Summary of The Hindu 11th DECEMBER 2023

Vishnu deo Sai chosen as new Chhattisgarh CM

Vishnu deo Sai has been chosen as new Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh by BJP . He will be fourth CM . While interacting media he said his priorities will be to fulfill promises known as “ Modi ki Guarantee “ . Among others be said 18 lakh homes will be made for poor . The party has also announced that there would be two deputy chief minister’s 

Former CM Raman Singh has been chosen as speaker

Key COP document calls for progress in adopting to climate change by 2030


By 2025 ,all counties must have a place a detailed plan to adopt current and future impacts on climate change in their territory . Also the countries must demonstrate progress in implementing such plan by 2030 , the draft of key climate document released on Sunday said. . A final version is expected when CoP 28 concludes in Dubai .

Talk regarding Global Stockate is one of the main focus area during CoP 28 . Global stockate is a mechanism that will keep track of progress made by countries regarding their climate commitments .

Mayawati has named as Nephew as successor


Bahujan Samaj Party ( BSP ) president Mayawati named her nephew Akash Ananad as her political successor on Sunday at National level meeting in Lucknow . Currently Mr. anand is National coordinator of BSP

Switzerland Norway minister arriving for dialogue today


The trade ministers from Switzerland and Norway visit Delhi , this week .

The members will represent EFTA and will negotiate for that. EFTA – European Free Trade Association . EFTA has four members European Union ( EU ) , Iceland , Leichainstein , Norway and Switzerland .

India EFTA talks began quite a long time ago , despite more than 20 rounds of negotiatoons they have not been closed , there is attempt to sign a Agreement before 2024 general elections .

Some contentious issues in the trade talk is : cutting down trade traffic ; mobility of services and opening market access .

9.13 lakh were from tailor ( darzi ) , 4.72 lakh ( 22%) were from masons ( mistri ) ; 1.86 lakh from Carpenters and 4% each from basker makers and barbers . The information was given by skill ministry under RTI .

Under Vishwakarma Scheme loan from ₹ 1lakh to ₹ 4 lakh will be provided to those involved in Vishvakarma related work.



Fighting rages in Gaza after military and diplomatic support from US


US will sell over 100 Million dollar worth of tanks to Israel . This came just one day after US voted a ceasefire push in UN Security Council .


UN chief Antonio Guterras is in Qatar for pushing ceasefire . “ The situation is fast deteriorating into a catastrophe with potentially irreversible implications for the palestinian as a whole and for peace and security in the region.

UN secretary general Antonio Guterras told a forum in qatar .


Palestinian death toll has crossed 17700 .

Milie sworn in as Argentina braces for economic reforms


53 year old economist Javier Melie was sworn in as Argentina’s president . He in his election


campaigns has promised economic reforms and spending cuts and economic reforms aimed at


curbing rampant corruption .


The president has held that

Bangladesh opposition party holds protest as it is set to boycott national election

Hundreds of Bangladesh National Party ( BNP ) protesters protested on Sunday to mark


International human rights day , as country grars up for general elections on January 7 .

BNP is demanding that election should be held in a non partition caretaker govt .

Current government has arrested many opposition members for different charges .

In last general election Sheikh Hasina has won with a massive margin .

Sudan declares 15 diplomats from UAE persona non granta


Sudan Foreign Ministry has declared 15 UAE diplomats persona non granta demanding they leave Sudan “ within 48 hours “ .

In civil war is going on between Army led by Abdel Fatah Al Burhan and Paramilitary chief and Rapid Support Forces ( RSF ) led by Hmadan D’angelo . The war started since April 15 , had killed about 12,000 and has killed many.

Egypt and Turkey is said to be sided with Army while UAE is being accused of siding with RSF and supplying arms and money .

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