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Sikkim flood death count rises to 14 ; over 100 people missing

The. Confirmed death in Sikkim flood is 14 , while 102 persons are still missing after a glacier fed Lhonak lake in Sikkim triggered flash flood .

The flood has damaged Chungthang dam, a key hydropower project .

” The flood water has washed away 11 bridges , National Highway 10 , considered lifeline of sikkim has been badly damaged . Govt has set up 26 camps .

The reason behind this is thought to be avalanche in Lake region .


 There are many River s and dams in Sikkim



No evidence against Sisodia except for a statement , SC tells ED

SC on thursday orally observed that the ED has to establish an unbroken chain of evidence linking former Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia with the liquor lobby in the excise exam case .

” You have to establish a chain . The money has to flow from the liquor lobby to the person . We know it is difficult to establish the chain as everything is down undercover .,…but that is where your competence lies ” justice Sanjib Khanna told  Additional Solicitor Genreral AS Raju who appeared for ED .

SG told that Manish Sisodia was main person in making liquor laws and there are evidences of his involvement .

The court observed that except statement made by businessman Danish Arora , an accused turned approved in the case , there was no proof against Mr Sisodia .

Manish Sisodia has filed for bail in Supreme Court . Earlier Delhi High Court has denied him bail .



Norwegian playwriter Fosse wins Literature Nobel

Norway’s Jon Fosse , a playwriter has won the Nobel prize for literature .

The Swedish academy mentioned the prize for “for his innovative plays and prose which give voice to unsayable ” .

His latest work septology ,runs 1250 pages without a single full stop .


AAP’s Sanjay Singh remanded in ED custody till oct 10



India looking to engage with the new Maldives govt on all issues , says MEA

India looks forward to engaging with the new Maldives government on ” all issues ”  the ministry of external affairs ( MEA )  said on Thursday .

On Wednesday , Indian High commissioner in the male called on the president elect and handed over him a letter from Prime Minister congratulating him of his  electoral victory . MEA spokesperson informed the journalist .

It is not clear who will go for swearing in ceremony of Mohammad Muizzu . In 2018 PM Modi had visited Male to the swearing in ceremony of Mohammad Solih .


India and Canada in talk on diplomatic staffing

In weekly press briefing Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that India expects Canada to reduce no of diplomats stationed here .

He said ” discussion are ongoing on modalities of achieving it ” .

Earlier reports from Financial times said that India has given 10 October deadline to Canada to reduce number of diplomats in India , according to reports India had asked Canada to withdraw 41 diplomats from New Delhi .




Shah calls for Uniform anti-terrorism structure under NIA in all states

Inaugurating a two day anti terrorism conference organized by NIA , Home minister Amit Shah told ” A model anti terrorism structure should be established under the preview of NIA , the hierarchy , structure and standards of Procedures in all states in all anti terror agencies in all states , should be made uniform , for better coordination between Central and State agencies . The task of NIA , ATS and STF should not be limited to investigation but they should also think our of box and take innovative steps to counter terrorism ” .

Mr Shah told


Union minister Amit Shah told told states tjag it should develop


India expanding censorship regime , creating uneven playing field  : study

A new report by Freedom house , a Washington based On Profit Organisation has said that global internet freedom has declined  13 th time consecutive .

In a report named ” Freedom on the net 2023 : The repressive power of Artificial intelligence .”

China , Myanmar and Iran are among the countries where internet repression is highest .

About India the report says that India resorted to AI based digital repression . It finds that the environment for human rights online has deteriorated in 29 countries .

Out of total 100 points , Iceland stood top in internet freedom with a score of 94 .According to report  India is ” partly free ” with score of 50 .,





Russian missile strike kills 51 in Ukraine : Zelensky

Russian rocket struck a village cafe and store in eastern Ukraine on Thursday and killed at least 51 civilian in one of the deadliest attacks in month , according to Vlodmir Zelensky . The attack came as Mr. Zelensky attended a summit of 50 European countries in Spain .



Russia to build naval base in breakaway Georgina region

Russian  will set a naval base on the black sea coast of separatist region of Abkhazia in Georgia . The announcement came from leader of Abkhazia .

” We have signed an agreement , and in the near future there will be permanent point of deployment for the Russian Navy in the Ochamchire  district ” Abhakhazia’s separatist leader said in an interview .

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that he was unable to comment .

Russia and Georgia fought a war in 2008 , after which Moscow recognised the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia . Russia has military bases in both the region .

Georgia has said that the plan is violation. Of its sovereignty and territorial integrity


Russia. Will build new Naval base in Abkhazia




Chinese firm sold satellites to Russia’s  Wagner

Russia. mercenary group Wagner in 2022 signed a contract with Chinese firm Beijing Yunge Technology limited to procure two satellites and used their images and data for  its intelligence in Ukraine ware . It has been found in a document .



Bangladesh gets its first batch of Uranium

Russia is building a nuclear power plant in Bangladesh in village Rooppur about 175 km from coastal Dhaka . Moscow is giving 90% loan out of 12.65 billion dollar of the project . 1200 MW  power plants will begin operation in 2024 .

On Thursday , Bangladesh received the first ever Uranium delivery for its power plant .

On this occasion Russian President Putin said ” Bangladesh is our long term friend and partner ” . Putin also pledged assistance for Uranium supply , amaintaninacd and management of spent fuel.



Pak defends drive against immigrants

Pakistan on Thursdays told that it’s ongoing operation against illegal immigrants was not targeted against people of any particular nationality .

This comes a day after Ruling Taliban has slammed the decision to expel undocumented nationals termed it ” unacceptable ” .

On tuesday Pakistan interior minister had set November 1 deadline for thousands of undocumented immigrants including Afghan National to , leave the country or risk imprisonment and deportation . 1.73 million illegal Afghans lives in Pakistan .



EU Parliament decries ‘ethnic cleansing ‘ in Nagorno Karabakh

EU lawmakers on Thursday accused Azerbaijan of carrying out ” ethnic cleansing ” against the Armenian residents in Nagorno Karabakh , and urged the bloc to impose sanctions of Baku.


UAE approves Mega Gas Project weeks ahead of COP 28 conference

Emirati energy Giant ANDOC said that it would invest in Hail and Ghasha offshore field , pledging that it would be world ‘s first project that aims to operate with non zero emission.



Dipika and Harinderpal won Gold in Asian Games in Squash mixed doubles



Equality And identity

Equitable distribution of resources must not be accentuating  caste identity

The editorial is about recently released Caste Census data by Bihar Govt . The socio economic data has not been released .

63% of Bihar’s population is listed is listed under OBC ( Other Backward Class ) and EBC ( extremely backward class ) . At National level it may create demand for caste census . 50 % ceiling of reservation can be challenged on its basis .

Bihar’s exercise can show the way to conduct such census at National level . The very reason that central govt in 2011. Census data didnt release caste based data is that it recorder about 46 lakh castes . That created huge confusion .



Inspiring colors

Chemistry noble prize goes to trio that made artificial atoms

The editorial is about Nobel Prize In Chemistry for 2023 , this year it is given to three people for discovering quantum dots .

Quantum dots are few nano meters wide and contain only a few thousand of atoms . The atoms are packed closely to each other , and hence electrons are also close  , in this setting the laws of quantum mechanics describe the behavior of quantum dots . If light is shine on the quantum dot it , it will absorb and re emit that light at a different frequency ( color ) depending on its size .


Quantum dots have found many application in transistors , lasers and medical imaging and quantum computing . Quantum dots light up the LED screen . The discovery of quantum dots was revolutionary .

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