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The Hindu 06-07-2023


ð Ajit moves Sc, says he was elected NCP chief on June 30.

Maharashtra Peputy CM Ajit pawar has informed the election commission that he was elected president of NCP on June 30, and has submitted a resolution and officlavit from 40 MPs and state legislators to this  effect, sources in commission said Ajit pawar has also submitted a petition claiming the party symbol the resolution by lar makers and regulation the party symbols are all dated July 30, though EC received it on July 5.

On 2nd July the Ajit Pawar separated from NCP, and was made Deputy chief minister.

NCP leader Jayant patil also filed a petition on July 3 for disqualification of 9 MLAs including Ajit pawar from Assembly members. It is interesting to see whose applicable EC will look first Ajit Pawar whose MLAs signed on June 30 but submitted to EC on July 5 or that of sharad application was filed on 3rd June.

ð SC extends interim protection to teesta.

SC has extended its interim order protecting activist Teesta setalvad from arrest in a foregery linked to 2022 riots. It posted the case for July 19.

Earlier Gujrat HC in its order had told to not extend bail for seetal wad and arrest immediately but SC stayed Judgment of Gujrat HC and she was given extension to bail All 5th July. The charges on Mr. selected is of compiray, forging. The charges said that during Gujrat riots in 2022, she falsdy spread rumours that Narendra Modi in a meeting had called authorities not to stop violence or similar.

ð PHD no longer mandatory for teaching the university grant commission (UGC) relaved criteria for appointing teachers in colleges and universities by reversing its direction to make PHD degree mandatoryfor hiring assistant professors. It announced that 2018 regulation had been amended.

“PHD qualification for appointment as an assistant professor will continue to be optional the national eligibility test (NET), state eligibility test and state level eligibility test (STET) shall be the minimum criteria for direct recruitment at the best of assistant professor in all higher education institution” UGG chairman M Jagadesh Kumar said

ð Cabinet gives rod to data protection Bill union cabinet on Wednesday cleared the digital personal data protection (DPDP) bill, it had cleared the path for bill to be introduced in the path for bill to be introduced in the Monsoon session starting to begin on July 30.

The bill essentially allows layperson to complain to a data protection board complain convisting of technical experts, constituted by the govt, if they have reason to believe cured without their consent. (e.g) mobile phone number or aadhar details.” The board will institute an investigation into the breach” the official said.

EU laws

The bill draws an EU law :-

General data protection regulation of EU benchmarks 23 instances in which taking consent for recording data is not possible. “There are special circumstances like golden hour during an accident or natural disaster and so on,”

The bill has been cleared has following features.

· Companies can offer voluntary under talking that data has been breached and they may pay penalty as mitigation measures to avoid court.

· Penalties can reach even up to 250 crore for each instance of breach ranging up to 250 crore and an upward revision of 500 crore

· Firms may be fined between 10,000 and 5,00 crore which may apply in case of data preaches.

· Court and law enforcement agencies are widely exempted from this bill’s requirement do not apply when “personal data is processed in the intereste of prehention, detection, investigation or prosecution of any offence or contravention f any law”.

“the processing of personal data by any court or triuel or any other body in India is necessary for the performance of any Judicial or quasi-Judicial femetion”.


RTI activist have raised concerned if they be not provided personal data of officials, that could hold public office holdings accountable.

“any personal data will not be shared with a third party, however a person data has been breached each ask for their own information through, RTI” and official said.

In 2017 Judgment in K.S. Pattasway union of India Judgement, privacy was declared as key to fundamental right to life and personal lip arty under Article 21 of the constitution.

ð Schools in Manipur reopen after two months

After a gap to two months, schools in Manipur reopened on Wednesday for clam 1 to 8.

Due to law and order situation summer vacation had been extended from “May 4 to July 4”

In Manipur due to ethnic violence about 60,000 persons have been displaced while 138 have been killed.

ð Pay half the fine to informer, court’s bid to spur animal protection in a first –of-its-king Judgement a sessions court in Hance mengarh district of Rajasthan has ordered payment of half of the fine amount imposed on a covict in a chinkeara killing case, to the informer as prize for helping in detection of crime against wildlife. The court said it would make the society sensitive to the wildlife protection. Chinkara or Indian gazelle is state animal of Rajasthan any type of havting is a punishable offence.

Bishnoi community of Rajasthan considers chinkara sacred.

ð In boost of ties, Taiwan to set up office in Mumbai

Third Tiepei economic and cultural centre (TEEC) will be opened in Mumbai. The first two were opened in new Delhi and respectively in 1995 and 2012 respectively “The TECC in Mumbai will help expand mutually beneficial trade and investment opportunities b/w Taiwan and India” the official statement said, adding that it “Will preside VISA services, documents authentication and emergency assistance to business people, tourists and Taiwanese nationals” in western India.

India recognizes chin’s one china policy and no govt to govt engagement will happen through TECC so its not any type of inpassy. It is just to facilitate businesses.

Taiwan is a major economic partner of India. It is hub of chip manufacturing and electronic and computer items, and services Major Taiwanese companies foxconn, TNPC, ACER etc.




ð A global rupee may raise volatility” as India is pressing its plans to internationalize Indian Rupee, the inter department Group (IDG) of RBI has cautioned about few sideeffects it may face initially.


It have said that internationalization can initially increase volatility in rupees exchange rate.

· It will open Rupee for external shock given the open channel of the flow of funds into out of country.

· It will face a phenomenon tiffin Dilemma As RBI will have ablation to supply its currency to meet global demand and it may come in conflict with domestic monetary polices.


· Limited exchange rate risk lower cost of capital due to better access to international financial market requirement of foreign exchange reserve.

These benefits for outweighs few risk IDG said.

IDG has recommended a road map to achieve rupee internationalization.

India won SAFF football championship

In Finals India defeated Kuwait (4:5) in penalties

SAFE Cup – South Asian football federation chamipnship

Teams –

India, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Lebanon, Kuwait (8 SAARC teams + Kuwait Lebron)




ð 12 patestanians one solider killed as Israel ends raids in west Bank?

Israel withdrew troops from a west Bank militant stronghold on Wednesday but warned that it most interne military operation so for in west bank will be repeated.

12 patesitinions and an Israeli soldier were killed in the two-day raid.

The army claimed to have inflicted heavy damage an millitatn groups in the air strikes and hundreds of ground troops. It claimed that it has killed only millitants.

ð Russia, Ukraine warn of attack an nuclear plant

The karmlin warned on Wednesday that kyiv could be preparing a provocation at the Russia controlled Zaprozhia nuclear plant, a flashpoint of concern in the conflict in Ukraine

“the situation is quite teme because the threat of sabotage from kyiv regine is really high – sabotage that could have catstrophic consequences” prevlin spokes person Dmitry peskov said


In recent counter offensive by Ukraine recaptured Zaprozhia.

Zaprozhia nuclear power plant is largest in Europe, it safety remained a concern since start of Russia-Ukraine were  

ð U.K., Canada, Sweeden, Ukraine take Iran to top UN court.

The UK, Canada, Sweeden and Ukraine launched a care against Iran at the united Nations highest court International court of Justice (ICJ) over the downing of 2020, Ukraine passenger jet and the death of 176 passenger and crew on 8 January, 2020 PS752 was travelling from Tehran to Kyiv where it was shot down soon after take off the people killed included nationals and residents of Canada, Sweeden, Ukraine and the U.K., as well as Afghanistan and Iran.

Following 3 days of denids, Iran said its paramilitary Revolutionary Guard mistakenly downed the Ukrainian plane with two missile. Iranian authorities told that the air defence operator mistook being 737-800 for an American cruise missile . An Iranian court sentenced the air defence commander for 13 years imprisonment.

ð Philippines blames china  boats for “harassment”

Philippines coast Guard boats were assisting a naval operation on June 30, when they were constantly followed and harassed by the significantly larger chines guard vessels” spokesperson Jay Tarriera said.

ð French Police, Protesters pose a problem;

EU justice commissioner Didier Reynelds said on Wednesday that violence in France, by some police officers and by protesters who turn to looting “Poses a problem”.






India benefitted as a member of the SCO, but the future is not bright

ð What the editorial is all about?

The editorial talk is about SCO, held virtually this year by India. It tells that the current SCO presidency by India was not as good as it could be it explains these issues.

ð About SCO and India

On Tuesday PM Modi hosted SCO through video conferencing.

India joined SCO in 2017.

SCO members forms 1/3rd of world GDP, one fifth of global trade, one fifths of global oil reserves, 44% of natural gas reserves ‘Also important is its focus on regional security and connectivity for India it was a key to “multialigment” and “strategic autonomy” and becoming a “Balancing power” in world SCO Indias key to strengthen relationship and trade with central Asian countries Kasakhatay Uzbekistan

India chair of SCO

India increased data of SCO meetings due to PM’s USA state visit.

SCO was conducted online amid fears of Russia president arrival, Problems with china and Pakistan.

Delhi declaration released but India kept itself away an agreement on Economic cooperating citing it included BRI of china. India’s presidency didn’t  augur wali



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