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Karnataka records 72.88% turn out on Assembly polls
Karnataka assembly election held in Wednesday passed peacefully  with turn out of 72.68%. in 2018 turnout 72.36
Bengaluru’s turnout remained dismal at 545. Bengaluru has 28 constituencies.
after Bengaluru , Kalaburagi  65.22%, Yadigiri 66.66%  and Raichura   at 69.79% rewarded relatively lower turnout.  the voting was peaceful.
Biden to host state dinner for Modi on June 22  .
the white house has announced state  visit by different producers and work from  by PM Modi  in june 22. next month .
“president Joe Biden and first lady Jol Biden  will host PM Narendra Modi of  republic India for an official state visit to  united states which will include  a state dinner  on june 22 2023. adding that the visit will affairs  the deep and close partnership” between the two countries and their people to people ties.
“ MEA in a statement said  that  the leadership will have the opportunity to cooperate in various  areas of mutual  industry, including technology  trade industry  education research , clean energy, security, health care and Deeping people to people connection”
 this will be the first state visit of PM of India to USA after 2009 when PM Manmohan Singh was invited over the state visit.
The two leaders will not  meet later during G7 meeting in Hiroshima , quad summit
In Sunday an d G20 to be held in September in India
Higher Persian : EPFO  officials told to work out dues of subscribers
EPFO has  issued internal  circular  directing its  regional offices on thr method to calculate the dues who apply  for higher provident Fund
Cybercrime racket in no dumped 28000 people of ₹ 100 cr: Haryana police
The  accused had learn through  online advertisement with sales on different product and work from  home jobs and extended money through honey trap.
About 66 has been arrested  and 250 are on run .

RPF cracks down on fake ticket sales arrests middleman

Study on sludge finds high potential use  as fertilizer after treatment
About sewage treatment plants  (STP) under national mission to clean ganga (NMCG)  
Many STP has been built under NMCG.FROM CITIES  its first treated in STP and than s ledge is kept aside and relatively good quality of water is flown in river.
ARTH GANGA – under this govt plans to moetise  and reuse waste water and sludge.
Sludge- it is solid waste left after treating  water from sewage sludge is rich with organic chemicals and heavy metals and can be used in making manure and bricks .

How treated sludges can be used ?

  This practices is generally used in USA. NMCG is adopting this a study found that            most sludge’s fell in class B. this can be used as class B sledges.

ICMR conducts trail run of blood bad by drone

The Indian council of medical research  on Wednesday successfully conducted a final run of delivery of blood bags under its I drone initiative .
The trial run took place between different institutes of Noida more drone flights will be conducted to validate the quality of blood products transported  

Foreign medical graduates can intern in any states

The national  medical commission (NMC) the regulatory body for medical professional and medical education has told that the state medical council  shall not deny allotment of medical collages for internship on to foreign medical graduates on the basis of their domicile they can complete their study from medical collages of any state or UTS
Rajasthan  has opposed legal states for same sex union ; 6 other states sought debates .
Union  govt on Wednesday told : SC that seven states have replied  on legal states of same sex marriage .
Rajasthan   has opposed  the idea  of legal states of same sex marriage. UP, Maharashtra , AP, Assam ,Manipur and Sikkim has said that it should be decided only after extensive discussion a cross a large platform .
Marriage comes under concurrent list. That’s why center has asks opinion of states  while the cases is going in SC.
Solicitor general Tushar Mehta said that even  Granting states less than marriage would turn out wrong. SC had earlier  pointed that cohabitation of same sex couple can be recognized as parts in a contract . finally the court     had said that long cohabitation  could pressure marriage .
Ministry of woman and child development told that definition of mother is not certain is same  sex, gender neutral , or gender fluid couple it said that gender may be fluid but for child the idea of mother can not be’
Shinde  govt’s  fate to  be decided today as  SC  set rule on sena vs sena battle
SC five judges constitutional  bench will prounance its verdict in shiv sena vs shiv sena (UBT) case
Last year Eknath Shinde had rebelled from MLA  and formed  govt with BJP Five judges bench on march 16 had reserved the final judgment uddhav thakrey had moved to sc against trust vote call by the then governer . There is speculation that sc may disqualify 16 MLA from Maharastra assembly including CM  Eknath Shinde under 10th schedule  10th schedule – disqualification on ground of anti defection.The other  possibilities is that the speaker may be given change to make the decision regarding disqualification
PM to council plan for museum in central secretariat next week
Plans for years been bharat nation al museum  at ioconic  north and south  block will be availed by PM Narendra Modi next week.
Govt in 2021 had announced that north and south will be converted to museum .
South block homes- PM office external ministers office defense minister north block homes , Homes and Finance minister office .
Under central vista project new offices are being constructed .
Railway to proceed with closure of printing press despite option
Despite resistance from  trade unions ministers of railways has been decided to close down five priority presses and outsources the printing  of ticket in UK was absolutely not ok until complete digitalization is achieved royal purram and Chennai, securandabad , bycalla and Mumbai  , howrah , shakabashti, and delhi are printing press to be closed .
I would have been equally angry Alex Elias on India London mission attack
Alex Ellis is uk high commissioner in India mr Ellis while addressing a think tank event “ integrated review refresh “ told that India and the UK were absolutely central to b the UK plans for Indo pacific and its future policy .
“I think there US no disagreement between India and UK and what happened in UK was absolutely not ok” He was refereeing to pro Khalistan protest when Indians flags had been bought down
NCLT  admits  go first flights insolvency , allows moratorium of leases  
NCLT on Wednesday admitted that go airlines plea for voluntary  insolvency and granted protection under moratorium from adverse action by lessors , lenders, DGCA, airport and fuel suppliers ,
The BCLT has been appointed the interim resolution  professional and has directed initiation of corporate insolvency resolution process .
Air India , India go, and akasha is set to hire 500 cockpit crew from carrier.
Infrastructure was not prioritized :PM ‘India built in a day say Gohlat
PM Modi and Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot shared this on  Wednesday for inauguration of project worth ₹5500 cr.  PM Modi in his prioritized by earlier govt later CM Ashok Gehlot talking to media said India was not built in a day
Imran sent 8 day remand , PM’s house attacked as violence spreads
Pakistan’s former PM Imran khan on Wednesday  sent on 8 day remand to the anti-corruption   watchdog , while a session court initiated him in a different draft case earlier he was arrested on the orders of national accountability Bureau . NAB is Pakistan’s anti-corruption watchdog .
Imran khan has been charges in AL Quadir trust case in which he is accused of looting  50billion of national treasury .
Violent protest in four provision in four provision lead 7 dead and protested deployment of army in 4 provenance solos attacked the residence and Islamabad khan’ s supported also attacked the the residence of pm Shahbaz sharif in Lahore ,.Pakistan PM condemned the deadly protest he said attack on public  properly is an act of terrorism and enmity towards country.
Israel, Palestinian militants trade fire despite truck claim.
On Wednesday Palestine militants’ fired hundred of rocket on Wednesday while Israel pressed for a series of air strikes that have  killed 21 Palestine’s including 3 senior militants’ and least 10 civilians .
It was the heaviest fighting between the two parties within months pushing the region closer to full blown war.
In prime time tv address PM Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Israel  had dealt a harsh blow to the militant’s . But  he calculated this is not over”
Gaza strips –  Palestine’s territory administered by HAMA’s militants .
West bank – partly owned by Israel and party by Palestine
Jerusalem – it is combined territory of both Israeli and Palestinian
China  objects  to Indi bid to blacklist senior JEM leader at the UN
China has objected a proposal to blacklist senor Pakistan base  (JEM) terrorist Abdul Rauf Azar at the UN security councils
Abdul Rauf is brother of SEM chief Masood Azar . he has been involved in planning  and executing numerous terror strikes in India including the hijacking of Indian airlines aircraft IV 814 in 1999.
The attack on parliament in 2001 and targeting the IAI base in Pakistan 2016
Beijing had last year but  hold  on proposal to blacklist Pakistan based terrorist Hafiz , Let leader shahid Mohamad  let terrorist Sajid mir
Pakistan’s all weather   China remains silent on Imran arrested

Editorial 1


Maharashtra might see a fresh churn as the election approach
What is editorial is all about ?
The editorial  talks about recent political scenarios in Maharashtra recently NCP chief Sharad pawar . stepped down but some day later he aborted his decision and became NCP chief again ‘ the editorial talks about this and several other talks about this and several other issue in Maharashtra politics.

  • Sharad Pawar announced that he no longer will be NCP chief But as NCP was searching for its next chief which was most probably Supriya Sale (Daughter of Sharad Pawar), Sharad Pawar reverted his decision. He told that till 2024 elected he will be NCP chief.

Possibilities for NCP before 2024 election.

  • Attempts to make a Grand Alliance against BJP is in process. Nitish Kumar who is quit active in making a consensus among opposition parties, will meet Shared Pawar and Uddhav Thackrey later this this week.

Recently Nitish Kumar met Odisha CM Navin Patnaik.
other issues in Maharashtra polities

  • Maharashtra has 48 Lok Sabha seats.

A case between Shiv sena and shiv sena(UBT) is going on in SC, The case may result disqualification of 15 MLAs of shiv sena.
BJP and shiv sena is going to first together, while Mahavira’s  Aghani alliance (NCPT congress + shiv sena(UBT)) will fight together or will split will have to see.
Shiv sena – Eknath shinde party     Shiv sena (UBT) – Uddhav Bala saheb Thakrey
Editorial 2
Every birth or death should not be seen as success or failure of project cheetah.

  • What the editorial is all about?

Recently one of cheetah named DAKSHA died in Kuno National Park(KNP). The editorial talks about India’s Project cheetah sustainable living in India by next decade. Each year some cheetahs will be brought from Africa and relocated in India.
Till now 20 cheetah has been brought, 8 from Namibia and 12 from South Africa. 3 out of 20 has died. DAKSHA recently died of injuries during mating.
India had promoted bringing of cheetah’s very heavily and it took few years to from planning to actually implementing it.

  • Challenges for cheetah Program and way ahead

Some experts tell that Kuno National park is inadequate for 20 cheetah and wider peace is needed.
Apart from consultation with experts in Namibia and South Africa is needed. To avoid any poaching there is need to participate local communities in this. One need not to look the project as failure with few deaths.



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