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             THE HINDU 12-06-23


 Kuki’s to boycott peace-panel over CM’s presence

On Saturday, Union Home Minister constituted a  51 member committee led by governor Anusuiya Uikey to facilitate talks between groups for peace in Manipur.

Most of Kuki’s representative included in this panel has said that they would boycott the panel as it includes CM Biren Singh and his supporters. Many also told that their name in Panel has been included withour taking prior Permission of them.

  • Cyclone BIPARJOY set to hit Kutch, Gujrat gears up.

According to Indian Meterological Department “extremely severe cyclone storm” Biprajoy will likely make landfall between Mandavi in Gujrat and Karachi in Pakistan around noon of June 15. The wind speed will be 125 kmph to 150 kmph.

Six coastal districts of Gujrat, Jamnaya Morbi, Cyir, Somnath, Porbander and Devbhumi Dwarka will face heavy to very heavy rain and high speed wind from 13 to 15 June.

State govt. has been making prepared to avoid loss of life and property.


 N. should elect over 25 NDA MPs as thanks for Sengol installation.

In TamilNadu two main political parties are DMK and AIDMK.

2019 General election :-

Total seats 39 – DMK (38) won,  AIADMK – 1

BJP and AIADMK is in alliance in Tamilnadu.

Sengol  was a chola related custom and was made by Tamil Priest.


  • BJP MP, accused of sexual harassment of wrestlers says will contest 2024 polls.

Brijbhushan Sharan organized a rally under BJP’s month long- Maha Sampark Abhiyaan to reach out to the people with achievement of govt.

He did not mention anything about wrestlers protest.

He praised BJP for its good governance.

  • Sachin Pilot vows to fight for youth farmers, says he won’t back off from his demands.

Mr. Pilot has put three demands.

  • To investigate Vasundhara-Raje led govt. for corruption.
  • Restructing of Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC).
  • Compensation to youth after cancellation of exams following paper leak.
  • Jaishankar holds talk with Germany Australian ministers.

Varanasi is hosting G-20 Development ministers meeting (DMM). It will be hold from 11 June to 13 June. The major issues in discussion here is Global supply chains, food and energy security challenges and impact of climate change.

On the sidelines EAM S. Jaishankar held meeting with German Development minister Svenja schula and Australian counterpart put convoy.

  • Modi inaugurates first National Training Conclave.

On this occasion he highlighted the need of capacity building, ending silos and enhancement of service delivery.


 They are coming after you, “Trump his supporters after indictment :-

Donald Trump speaking at Republican state conventions in Georgia and North Carolina called indictment in case of keeping classified documents at his home, told charges being “ridiculour” and “baseless”.

On Saturday during his first public appearance since the charges were unleashed.

“They have launched one witch hunt one after another to try to stop our movement, to thwart the will of American people.” Said Mr. Trump. He further added “In the end they are not coming after me, they are coming after you”.

Indictmen of Trump –  Indictment means a Jury has found the allegation against Trump fit enough to be trialed in court.

So after indictment, the case will be in US courts.

The court can convict him or release him.

Charges on Trump – He Kept classified documents, which needed to be in Presidential offices to his hours. He further denied to return those documents.

In US a candidate even convicted can fight for elections.

  • Ex- Scottish leader Sturgeon arrested by Police probing governing party’s finances.

Former Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon was questioned by police for several hours in case of .Imran Khan booked in land scam case.

Anti Corruption Establishment (ACE) of Punjab registered a new case against Imran Khan about purchasing about 5000 kanals (625 acres) of land at throwaway prices through fraud in Punjab province.

Total number of cases against Mr. Khan is  now over 140.

  • “Children of the bush” survived on seeds, roots, plants.

Indigenous children lost in Amazon misappropriation in Party’s finances when She was head of Scottish National Party.

  • Nothing wrong in a nuclear deal with the west.

Iran Supreme leader Ayotollah Ali khanmeini on Sunday told that a deal with west on Nuclear work can be achieved, but it should not harm Iran’s nuclear Industry.

“There is nothing wrong with the agreement (with the west), but the infrastructure of our nuclear facility should not be touched”.

Iran is under sanction by US because of its nuclear programme.

Jungle survived over eating seeds, roots and plants they knew were edible.

The “ Children of the bush” as their grand father called them were tracked after 40 day of after a aircraft accident.

“Operation Hope” the name of search operation saw participation of volanteers and indigenous people.

  • Hounderas opens embassy in china after breaking off ties with Taiwan.

Few months ago Hounderas had broke diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

China doesn’t recognise a country with diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

  • Ash, rocks from Phillipines volcano forces officials to evacuate people.

Ash, rock are erupting from Mount MAYON. 12,000 people have been evacuated to safe places.

  • Seven Children among 35 missing following Ukraine flood.

 34 killed as heavy rain brings down trees and walls.


  Telltale Signs

  • Maharashtra’s low intensity communal violence could take a dangerous turn.

What the editorial is all about ?

Recently tension between Hindu and Muslim occurred in Kolhapur Similar incidents were visible in other parts of Maharashtra in recent months. The editorial counts there incidents and tells the ruling govt. to act impartially and indecisively.

About Recent incident of violence between two communities in Maharashtra.

Recently violence erupted between two communities over social media posts glorifying Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan.


Miles to go

  • The Economy is better poised but still needs deft steering, mindful reforms.

About CEA prediction –

Last week Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) Anantha Nageshwaran converged

To Industry leaders that Indian economy could grow 6.5%-7%, even if no further reforms were not taken.

The growth can last a longer period of 7 to
15 years as China did between 1979 and 2008.  He told that India’s growth can continue without “running into overheating problem”.

Overheating problem – It can economy sees 3 to 4 years continuous growth, Overheating can be absented. Overheating means slowing down economy of 3-4 years continuous growth.

Reason for this optimism being

Strong momentum, better macroeconomic fundamentals with inflation easing, cleaner balance sheet of banks also corporate balance sheet cleaner, GST reforms, digitalization and formalization being the growth driver.

  • What further caution govt should be taken : –

Returning to prepandemic trajectory is not enough. Private investment still not at Pan. High import tariff, complex ‘angle-tax’ on inbound investments are other reasons. Govt. must desist from practices that are not good for Pvt. Investment.



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