Summary of The Hindu 07th OCTOBER 2023 Current Affairs

SC refuses to stay release of caste survey data

Supreme Court ( SC ) on Friday refused to stay release of caste census data .

Petitioner’s point  was that the data was collected unlawfully , also Bihar govt cannot release data when a case is pending in SC .

Justice Sanjiv Khanna dismissed both these .

Over privacy the court told that  as the names are not being published that’s why privacy concerns doesn’t arise . The next hearing of the case will be in January 2024 .

Center in an affidavit against Caste census in other case has cited that only center has been given power to conduct any type of census .

And it is committed to upliftment of lower castes .

FIR links NewsClick case to legal aid for Chinese companies

The Delhi Police has levelled wide range of allegation in its FIR against NewsClick founder Prabir Purkayastha , American millionaire Naville Roy Singham , and activist Gautam Navalakha .

Some of the allegations are :

     Conspiring to provide legal aid to Chinese telecom firm Xiaomi and Vivo , which are performing , which are facing tax evasion cases in India .

     Acting against national interest by conspiring a false narrative about India’s pharmaceutical industry and government policies with ” anti national forces ”

     Inciting ,supporting and funding the farmers agitation with the objective of creating law and order problem and causing huge loss of several hundreds crores to Indian economy ”

     Publishing news clandestinely routed from China

     Mails exchanged between them showed their intent to show Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh ” as not part of India ” .

Navellie Roy Singham is an American citizen who currently lives in Shanghai , his foundation has invested hugely in News Click .

On 3 Delhi Police had arrested Prabir Purkayastha .  October 4 in in a statement NewsClick has denied charges leveled against him .

Left Wing extremism to be eliminated in 2 years :  Shah

Union Home minister Amit Shah in Friday said Left Wing Extremism ( LWE ) , will be totally eliminated in the two years and stressed the need of constant surveillance in Naxal areas .

Social media platforms told to remove child sexual abuse content

Youtube , Telegram and X have been told to proactively filter Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM ) out ” on the Indian internet ” the ministry of Electronics and Information technology said on Friday . The government in its notice has said that they would lose their intermediary liability protection of they didn’t take action .

Sikkim flood toll rises to 25 , search on for 143 missing

Army and National Disaster Response Force have recovered 25 bodies including bodies of seven army men , from slush and debris from the flash flood that swept through Teesta river  in  Sikkim on Friday .

The flood which resulted in trigger by cloud burst resulted in a large number of people still missing . Official said that 143 are still missing , while 2413 have been rescued .

Nobel prize 2023 goes to jailed Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi

Imprisoned Iranian activist Nargis Mohammadi won the Nobel peace prize for 2023 , in recognition to her tireless work for women’s right and democracy against death penalty .

Ms mohammadi has spent .

Ms Mohammadi has been in jailed for 31 years in Prison  .

Nobel Peace Prize is given by Norway . All other Noble Prizes are given by Sweden .

New Maldives President won’t be anti India or pro China : Nasheed

The new Maldivian President elect transition team hopes to invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his swearing  ceremony  , said former President and speaker Mohammad Nasheed .

He also told that the new President will neotje be ” anti India”  not ” pro China ” .

Two out of five Amphibians are facing extinction threat due to climate change : study

A new paper analyzing two decades of data has found that climate change is emerging as one of the biggest threat to frogs , salamanders and caecilians . The study titled ‘ Ongoing declime for the world amphibians in the face of emerging threats was published on October 4 in the scientific journal Nature .

The study is based on second world amphibians assessment .coordinated by Amphibian red list authority . The assessment evaluated extinction risk of more than 8000 amphibians species all over the world , including 2,286 species evaluated for the first time . The study says that climate change is primary threat for  39% of amphibians .

The data will be put on IUCN red list for threatened species .


Cycles of protest show change in Iran is ‘irreversible’ : Mohammadi

Narges Mohammadi who has been named winner Nobel Peace Prize 2023 , in an interview on September 2022  she told that she retained the hope of Iran despite having no prospect from release from prison .

Narges Mohammadi has been in and out of jail for 22 years .  She was first jailed for criticising Iranian govt , she again was jailed for protesting g against death Penalty in Iran  .  10 years ago she was jailed for 31 years .

Deadly new strike as kyiv mourns death of dozens

Dozens have died in neq Russian strike in Kharkiv .

Philippines condemns china coast guard

A Chinese coast guard shop came within a meter of colliding with a Phillipines petrol shop , BRP Sindgaman . Philippines on friday strongly condemned the maneuvers near second Thomas shoal .

Funeral held in Syria for dozens of victims

On Thursday a deadly drone attack in Syria’s hom military  Academy ceremony killed 89 people and left 277 injured , according to Syrian health ministry .

Russia might pull back from nuclear test treaty

Russian lawmakers will consider revoking the ratification of a global nuclear test ban treaty , the Russian  Parliament speaker told on Friday

There is a widespread concern that Russia could resume nuclear tests to try to discourage west from supporting Ukraine militarily ..Many Russian hawks have spoken in favor of resuming the tests . Mr. Volodin the speaker reaffirmed that western military support for Ukraine means the US and its allies are engaged in the conflict . He said that I. The next meeting Russian lawmakers will discuss the recalling of nuclear test band treaty .

CTBT – Comprehensive Nuclear test ban treaty , bans its signatories from conducting and nuclear test or any other explosion.


India wins hockey Gold at Asiad . Books berth for Paris 2024 Olympics


Fractured collective

McCarthy ouster regela a deeper maalise in the republic party

The editorial is about voting down of Republican speaker Kevin Mc Carthy . This week US Congress brought a motion against speaker , Mr McCarthy lost 216 to 210 mainly because of eight of republicans sided with Democrats over voting .


The voting down of McCarthy reveals malaise within Republican Party . Mc Carthy had prevented US govt debt crisis by raising the ceiling . A part of republican seem not happy with this , to placate this group Mc Carthy restricted US govt move for 6 billion dollar funding to Ukraine . The fracture within the Republican party can be very  costly for 2024 elections .

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