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Police registers case against Assam Rifles in Manipur

Manipur police has registered case against Assam Rifles for ” obstruction of duty ” and ” criminal intimidation ” . The police have accused in its FIR that  9 th batallion Assam Rifles of ” arrogant act ” of ” giving a chance to accused Kuki militant to escape freely to a safe zone ” .

                   On August 5 in Kwatra Bishnupur a Meities dominated area  a father duo son backed to death by kuki militants . Militants  had crossed from Churachadpur district . Assam rifles stopped search operation by Manipur police .Assam Rifles are deployed in buffer zones ,i.e. land between hill and valley districts .

                   Meities have been accusing Assam Rifles for favouring Kukis . On August 7 BJP state leadership a Memorandum to PM Modi saying that people have charged Assam Rifles for their business to kuki zomi community . Assam Rifles is trained by Indian Army but it reports to Ministry of Home Affairs and is a part of CAPF . It protects India’s border with Myanmar . And is deployed in North East mainly .

Trail done in India shows nutritional support prevents TB related


A recent trial conducted by NIRT ( National Institute of Research in Tuberculosis) Chennai has told that those getting nutritional support has 39 to 48 % less TB deaths . The trail   conducted on two groups , members of one of the groups were given 5 kg rice , 1.5 kg toor dal , micinutrient supplement tablet each .

Rajya Sabha passes four bills in the absence of opposition

Four bills was passed in Rajya Sabha  tomorrow Inter Service Organisation ( command , control , descipline )act ; The IIM (amendment) bill allows president to visit IIMs ;The National Dental Commisions bill ;The National nursing and midwifery commission bill .

No confidence Motion a sign of mistrust within INDIA block

PM on Tuesday addressing the BJP parliamentary committee described INDIA block as ” Ghamandiya ” ( marked by arrogance ) . He said that opposition leaders who talk about social justice has harmed it most with their dynastic , appeasement and corrupt politics . He reiterated ” corrupt , dynastic and appeasement politics ” to quit India .

Why do disaggregated data on  tribal population , asks house panel

Parliamentary politics on empowerment of women pulled up Union Government for not having disaggregated data on health of tribal population . The committee noted how a large tribal population is suffering from diseases like sickle cell anaemia , lepticy , TB and cholera .

                               Sickle cell Anaemia  and G 6PD defenciencis is rising among tribal population . More than half pregnant tribal women are anaemic . Out of sickle cell test on tribal people , more than 10.5 lakh were found to be carriers . 50,000 were diagnosed with the ailment .

    Defence ministry to switch to locally built OS in computers among threats

In face of cyber and malware threat on critical defence infrastructure  . Defence ministry will replace Microsoft Operating System with Maya operating system . Maya OS has been developed locally using Linux . All computers of defence ministry will work from Maya OS by 15 August . Chakravyuh is a antivirus developed locally will also be used .

BJP has divided Manipur and communities : cong

Debate of No Confidence Motion against PM Modi started on Tuesday in Lok Sabha . Starting the debate Deputy opposition leader Gaurav Gogoi asked why PM had not visited Manipur since violence started . He also asked that why PM is silent for so long . Opening from BJP side ..Nishikant Dubey accused non confidence motion of targetting “ppor person’s son ” who has worked for country . Kiren Rijjiju told that No confidence motion has been brought at ” wrong time in wrong manner ” .

Should constitution be amended to make article 370 permanent, asks  CJI

Case  over constitutional validity of of article 370 is going on in Supreme Court .On Tuesday Mr. Subal said that parliament diluted Article 370 ” unilaterally ” without making an effort to understand will of the people of J&K. He told that govt should have asked from people of J&K similar to Brexit . CJI told that in country like India where istitutions are formed Brexit like referendum is not possible .

                          ” In a constitutional democracy, seeking the opinions of the people should be through established institutions. Any recourse to public opinion has to be sought through the established institutions. You cannot envisage a Brexit-type referendum… That was a political decision taken by the then government in the U.K… But within a Constitution like ours, there is no question of a referendum,” the Chief Justice observed.

                         Sibal said ” you ( Indian govt ) played a fraud on the constitution” . At a point CJI asked whether it required constitutional amendment to drop” temporary ” nature of article 370 and make it permanent or it can be deemed permanent J&K assembly did not abrogate it before dissolving in 1957 .



Graft case impact poll panel disqualifies Imran for five years .

Election commission of Pakistan has disqualified Imran Khan for 5 years from flightng any election . It issued a statement regarding this will on Tuesday . Disqualification comes after Imran Khan conviction for 3 years in Toshakhana case . ImrannKhan has reached high court against his conviction by lower court .Currently Imran Khan is imprisoned in Attock Jail near Lahore .

China Seeks removal of Phillipines vessel

China has renewed it’s call to Phillipines to remove its vessel from that is parked near in sparty islands since 1999 .The ship named     BRP Sierra Madren         was deliberately parked there in 1999 , in confrontation with China contention that entire South China sea belongs to China .   There are few few Phillipines military stationed over ship and Phillipines used to supply essential material over to ship .

                      Recently China coast guard fired water cannons over the Philippine ship that was carrying materials for the depleted ship    BRP Sierra Madre        . China’s point was that the vessel on which water cannon was fired was carrying construction material material with it .

                       South China sea has many island with earlier with countries around contesting for these . There is dispute between China , Vietnam , Phillines , Malaysia over some of occupations.

Is attack kills 10 Syrian troops tells report

Islamic state (IS) militants killed  10 Syrian forces in Raqa province .

.IS attacked positions and checkpoints belonging to the regime… setting fire to military vehicles and prefabricated houses,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

                      Raqa was during 2017 under IS control before being captured by Kurdish forces.There are parts of Syria still under influence of Islamic States .

Russian attack on Ukrainian residential building block kills 7.

7 killed and 81 wounded in Russian strike in Ukrainian city Pokrovsk . The missile was targetted at command part of Ukraine armed forces , but it hit residential block Russian defence ministry told in a briefing .

Man held after knife attack near iconic British museum in London.

Blinken says diplomacy ” preferred way ” to resolve Nuger coup crisisn

Prosecutor are seeking to restrict my right to free speech, says trump

Donald Trump is facing trial in a case in which it is charged incite violence in Capitol hill in 2020 January following presidential election results .

“I shouldn’t have a protective order placed on me because it would impinge upon my right to FREE SPEECH,” the former President said in a post on his Truth Social platform.

Falling Short

The digital data protection bill continues to have defenciencis that need cleaning up

About the editorial

It talks about Digital data Protection bill 2023 . The bill is passed by Rajya Sabha  . There are some provision which a section of people find contentious.

Provision under data protection bill 2023.

The bill has provisions like companies using data of people will have to inform them where their data will be used . Those misusing data or data being used for some other purposes than required will be penalised . A data protection board (DPB ) has also been set up .

But the most contentious among it is that govt for security and other relevant purposes welfare services will be able to use data without prior permission to the person whose data is being used . Many fear that itmwiol hwlomgovt to control media , organisations and will make it asurbelliance state ..

Communal penalty

Haryana govt can not use riots as pretext to demolish homes

About the  editorial

The editorial talks about  demolition of houses after riots in Nuh and Gurugram . Court has halted the demolition drive , and editorial hails court move .

About the incident

Govt started demolition houses of those involved in Haryana riots . Houses of rioters and those supporting them was being demolished in Nuh and Gurugram . Punjab and Haryana High court by its order stopped the drive .

What such drives say

Similar drives to demolish building of rioters was done in UP , MP and Delhi . While govt says that those buildings were encroached , still it is totally visible that there is lack of legal process , like giving prior notice before demolition , giving enough time so that the residenta take care of their belongings . It is visible that either the demolition drive is totally illegal , and even if it is legal due process has not been followed .

                     Six people died in recent violence between two communities in Nuh and Gurugram .

What is jan Vishwas Bill , 2023 proposed by govt .

Jan Vishwas ( Amendment and Provision ) bill , 2023 passed in parliament recently . It aims to give further boost to ease of living and ease of doing business . In this 183 provisons under 42 central acts under 19 ministries will be decriminalised . Punishments will be reduced to penalties . Drugs and Safety act 1940 , Food safety and standard act 2006 and Pharmacy act 2006 are some major acts to be changed . Government tells that rationalizing laws , eliminating barriers will bolster growth of business .        

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