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 Governor’s decision to call floor test wrong: SC
The Supreme Court, in a unanimous Judgement has held that
 The then governor Bhagat Singh koshiyari was wrong in calling for a trust vote.
Which led to fall of Uddhav thackrey led MVA (Maha Vikas Aghadi) government.
 The court said that Governor Koshiyari was right in inviting Eknath shinde to form
government as Mr. Thackry had resigned
 The court said that it could not quash voluntary resignation by Mr. Thackrey and thus
cannot reinstate his MVA government. If Thackrey had not resigned then court could
have considered reinstating.
 Court refused to invalidate the election of speaker Rahul Narwekan merely because
some of the MLAs who participated in the election faced disqualification
 The court said that the decision of speaker to disqualify 16 MLAs was right and in
accordance with 10th schedule-Anti defection law.
 Mr. Nawekar’s decision to recognize Eknath Shinde as “leader of Shiv Sena”
“legislative party” was “illegal” his recognizing of Mr. Nar wekar’s decision
recognizing Bharat Gongwale as chief whip of Shiv Sena was “illegal” too.
June 21, 2022
 Eknath Shinde along with several MLAs moved to Surat and revolted.
 Speaker of Maharashtra Legislative assembly disqualified 16 MLAs along with
Eknath Shinde.
 Eknath Shinde had support of more than (213rd) of Shiv Sena MLAs, he got support
from BJP. He went to governor to have no confidence motion against the then MVA
SC Verdict
 Speaker was right in disqualifying under 10th Schedule (Anti defection law)
Speaker has power to disqualify. SC Verdict
 SC has told that governor “erred” in calling for floor test. And he should not have.
 Uddhav Thackrey Resigned before the floor test, earlier SC had refused to stay on
floor test.
MVA government fell in floor test.
 Governor Bhagat Sing Koshiyari called Eknath Shinde to form government Eknath
Shinde form government.
 New speaker Narwelkar is chosen, speaker stays disqualification of 16 MLAs and it
recognizes Eknath Shinde.
SC Verdict
 Court said that as Uddhav Thackrey had resigned before floor test it cannot reinstate
his government had he not resigned reinstatement could be considered.
SC Verdict
 Governor was right in calling Eknath Shinde to form government had fell and these
was a vacancy. Also majority was with Eknath Shinde.
SC timeline
June 29
 The court refuses to stay the Governor’s decision on floor test
August 23
 Court refers to five Judge bends the petition filed by shinde raising question of
July 11
 The court asks newly elected speaker Rahul Narwekar not to proceed with the
petition of disqualification of Uddhav faction MLAs.
February 15
 The court says the issue related to Maharashtra political crisis raise tough question
and merger and disqualification have ‘varey serious’ ramification on polity.
Maharashtra, Legislative Assembly
Total Seats – 288.
BJP (105)
Shiv Sena (40)
NCP (53)
INC (45)
SS (UBT) (17)
SS (UBT) – Shiv Sena (Uddhav Bala Saheb Thackrey)
 Delhi government, has control over officers rays Supreme Court
In Delhi Public Order land and police comes under union government.
While other powers to Delhi government is same as other state governments.
National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCTD) government has filed patition in SC. They had
alleged that Civil Services Officers were directly pusing policy files to Leiutenant governor
rather than consulting elected governor of Delhi.
SC in its verdict told that Civil serranices officers are accountable to ministers of elected
government under whom they function.
Delhi CM Arvind kejriwal hold it a big win for government of Delhi.
 U.S. engages with India on human rights: white house
PM Modi will be on state visit to U.S. next month.
In response to a question that whether state visit to of PM Modi “Problematic” when there
wer obvious “Human rights concerns” under Modi government and “clear differences”
over the two countries policies on Russia and Vkraine.
Answering this white House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre said “So as we do with
other nations around the world, we regularly engage with Indian government officers at
senior levels on human right concerns including freedom of religion or belief” Me further
said that us encourages all countries to uphold their human rights obligations and
commitments, and to work towards building inclusive societies.
 Absence of ICC in wrestling tederation : NHRC issues notice.
Taking cognizance to media reports that WFI (Wrestling Federation of India) has not
Internal Complaint Committee. National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) has sent
notice to sports Ministry and 15 more bodies including WFI and BCCI which either do not
have ICC or the ICC is not properly functional. They have been asked to submit present
status of the ICC in their organisations, the NHRC added.
POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harrasment Act, (2013) mandates sports bodies to make a
Internal complaints Committee (ICC).
Any women aqqrieved of Sexual anault has to file complaint with ICC.
 Aspirants knock at Pradhan’s doors for reopening JEE application window, organizing
institute of JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is IIT-Guwahati. It has declined request to
extend last date of submission of application form. The last date of submission was 7 May.
In part date generally asked to get extended because of technical glitches faced by
students mainly.
Many students are facing problems, student organization are trying to meet
officials to enforce extension of last date.
 Third low-intensity blast in Amritsat, five arrested.
A low intensity blast occurred near Golden Temple in Amritsar. Police has arrested five
accussed. They are supposed to be Pro-Khalistanis.
 Train arson case: NIA holds searches in Saheen Bagh.
In train arson case 3 people had died and several was insured when in Kozhikoche accussed
burned a bogey.
 427 conversion-related cases and 833 arrests in U.P. since 2021.
U.P. government has released data on conversion related cases since implementation of
Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of unlawful conversion of Religion Act came into force in
November 2020.
Between Jan 1, 2021 – Aprial 30, 2023
833 arrests have been made. 427 conversion related cases have been registered. In 185
cases, victims have conferred that they were forcibly converted.
 Pilot embarks on Yatra, Party distance itself.
Sachin Pilot has started “Jan Sangharsh Yatra” from AJMER to JAIPUR. Congress has told
it a “personal march” and distanced itself.
 Pakistan 9C calls Imran Khan’s arrest “illegal” orders his release.
Supreme Court on Thursday declared that PTI chairman Imran Khan’s arrest from
Islamabad High Court (IHC) was illeyal and ordered his release.
Earlier Islamabad High Court (IHC) had told his arrest as “legal”. He was a
arrested on changes National Accountibibity Bureau (NAB) in Al-Qadir Trust Corruption
His arrest had turned into widespread protest, and burning of public properties by
PTI workers. Millitary’s media wing ISPR had called May 9 as “dark chapter”. ISPR said
that soon after Mr. Khan’s arrest there were “organized attack on armies properties and
installation and anti-army slogans were raised”. The ISPR said a “power hungry groups
wrapped in political garb” had done to the country what country’s encrmy had failed to do
since its inception.
Pakistan PM on Wednesday had condemned PTI workers for committing “conforgiveble
 29 dead as militant in Gaza, Israel trade fire
On Thursday Israel and Gaza military traded heavy fire. It was the 3rd day of worst
escalation of viotena in months.
Millitants in Gaza fixed about 500 rockets at Israel, 368 made over the border, 154 were
intercepted by. Iron Dome while 111 fell on Gaza itself. No Israeli casuality has been
noticed while on other side 25 Palestiniars has died.
Cairo is making efforts to mediate talk between Israel and Islamic Jihad militant group.
France, Germany, Jordan and Egypt has called for end of violence.
Mediterranean Sea Gaza Strip
 U.K. gives craise missible to kyiv; Ukraine delays counter attack.
British government announced on Thursday that it was giving long range craise missiles to
Ukraine to help drive out Russia’s occupying forces.
‘U.K. defence secretary told that U.K. is donating ‘storm shadow missiles a
conventionally-armed-deep-strike weapon. With range more than 250 km.
It can with target deep behind the frontline including CRIMEA.
 MPOX no longer a global health emergencey: WHO
On Thursday WHO announced that Monkey pox O is no longer a global health emergency;
A year ago monkey pox cases had started increasing and WHO declared it as emergency.
The disease remains a threat particularly in Africa.
 Uzbekistan, once a backera of anti-Taliban forces, now bets on engagement.
Taliban is facing isolation except in humanitarian arises. There are human rights issues,
there are issues about women rights. Taliban is facing heavy criticism because of its
declining women rights.
Uzbekistan shares its border with Afghanistan. River Amu Dariya separates the two
countries. Uzbekistan has been providing humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. And it has been
advocating that Afghanistan should not be left in isolation, its issues should be advocated.
Last month, Uzbekistan hosted a meeting of Foreign ministers of Afghanistan’s
neighbouring countries in Somarkand Taliban Foreign minister also participate in this.
Uzbek Foreign Minister Bakhtiyar Sexidev, said Kabal was ready for Trans-Afghanistan
railway Project, which will connect Uzbekistan to Pakistan via Afghanistan. It will
significantly contribute to regions economic integration.
Pakistans politicians are falling into Army’s trap by attacking one another.
 What the editorial is all about?
The editorial talks about recent arrest of Imran Khan, and SC Verdict that the arrest is
illegal. It talks about the background of it millitary’s influence in Pakistan politics.
 About arrest of Imran Khan and SC judgement over his arrest.
SC on Thursday termed arrest of Imran Khan as illegal. Earlier he was arrestted one day
after felling that Senior ISI officer was plotting his murder. He was taken from Islamabad
high court amid tight security of Pakistani Ranger. This sparked wide spread protest against
Pakistani army by Khan’s supporters.
About Imran Khan
He came into Power in 2018. Initially he enjoyed support of military, but later over
appointment issue of senior military official he had spot with military establishment. He
lost his government. A 13 party coalition headed by Shahbaz Sharib is in power no, it is
supposed to be near millitary establishment.
Despite losing PM post Imran Khan held rallies won provincial elections. Khan
and millitary are not on same page. Khan on several occasion have critized establishment.
Millitary establishment in Pakistan.
 Millitary has been part of several coup since establishment of Pakistan.
It is generally assumed that in Pakistan millitary has appear hand over government.
The millitary used to enjoy popular support of Pakistanis. But as Pakistan is facing deep
crisis such as Increasing ferrorism, poverty and inflation many are filted in support of
Imran Khan over army.



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