Summary of The Hindu 10th DECEMBER 2023

NIA cracks down on IS module in 2 states

NIA raided 44 locations simultaneously across Maharashtra and Karnataka  on Saturday . NIA arrested 15 alleged operatives of Islamic State ( IS ) . “  Pursuing the path of violent Jihad ,Khilafat , ISIS etc , the accused had aimed to distrub the peace and communal harmony of the country and wage a war against govt of India ….The arrested accused had self declared the village of Padhna of rural Thane as a ‘ liberated zone ‘ and AL Sham . The were motivating impressionable youth Padgha , from their palce of strengthening the Padgha base “ NIA said .

BSP suspends MP Danish Ali for ‘ anti party activities ‘

BSP suspended its MP from Amroha seat Danish Ali for making comments repeatedly that is contrary to Patty’s policies and ideologies .

BJP’s Cong trade barbs after big haul from cong MP’s premises

During Income Tax ( IT ) raids on the premises of Dhiraj Sahu , a Rajya Sabha memeber from Congress , ₹290 crore of cash has been recovered thus far . BJP alleges he has close ties with Congres , but Congress has distanced itself from this .

Morbi bridge case : Companies told to pay pension to kin

The Gujrat High Court has directed the Oteva Group in Morbi to provide life time pension to the families who lost their sons and jobs to widows to widows of victims.

Morbi bridge collapse had caused 141 deaths , the bridge was being managed by Oreva group , which is involved in Manufacturing of Wall clocks and electronic appliances .

Railways withdraw emergency cashless treatment scheme

The Indian Railways has withdrawn Cashless Treatment. Scheme in Emergency ( CTSE) .

Under this scheme emergency treatment was provided in Private hospital earmarked by Railways . The treatment was available for railway Personnal those working and retired .

The railway cited that medical services are being provided by many Railway hospitals working across country .

Four year on , CAA awaits political nod from governement for its implementation

Citizenship Amendment Act ( CAA ) was  passed in 2019 , but it is still to be implemented . The parliamentary standing committee responsible for making rules for implementation recently got its ninth extension and it will be implemented on 2024 .

Under Citizenship Amnedment Act ( CAA ) six communities Hindu , Sikh , Buddhist , Parsi , Christian and Jain  which were displaced to India neighbouring countries Afghanistan , Pakistan and Bangladesh  were given Citizenship .

The act had drew huge uproar across the country .

SC to hear woman’s plea on dismissal from work

The Supreme Court on Monday is set to examine whether a woman can be sacked for keeping her parental home address as her palce of residence on her personal identity document and not her marital home  address . Three Judge Bench will hear the petition.

The petitioners Dhamanti Nail was dismissed from services as an anganwadi worker because her identity card showed her parental home .


Israel presses on with Gaza bombing , including in South

The resolution for ceasefire in Gaza on Friday was vetoed by US . Majority of security council members were in favour of Humanitarian ceasefire , US voted against the resolution , while UK abstained . Out of 15 UNSC members the resolution was voted as 13 – 1 .

UN Secretary General told that Gaza was at “ a breaking point “ with humanitarian support system at the risk of total collapse .

Israel’s bombing has become more intense , continuous and widespread .

With borders closed civilians have no where to move m Death toll has crossed 17400 mark .

EU strikes a deal on how to draft rules to regulate AI  models .

EU memeber states clinched  a deal on Friday regarding regulation of AI ) Artificial Intelligence )  models such as ChatGPT . The “ AI Act “  was clinched after  36 hours of regulation .Negotiaons nailed down on how AI can be used in Europe , which they said that would not hurt innovations in the sector nor the prospects of future European AI champions .

Manila accuses Beijing of shooting water cannon at its boats

Phillipines has accused the Chinese coast guard on Saturday of using water to “ obstruct “ three government boats  delivering fuel and food supplies to a shipping boat near Scarborough shoal .

Scoroborough shoal is under Chinese control .


1.Why did Michaung bring so much rain ?

On December 5 , Cyclone Michaung made /landfall over Bapatla in Andhra Pradesh .

It was originated in Bay of Bengal and it brought heavy rainfall over North in TamilNadu .

How did cyclonic storm form ?

On November 29 , IMD identified a low Pressure area in bay of Bengal . It was expected to become a depression on 30 November , a deep depression on December 2 and a cyclone storm on December 3 . IMD forecasted that system would move towards Andhra Pradesh and make heavy rainfall . It was to make landfall on December 5 between Nellore and Machilipatnam . It came 400 km within Chennai on December 2 . . It  brought heavy rain , strong winds up to 80 km/h . 150 .mm of rain was poured within 25 hours .

Chennai face situation like flood due to heavy rain .

Cyclone Michaung made its landfall at Baptalaat 12:30 on December 5. It moved towards North with a speed of 11 km / hr . By 6 PM on 6 December cyclone had completely subsided .

Tropical cyclone as seen from satellite

2.What does a special package to PVTGs mean ?

PVTG – Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group

On December 6 , Tribal Affairs ministry in its reply in Rajya Sabha held that there was no decline in population of PVTGs . It cited information provided by Registrar General and Census  Commissioner of India .

 A parliamentary committee earlier had told that at least in nine states the Population of PVTGs has gone down by at least 40 %.

Who are PVTGs ?

Initially known as Primitive Tribal Group , PVTGs are defined as tribal communities that show either a declining or stagnant population , use of pre agrarian technology , economic backwardness , low literacy etc . They are found to be living in some of the most inaccessible regions of the country .

There are 75 such groups spread over 18 states and UTs . Odisha ( 15 ) , Andhra Pradesh ( 12 ) , Bihar and Jharkhand ( 9 ) , Andhra Pradesh ( 7 ) , TamilNadu ( 6 ) , Kerala ( 5) etc . This was found in a report by KK Mishra .

Total population of PVTGs according to 2001 census was 27 lakh .

What does PM JANMAN aim to do ?

The cabinet recently cleared ₹ 24000 crore Pradhan Mantri Janjati Adivasi Nyay Maha Abhiyan after PM announced the PVTGs development mission early this year . Under the mission basic facilities such as roads, mobile phones , power , homes will be provided to them .

Are crimes against  women on the rise ?

Recently released data by National Crime Record Bearaeu ( NCRB ) shows 4% increase in crime against women in 2022  as compared to 2021 .

About 4.45 lakh crime related incidents were registered in 2022 .

Nature of crime

The majority of crime was by husband and his relatives ( 31.4 % ) , kidnapping and abduction of women ( 19.2% ) , assault on women with an intent to outrage her modesty ( 18.7 %), and rape (7.1 % ) . Further 13,479 cases were registered under dowry prohibition .

The violence rate is highest in Delhi .

Many tells that the causes behind the rise is patriarchal attitude and “ anti women content on social media “ , lack of education among women etc being the main reason behind these .

Key laws to women safety

The immoral traffic ( prevention ) act , 1956 ; The Dowry prohibition act , 1961 ; The commission of ( sati ) act , 1987 ;  The Protection of Women from Domestic violence act , 2005 ; The sexual harrassment of women at workplace ( Prevention , Prohibition , Redressal ) act , 2013 ; The indecent representation of women (prohibition ) act , 1986 ; are some major women centric acts to prevent violence against women .


Experts says that their implementation faces dual problem of slow justice system and problem of shoddy investigation by police .

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