

ð  By 2030 it is projected that there of the four largest economic will be from Global south-with organization suchas BRICS will surpass G-7 by 2030, in terms of economy.



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