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 THE HINDU 11-06-2023


 Will participate in Asian games only if issue resolved : Sdakshi Malik

Wrestlers called a Panchayat at chhotu Ram  Dharmashala in Sonepat on Saturday where, thy talked about protest and future course of action.

  • Sakshi malik said that Brij Bhushan should be arrested first and than investigation should proceed otherwise he may affect investigation.
  • Bajrang Punia said : “If a strong action is not taken by 15th June, we will resume our protest” the protest site will be “Jantar mantar or ram leela Maidan”
  • About the minor’s father’s statement that he gave wrong statement about Brij Bhushan out of anger. Bajrang Punia said that his father was under Pressure.
  • Sakshi Malik said,” we will not complete in Asian games until a proper resolution comes out. You can not understand metal agony we are going through every day”.
  • On rumours about protest sakshi malik said “ let me tell that sakshi, Bajarang and vinesh are one. Vines is handling the legal issue”, “Rumours are being spread that we are steeping back. We are one, we are united in our decisions”.
  • Assam CM sent as peace keeper to Manipur

On Saturday BJP sent Assam Cm Hemanta Biswa sarma to negotick peace in Manipur. Hemanta Biswa met CM Biren singh Meitie and Naga leaders in Impphal. Next week he will meet kuki leaders while visiting churachandpur.

“Peace in Manipur is vital for the well-being of the northeast. I shall submit on possible step to restore peace based on what I have learnt in Manipur. “Dr. Sarma told Journalist after returing to  Manipur.

People in imphal are conducting sit-in protest and demanding restoration of peace in Manipur.


On Saturday Manipur assembly speaker called meeting of MLAs.

Earlier 10 MLAs from Kuki had asked for a seprate administration for kukius.

However several MLAs has warned new Delhi against this move.

10 Naga MLAs has already warned govt against including Naga inhabited area in Kukiland if formed.

Seeking PM Intervention

10 political parties in Manipur, led by congress has sought PM intervention for restoring peace. 


Legislative assembly  total seats 60

  • ujrat ATS busts terror module linked to Islamic state

Gujrat’s Anti-Terrorist squad (ATS) has arrested four persons allegedly linked to international terror outfit Islamic state if Rhorasan province (ISKA) in porbandar and surat on Saturday. A fifth person whose name in confirmed has not been caught yet.

“The Gujrat police have basted a major terror module and arrested three men from porbandar and a woman from surat city and seized from the incriminating material audio video, books that proved their involvement wi ISKP”.

The three men were planned take small boat and cross international water and reach Iran and from  there Afghanistan.

Islamic state-Khorasan province – (ISKP)  it is an ISIS ourtfit its aim is to establish a Islamic caliphate in Khorasan region.

Khorasa region comprise of part of Afghanistan, Iran and Uzbekistan turk Minister.

ISKP had been involved in many terrorist in Aghanistan.

  • Indian Army ‘s air defence widens wings since 2020 standoff with china, Indian

Army’s focus has shifted from Pakistan only to china. Army Air Defence (AAD) will be undergoing heavy transformation under project comprehensive air defence picture for the monitoring, tracking and shooting air defence assets.

Networked Automation

Around 200 crore has been sanctioned for networking and automaion projects, along the lines of IAF’s Integrated air command and control system.

“This will link all the radars and control centres of AAD”. It will “remove duplication and overlap and integrate all the weapons sources said.

Shifting focus

Shifting focus to Chinese borders now requires light-weight radars, and weapon systems with mobility for deployment in the mountains.

Ukraine war has shown new threats to Air defence such as UAVs, loitering munitions, swarm drones and couise missile.

  • New Technologic

Ukraine conflict has shown that man portable air defence system (MAN PADS) are highly effective when in ranges with night vision enabled .

The Indian army is focusing on laser bcam – riding MANDAPS Initiated procurement process.

Calcium Nitride – based module for radars can significantly reduce weight, as critical factor in the mountains. Loitering Munitions (Souicide Drones) is another threat to AAD it can best countered by high rate gum system, better optic rights, fragmented amunitsia and active electronically s canned array radars.

Inducting New SAMs

SAM – Surface to air missile.

Ministry of defence has signed 8160 crore contract with Bharat Dynamics limited to build improved Akash SAMs for mountains.

DRDO has signed with Israel to in indigenously developing quick SAMs following Ukriane war Shortage in Hardware has been noticed.

Such as shortage of chips for radar

  • Navy showcased twin-carrier operations in a major upgrade to maritime security

INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya participated in Joint exercise in Arabian sea on Saturday.

Both are India’s only two aircraft carriers.

INS Vikrant is indigenously built in cochin shipyard limited. It was inducted in Navy in september 2022. It will be fully operational by year end.

INS Vikramaditya is Russian made. India has only 2 aircraft carriers, these act as mobile bases that can carry wide range of aircrafts fighter jets etc. three states rebaff direction to test transgenic cottan:-

Gujrat, Maharashtra and Telangana denied proposal by Genetic engineering Appraisal committee (GEAC) to approve a new kind of transgenic cotton seed. The seed in question was developed by Hyderabad based Biased research India and Contains cry 2A gene, which makes cotton resistant to pink bollworm.

GEAC had asked four states Telangana Maharashtra Gujrat and Haryana to undergo trials in certain chistricts but only Haryana gave permission. Transgenic cotton is only GM crop being cultivated in India.

  • India looks at devising own standards to assess socio-economic program

The centre is trying to build its own parameters to measure socioeconomic progress in country.

  • Parameters for measurement to determine child standing, labour force participation rate and life expectancy at birth will be recalibrated.
  • Carrent parameters has been set by organization such as WHO, ICO. Govt has sought to discard what it calls one size-fit-all international data parameters.
  • Govt has decided to drop question related to Anaemia and disability from NFHS-6 (national family health survey-8)
  • Research paper co-authored by Sanjiv samyal has told that internation estimates are plagued with, inappropriate beschmarks and shoddy methodlolgy.

It also says that international agency undermines socio-economic progress.

  • Sharad pawar appoints praful patel and supriya sale as working-president for NCP
  • Reservation for Muslims is against the constitutions, says Amit shah
  • Keeping option open forallian says Akali dal

Economy and Sports

  • Govt, asks CERC to ‘couple’ power exchanges

The power ministry has asked CERC (Central electricity Regulatory Authority) to imitate coupling of multiple power exchanges.

Power exchange – it is place platform where trade in electricity hap
pens. Electricity is bought, sold currently India has 3 power exchanges :- Indian electricity exchange (IEX) power exchange of India (PXIL) and Hindustan power exchange (HPX).

All the three power exchange function separately, coupling will unify power exchanges and bring unliformating in energy price discovery across multiple trading platforms. It can bring down power tariff.

  • Finance ministry on same page with RBI for FY24 growth forecast; CEA chief economic Advisor V. Anantha Nageshwara. On Saturday said that Govt was on same page as RBI, in GDP growth rate which is projected 6.5% for FY 24. (2023-24)

       3rd Indian to win a medeal in Diamond League.

       Neeraj Chopra – Diamond League Gold in Doha – 2022-2023

       (Jevelin Throw)

Vikas Gowda – Bronze, Dimaond league – 2015

(Discus Thorw)

  1. Sree Shankar – Bronze, Diamond League Paris 2023.

(Long jump)

  • Norway chess 2023
  1. Gukesh 3rd spot


 Children lost for 40 days in Colombian Amazon found

Four indigenous children who had been missing for more than  month in the Colombian Amazon rainforest were found alive and flown to capital Boyota early on Saturday.

President Gustno petro announced: “Today we have had a magical day”

Originally from hui toto indigenous tribes the children-aged 13, 9,4 and one had been wandering alone they were travelling arashed. The body of pilot, children’s mother and another person  were found on the crash site.

Massive search operation included 160 soldiers and 70 indigenous people with intimate knowledge of Jungle. Worried about children air force dropped about 10,000 leaflets in Jungle telling children to stay put, food packets, survival tips among others rescuers found the children about 5 km  west of the crash site.

Amazon rain forest is among the denest forest in world, it has large number of wild animals such as, anaconda, jaguar and many others.

A large part of Amazon rain forest comes under brazil.

  • Intense fighting in Ukraine as last nuclear reactor is shut down amid flooding.

Ukrainian authorities told on Saturday that “heavy” were going on he said rusian forces were “defending themselves and launching air and military strikes in Ukraine’s Kherosa and Zaprozhia regin.

Europe’s largest nuclear power plant Zaprozhia, which is occupied by Russia was cold shut down on Saturday.

  • Nord stream sabotage probe turns to clues inside Poland report.

German investigators are examining evidence suggesting a sabotage team used Poland as a operating base to damage the Nord Stream pipeline in Battic sea in September, the wall streat journal reported on Saturday ANDROMEDA was a 15-meter long. Yacht, it  deviated from its destination to police water citing data from Androimeda’s radio, navigation, satellite mobile and mail data it said. Explosive used was HMX, also known as otogen …, suited for demolishing underwater infrastructure blast occurred in sweeden and penmarlu economic zones both countries denied responsibility.

Nord stream – Used to supply gas from Russia to Germany. In September 2022 a blast in Sweeden-Denmar water zone nin Baltic sea, pipe was detorated causing complete shut down of Russia gas supply to Germany.

Russia had accused it on U.K and USA

  • Former UK, PM Johnson guits as MP over ‘Party gate’

Party gate – During heavy restriction of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021, and heavy public health restrictions in place than.

Videos had emerged the them PM Boris Jhonson partying with their govt and conservative party staff It lead to Boris Johnson resigning from PM Post

Investigation has been going on over party gate. Boris Johnson resigned as an MP before the committee is going to put its findings in investigation on party gate.



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