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ð MCP’s Delhi meeting ‘expels’ Ajit pawar 11 other from party.

NCP chief Sharad Pawar speaking to pressperson told that he remains its president and only time will tell who wields the majority.

Mr. Ajit Pawar declared that the Delhi meeting had no legal sanciety.

Sharad Pawar also met Gandhi at his residence.

Sources says that out of 53 MLAs 32 are in support of Ajit Pawar, while 187 are in Sharad Pawar’s supports.

Ajit Pawar has claimed that he has support of more than 2/3rd of

ð Freedom of expression being misured in CANADA by anti-India elements :MEA

Recently pro-Khalistani ports were circulated on Social media, in which Khalistani hence been told to march to Indian embassies in Canada; UK, USA.

In Canda posts have photos of Indian diplomats, which they have marked as killer of Harjit Singh Nijjar a Pro-Khalistani activists.

India had summoned Canadian Ambassador over this

EAM S. Jaishankar earlier remarked that Canada is not proactive in containing Khalistani Problem owing to “Vote bank politics”

Canadian PM Turdeay recently Jainshunlu

“We have an extremely diverse country and freedom of expression is something that we value, but we will always make sure that we are pushing against violence and extremism  in all its forms” on weekly press briefing by MEA spokes person Arindhan Bagehi said following “These protesters inciting violence against our diplomats and our diplomatic premises obroal are unacceptable and we condemn then in strong forms. With respect to Canada, the matter has ben strongly taken up with Canadian Authority with Canadian authorities both in new Delhi and ottawa we have called an govt of Canada to ensure safety to our diplomats and our diplomatic mission in Canada.”

Further over Canadian PM Comments he said “It is a matter of concern that freedom of expression and speech is being again misured by anti-India elements based in Canada”.

ð As envoys says G-20 summit is key event for Russia, Putin visit now a possibility.

The G-20 summit in India is one of the “most –important” events for Moscow, said a senior Russia diplomat, indication a possibility that Russian president Putin can take part in this New Delhi.

EAN spokesperson told that “govt looks forward to welcoming Mr. Putin” at the G-20 in Delhi on September 9 and 10.

In 2022, Mr. Putin Skipped the G-20 omeet in Bali, Sergei lavroc Russia, foreign minister had participated instead.

ð MPs walk out as panel chair disallows debate on Manipur

Congress and TMC members on Thursday walked out of a meeting of the Parliamentary standing committee an home after their demand to deliberate after their demand to deliberate on Manipur was denied by based chairperson and (BJP) MP Brij Lal.

ð US ready to help in Manipur if asked says Eric garcetti.

US ambassador on Thursday said that vistence in Manipur was a “human concent and U.S is “ready to arrest” India in dealing with situation” if asked”.

ð 62 years’s old woman shot dead in imphal west.

The woman belonged to Kuki-Zomi community she refused to leave Imphal Earlier while her family and neighbors left. She was shot ded by unidentified mis creants.

ð Hope India implements IWT in good faith : Pakistan

Pakistan has expressed that India would Implement Indus water treaty (IWT) in “ good faith” after new Delhi said that it can not be compelled to participate in” illegal proceedings at the permanent court of Arbitration (PCA) over the Kishanganga and Ratle Hydropower project.

Pakistan had moved to RCA over India-building Kishanganga and Ratle hydropower over Jhelum River.

IWT gives India power to are water of satluy Ravi and Beas while Pakistan to use Jhelum, a Chenab and Indus.

However, India can use Jhelum and Chenab and Indus waters in a way that doesn’t restrict flow of water.


ð SC asks NGO to move centre against issue of SARANCH-PATISM in politics.

The SC said on Thursday that the govt and not the Judiciary, should took into the problem, of men aftr wielding the actual power behind elected women remain “faceless wines and daughters in laws” in grari roots Polities.

A bench of Justice S.K. Kaul said.

NGO, Hundona Rural development Foundation had filed the petition, court advised NGO to go to ministry of panchyati raj over the issue.

73rd Amendment introduced Panchayati Raj system. One third reser nation was given to woman in this.

However women in  elections are just like name, and all decisions are taken by their husband or other male family members.

NGO said it a “sheer mockery to constitutional democracy” State govt’ so far has been unable to prevent men acting as Surpanch Pati, surpanch –Devar, Pradan-pati” etc.

ð Collegium proposes new CJ for 7 high courts.

ð CBI books seven in malda for forced religious conversion.

ð Chandrayaan-3 launch on July 14 lunar landing on August 23 or 24.

ISRO’s Chandrayaan 3 mission  will be launched at 2:35 PM on July 14. From Satish Dhawan space centre, Sriharikota, the ISRO announced on Thursday the landing on moon is scheduled to August 23-24. If landing did not take place as planned than ISRo would wait for another month to land Chandrayaan 3 – To demonstrate landing on Moon.

Satallite will be launched by LVM3.

Lander – VIKRAM, Rover : PRAGYAN


Chandrayaan 2 had failed when Vikram failed to land due to some software glitch. It later hit moon surface,           

ð SC asks UGC on detail actions against caste discrimination.

SC asked university Grant commission (UGC) to detail affirmative action taken to rid compares of caste discrimination.

The petitioner have arged the court to direct the commission to strictly ensure enforcement of and compliance with, the UGC Regulation, 2012. They have asked that higher educational institution including deemed ones, should establish “equal opportunity cells” to receive and respond complaints from students.

“Universities and institution should upload on their websites all measures for elimination of caste-based discrimination.

Rohith Vemula a Ph.D. scholar at university of Hyderabad and professor sukhadeo throat due to suicide caste based discrimination.

ð SC agreas to hear Delhi govt challenge to challenge to ordinance on July 10.
The ordinance has following arrangements.
To look into metters of appointment and transfers of civil servants a national commission of Civil

Services Authority (NCCSA) needed to be set up. It will be headed by CM and chief secretary of Delhi and union Home secretary will be its other two members. Hence Centre outvote Delhi govt. as it will outvote Delhi govt by 2:1. Also in any dispute in such cases LT. Governor’s decision will be final supreme court in  its verdict recently had said that Delhi Govt has the right in appointment of bureaucrats in Delhi and Lt. Governor does not have say in this. Centre brought ordinance to over turn court’s decision.

ð INA seeks to relook at medical exit exam

Indian medical Association (IMD) has appealed to the national medical commission (NMC) to take a relook into proposed NEXT exam for PG admission. IMA has cited that more than 50% of total medical colleges in India were set up 10-15 years ago and these colleges will be at relatively disadvantage than other colleges.

NEXT – National Exit Test.

Final year Exam for MBBS graduate will be based be NEXT. Based on it score student will get admission for Post Graduate courses.



ð Fin Hin pushes for reforms to spur FDI.

Finance Ministry has made a strong Pitch for measures to facilitate foreign Direct. Investment (FDI). That fall last year. Greater attention will be given to resolve challenges faced by global investors, including last mile infrastructure issues and difficulties in setting up large scale factories.

Gross FDI flows moderated 16% last year from the record high of 84.8 billion in 2021-22.

Net in flows fell sharper to 27.4% but then ministry said the fall in FDI was not unique to India increasing investments in friendly countries was causing fragmentation in FDI glows across the globe.




ð Meta takes rain at Twitter with the launch of threads

Meta has unveiled an app called Threads to rival Twitter


Launched on Wednesday as Twitter rival


Threads is billed as Text-based version of meta’s photo-sharing sitethe company says it provides “a new, separate space for real time updates and police conversations”.

It went give on Wednesday in Apple and Google Android app store CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that  10 million people signed up in the first 7 hours it was launched in 100 countries including India, US, Britain, Australia, Canada and japan.

Twitter Meta

Posts are limited to 280 characters Posts are limited to 500



META LEO – Mark Zackerbeg


Instagram Facebook Whatsapp Threads


ð U.S. treasury secretary in china to soothe relations.

U.S. Treasury secretary Janet yellan on Thursday for meeting with Chinese leaders as part of efforts to revive relations that are strained due to disputes about security, technology and other iritants.

Not much details has been revealed but it was confirmed Mrs. Yellen will meet Chinese president. Xi Jinping this is 2nd highest level U.S. official visit Antony Binken visit last month.

ð Belarus president claims wagner chief is in Russia.
Balarussia president Alexander Lukashenko on Thursday said that wagner chief Prigozhin is in Russia while his wagner troops are in their field camps. However kremlin refused to comment on this.

Last week Mr Lukashenkes had claimed that Prigozhin is in Belarus.

The current claims of Belarussian president raised questions about deal b/w putin and wagner chief.

After a short muting on June 24, the agreement signed has told that against wagner chief Prigozhin but ‘Prigozhin will have to be exiled to Belaras.

ð Netherland to return colonialora acquisitions to srilanka, Indonesion. The Netherlands said on Thursday that it will hand back hundreds of colonial era artifacts to Indonesia and Srilnaka.

The Netherlands said on Thursday, it will hand back hundreds of colonial era artefacts to Indonesia and Srilanka including a haul of treasure and a gem-entrusted bronze cannon. The Netherlands had set up a commission after Indonesian demand to return some art Pieces and natural history collection on Saturday king William Alexander on Saturday issued a historic royal apology for the Netherlands involvement in Colonial era slanery.

Netherland populary Known as PUTCH.

ð MOSCOW says closing Finnish consulate, expels nine diplomats.

Russia on Thursday announced that it was shutting Finland’s a gem-entrusted bronze cannon. He motherland had set up a commission after Indonesian demand to return some art pieces and natural history collection on Saturday king William Alexander on Saturday issued a historic royal apology for the Netherlands involvement in colonial era slavery.

Netherland populary known as DUTCH.



ð MOSCOW says closing Finnish consulate, expels nine diplomats.

Russia on Thursday announced that it was shutting finland’s






Food inflation threaten to undermine efforts to ensure price stability.

ð What the editorial is all about?

The editorial is about recently released S7P Global PMI. It shows deadline in PMI.

ð PMI ?

PMI – Parchasing Managers Index shows manufacturing and services produced in country.

PMI reading dipped to 57.8 from 58.7 in may. While manufacturing PMI surged to 31 – month high in may. What PMI does not include and can be a good sign of Growth is MSME sector.

Micro small media entarprices – MSMEs being one of the major Job Provider.

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