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SC to appoint all women panel to oversee relief in Manipur

SC on Monday told to appoint a all woman committee to into relief work of Manipur. The three member will be high court judges .The committee will ” intervene , supervise and monitor ” the relief work in Manipur .Manipur govt told that it had formed 42 SIT in cases related to violence . DGP from six states will appoint members to monitor these SIT formed .

                  In  report filed on 6523 FIR filed , Manipur police has said that one case of rape and murder , 3 cases of rape and gang rape  sicmcases on assault on woman and 72 cases on murder  are there in FIRs .

The State police registered 4,454 cases of arson (mischief by fire or explosive substance); 4,148 cases of looting (theft in dwelling house, robbery, dacoity); 4,694 cases of destruction of house property; and 584 cases of damage to public property.

Rajya Sabha clears Delhi Services bill , backed by 131 MPs .

Delhi Service bill 2023 was passed on Monday in Rajya Sabha . It was passed by Lok Sabha 4 days ago . 131 members voted in favour of bill while 102 voted against it . BJD and YSRCP voted in favour of this bill . Introducing the bill in Rajya sabha Home Minister Amit Shah accused AAP of looking to destroy files related to corruption in liquor scam and other scams by Delhi govt after SC judgement .

Court halts demolition in Gurugram and Nuh

Punjab and Haryana High court on Monday halted demolition drive after recent riots in Gurugram and Nuh. Massive demolition drive was going on to the houses which were used by stone pelters and also persons involved in violence . Though govt told that demolition was being done on construction on illegal or govt properties . Court said that due process of law was not followed .

Chhattisgarh cabinet paves the way for 32 % tribal quota in education .

Till now quota for state jobs in Chhatisgarh govt was based on 16-20-14  total 50 percent reservation for SCs, ST and OBC in state jobs . Chhatisgarh cabinet on Monday decided to make it 12-32-14 , means 12 % reservation for SCs , 32% for STs and ,14 percent for OBCs .

SC in a 2022 verdict had cleared that reservation upto 58% can be given in state govt jobs .

International Cheetah experts will be consulted , govt tell SC

Govt replying over recent death of Cheetahs in SC told that it has found 11 member expert committee to look into Cheetahs health consultation of international conservationists is also being taken . SC was hearing petitions filed by conservationists . SC finally disposed the case saying that it find no reason to disbelieve in centers effort to make project Cheetah a success .

Out of 20.Cheetah brought 6 Cheetah has died . Earlier govt had told that the death of Cheetah though unfortunate is natural 

Indian made cough syrup found contaminated in Iraq , alerts  WHO

One batch of COLD OUT — paracetamol and chlorpheniramine combination syrups used to treat symptoms of the common cold and allergy — manufactured by Fourrts India for Dabilife Pharma Private Limited has been reported to the World Health Organization (by a third party) as substandard or contaminated.

On Monday WHO said: “COLD OUT syrup (Paracetamol and Chlorpheniramine Maleate) identified in the Republic of Iraq and reported to the WHO on 10 July 2023 by a third-party sample was found contaminated. “


Nawaz will be next Pak PM if PML -N returns to power “

Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif in Public  meeting Kasur 50 km from Lahore said ” Nawaz Sharif will be the next PM of Pakistan he will serve people as he has done before ” . He told that Pakistan National assembly will be dissolved on 9 august and elections will be there in November .Shahbaz Sharif is younger brother of Nawaz Sharif and they both belonged to the same party.

                          In 2018 Nawaz Sharif was convicted for 7 years in corruption charges .Later he was allowed by court to go to London on ” health grounds ” , but he has not returned from London  . A senior member of PML said that Nawaz Sharif will return to the country only nif he gets relief in cases convicted.

Saudi Arabia talks on Ukraine’ helped to build consensus

A peace talk called by Saudi Arabia for resolution of Ukraine issue ended on Sunday, Forty nation participated in talks in Jeddah. Russia was not invited . Among countries which participated were  India , US , China .

                  China said that the talks helped ” to consolidate international consensus ” .China foreign ministry statement said that China will continue to strengthen based on its 12 point peace proposal and ” accumulate mutual trust ” . China had sent special envoy to

 Eurasian study Li HUI .

Thousands of UA sailors , marines reach Red sea after after Iran tensions.

More than 3000 US military personnals crossed Suez canal to reach Red sea after tensions between Iran and US has increased because of last month Iran seizing oil  tanker .US Navy

 Fifth fleet which sees security in Middle East and Mediterranean and headquartered in Baharin said more troops and warships will provide ” greater flexibility and maritime capability .” . Tehran has accessed US of inflating regional instability .

                       In june Iran had seized 3 tankers from strait  of Homruz . The reason told by Iranian authorities was legal disputes and one taker collided with Iranian tanker .

Stifling dissent

Pakistan’s establishment seems using all means to thwart Imran

About the editorial

The editorial is about the recent arrest of Pakistan PM Imran Khan in Toshakhana case . The editorial tells this totally political decision implemented through courts . And tells that it does not augur well with democracy in Pakistan .


Recent conviction of Imran Khan

Imran Khan has been convicted in Toshakhana case by Islamabad high court . He has been sentenced to three years in jail . This bars him five years from fighting election. Unlike previous arrest in may there was not protest this time .


What this tells about democracy in Pakistan

The conviction has come just days before Pakistan parliament to be dissolved in August 9 for next general elections to be held in November . All these is coming as even judiciary in Pakistan world under military pressure . Imran Khan was good until his relationship with military establishment started deteriorating . There is no protest this time as military have come down heavily on previous protesters . All these doesnt tell good about democracy in Pakistan .

Beyond the hype

Independent verification is crucial about material LK –99

About the editorial :


The editorial is about recent claim by some South Korean researchers that they have discovered that a material LK 99 is a superconductor at room temperature.


About recent claim about superconductor:

South Korean researcher via two preprint papers uploaded to the five arXiv repository ( An open source research paper repository for research papers ) claimed that they found LK 99 to be superconductor at room temperature and ambient temperature.


About superconductivity

Every wire or material which carries electricity from one place to other has some resistance . Lots of electrical energy is lost due to this resistance in conducting material . Superconductor has no resistance and hence loss of electricity through such materials is zero .  No superconducting material was discovered  which be superconductor at room temperature and ambient pressure . There are materials though which act like a supercomputer at temperature below about 250 degrees to zero  and even higher pressure . Research is underway to find material to be superconductor at room temperature and ambient temperature. This will save lots of energy and money  in transmission of electricity , computer chips manufacturing , mago v trains speed will increase . It will be also be helpful in research and development in Nuclear fusion .


Verification of recent claims


 The claims should be verified by researchers , those claiming should provide all their data for verification .

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