Summary of The Hindu 10th JANUARY 2024

Boeing. 737 Max 8 of Indian airline had missing component

Boeinf 737 Max aircraft is undergoing checkup after Alaska Airlines incident in which window of an Aeroplane separated 3 miles above ground .

An Indian Airline discovered that a “ washer “ in the rudder control system of Boeing ,737 Max 8 .palne was missing  . The plane can belong to either of Alaska Air , Spice Jet or Air India Express  as these three only flies Boeing 737 Max 8 .

Thirty nine of 40 Max- 8 service in India has been cancelled .

In US also emergency checkup of Boeing 737 Max  is going on . Reports says that United Airlines has found loose bolts on as many as 10 Aircrafts .

US transport department is investigating whether four bolts that was to hold the panel was missing  in the aircraft that took off.

Majority of Indian cities far from clean air target

The Center’s ambitious attempt to improve air quality in some of India’s most prominent cities ,

According to an analysis by Respirer living sciences and Climate trends , released on Wednesday  , shows that majority of India. cities are far from making any significant progress .

In 49 cities whose particulate numbers are available , for five years only 27 showed the targetted decline while only five decline more than targetted decline .

 Under National Clean Energy Programme ( NCAP ) , the target was to reduce the concentration of targetted matter comcentraton 40  % , by 2026 , compared to 2017  in 131 cities .

Some major findings till now under the report is following

     India’s biggest cities are showing marginal decline or even increasing pollution loads .

Delhi has seen average annual PM2.5 decline by 5.9% .

Navi Mumbai has shown 46% rise in PM 2.5 level from 2019 – 2023 .

Varanasi saw average of 72% PM 2.5 reduction.

     Only four of 92 cities have Air Quality Monitors.

India UK sign deal on defense collaboration

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is in London for 3 day visit , he met his UK counterpart Grant Shapp on Tuesday .

India and United Kingdom on Tuesday signed a

     MoU for bilateral International cadet exchange Programme and

     A Letter of Arrangement ( LoA ) on defense collaboration in research and development

Mr Singh began his London trip by paying homage to his statue at Tavistock square .

Regulation by statute does not rob a varsity of minority status : Justice Chadrachud

A seven Judge Bench headed by CJI DY Chandrachud observed that a educational institution does not loose it’s minority status on ground that it is regulated by statute .

Being regulated by statute does not detract educational institution. from having a minorty status .

Article 30 talks about right to minority communities to establish educational institutions , the court however observed that the Article 30 doesnt tell that the administration of these ought to be necessarily by minority communities .

SC is hearing a case related to Minority status of Aligarh Muslim University .

Modi holds roadshow with UAE presodent in Gujrat , opens Global trade summit

Prime Minister Modi opened the Global Trade show in Gandhinagar . He held three km roadshow with UAE Presodent Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahayem and bilateral meeting with President of Timor Lestle Jose Ramos Horta and Mozambique President Filipe Nyushi in Gandhinagar . He will open the Vibrant Gujrat Summit on Wednesday .

The PM met the Timor Lestle President at Mahatma Mandir Convention center . He offered Assistance in  capacity building , human resource development, IT , FinTech , Healthcare , Traditional Mediciene and Pharma .

He also invited Timor Lestle to join International Solar Alliance ( ISA ) and Coalition for Disaster Resilieant Infrastructure ( CDRI ) .Mr Horta expressed “ strong support for  India’s Permanent Membership at UN .”

Music Maestro Rashid Khan Passes away at 55

Rashid Khan sang  Hindustani Classical songs .

In Maharashtra India strikes seat sharing deal

Congress , Uddhav Thaxkrey led Shiv Sena and Nationalist Congress Party ( NCP ) has agreed on a seat sharing plan for the 48 tj Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra .

The three parties , are part of Maha Vikas Aghadi . Congress and Sena is likely to contest 18 – 20 seats each and NCP may get eight of 10 .

President Murmu Presents sports Award

2023 Recipient of Major Dhyanchand Khel Ratna – Chirag Shetty and Satwik Sairaj Rannikreddy ( badminton )


Could Sisal leave make sanitary Pads more sustainable in India

Sisal leaves is being used to make twine , cloth and carpets . The plant itself is also used to make mezcal , a distilled alcoholic beverages .

A research by Nature’s communication engineering , says that the material can potentially replace  cotton , wood pulp and chemical absorbent in Sanitary pads .

The absorbent capacity of material is higher than found in commercial sanitary pads .


If i lose immunity : so will Biden

Donald Trump warned he could prosecute Joe Biden if he returns to the white house , as his lawyers prepared to argue in Supreme Court that he should be immune from Criminal charges for trying to overturn the 2020 elections .

Recently US top court barred Trump from contesting presidential elections over charges in Capitol Hill incident .

Donald Trump a video on social media said that he could sue Joe Biden in if he wins Presidential election in November 2024 .

“ If I don’t get immunity , then crooked Joe Biden doesn’t get immunity “ , “ Joe would be ripe for indictment “ .

In US a President can not be prosecuted for the actions they take in office  , Trump is saying that this should be applied on him as well .

Israel faces genocide case by S Africa at UN court

Israel and South Africa faced off UN top court from Thursday , after Pretoria accused Israel of “ genocidal acts “ in Gaza .

In 84 page submission to Internatonal Court of Justice ( ICJ ) , South Africa has urged court to order Israel “ immediately suspend military operations in Gaza “ .

South Africa alleges that  Israel has “ engaged in , is engaging in , and risk engaging in genocidal acts  against the Palestinian people in Gaza . “ .

South Africa has filed the case against Israel , because both countries have has signed the UN genocide convention , created in 1948 as a response to haulocaust .

Any country that has signed the convention can sue other on basis of violation of charges .

World came close to critical 1.5 degree celcius rise in temperature in 2023 .

The temperature of world  increased  1.48 degree abive preindustrial temperature , Copernicus Climate Change Service reporyed .

Copernicus is EU’s climate change monitor .

1.5 degree is critical threshold , world had aimed to avoid during Paris Climate change report .

2023 was the hottest year in world , It was also the year with all days above one degree warmer than preindustrial years .

Climate change intensified heat wave , draughts and wildfires across the planet , and pushed the global thermometer .

Even if the world heats above 1.5 degree it does not mean that Paris Agreement failed .

For Paris Agreement to fail rise  above 1.5 degree should be several successive years . Even after that there is possibility of reducing temperature of “ overshoot “ .

Meta toughens content restriction for teens

Meta on Tuesday said it was tightening ,its content restriction for teens on Instagram and Facebook as it faces increased scrutiny , that it’s platform is harmful for young people .

The post that discusses self harm , suicide , nudity , alcohol ,contraception , cosmetic procedures and weight loss program , according to its website will be restricted .

In addition teams will now be defaulted into the most restricted settings , on Instagram and Facebook .

Teens are defined to be those under age of 18 .

Amid Boycotte campaign in India Muizzue wants India to top the list of tourist arrivals

Maldives President is currently on a five day visit to China . Addressing the “ Invest Maldives “ forum held in China’s Fujian Province , Mr Muizzue told to diversify tourism sector and “ offer new experience “ .

“ China was out number one market Pre CoVID 19 , and it is my request that we intensify efforts for China , to retain this position “ .

Maldivian tourism Association. released a statement following boycott of Maldives by Indian tourist  , “ The Maldives Association of Tourism Industry ( MATI ) , strongly condemns the derogatory comments made by some deputy ministers on social media platforms , directed towards PM of India “ .

Former PM wins Bhutan Poll clouded by Economic strife

Former PM Tshering. Torgbey Party won Bhutan’s election on Tuesday .

Botj parties had talked of “ Happiness and wel being of people “ .

Currently Bhutan is facing problem of Brain Drain and unemployment which is a major concern .

Bhutan is building a city named Gelephu at border with Assam .

Gabriel Attal France ‘s Youngest and first openly Gay PM

French President Picked Gabriel Attal as his prime Ministerial candidate , as 34 year old became France ‘s first head of state and openly gay candidate

South Korea parliament passes Bill banning dog meat trade

South Korea’s President passed a bill , banning breeding and salughtering for their meats .

Dog meat has been part of South Korean cuisine for long , and up to a Million dogs were killed for trade every year .

China successfully launches satellite , triggerrong fear in Taiwan .

China successfully launched , its satellite into space , aiming to unveil “ the violent and little known aspects of cosmos “ .

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