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Bilkis Baño case time: SC Judge convicts Playing for TIME : SC JUDGE

Justice. K.M. Joseph and Justice B.V. Margaretha is hearing Bilkis Bano. On Tuesday, Justice said that it was the  “more than obvious” that 11 Convicts are buying time to skip the current Bench. Justice K-M- Joseph that are buying time Bench Justice K-M. Joseph is retiring June 16, @ also last working day of count in May 19, after which Count will be closed for summer vacations. On tuesday the 11 convicts we seek adjournment by two weeks to file counter affidavit. They were granted this time.

Bilkis Bano Case →Bilkis Bano was raped and his family members murdered during Gujrat  2002  riots . 11  people were convicted by count for life imprisonment.

However, Gujrat govt. in August, 202 2 released 11 convicts under new rules

Bilki’s Bano went to SC against thing SC had • to change the Bench as one of the Judge Justice Bela Trivedi had recused herself from the case

On March 17 New Bench of ** Justice R.M. Joseph and Justice B.V. Magartha started hearing the Case Earlier the court had ordered Gujarat  gout to present the documents regarding the casto bielease to count. earlier. Gout failed to produce this had wrapped up center this

Power  steps down as NCP chiefs says will not contest polls  from now on

NCP chief Sharad Pawar on Tuesday. said that he is stepping down as chief of NCP and will not Contest elections in future.

After a long period of Public from May 11 1960 to May 1, 2023* It is necessary to take a step back. After this prolonged political career, one must think of stopping some- where / One must not be greedy Hence I have decided President of MCP.” Pawar told… to step down Sharad

His daughter MP. Supriya Sule, Asit Pawar, Jayant Patil, Chhagan Shaybal and Proful Patel will Choose this successor. He will complete. his 3 year Rajya Sabha team

Go First flights suspended, airline flights for bankruptcy.                  Go first flight has filed for at the National Company. Law Tribunal (NCLT), It has suspended it’s flights for May 3, 4 and 5 mounting losses over . The Directorate General of CIVIL Aviation (DGCA) has served show-cause notice on AIRLINE  for the sudden cancellation Flights, and has asked. it to submit It plans for rescomption of Flights. The NCLT would appoint Insol venly and Bankruptcy bad resolution professionals who would take Over Go birst’s operation. The airline in a statement has said. that serial failure of Whitney’s engine Pratt and it has resulted in 10,000 CRORE  lost revenue. It had to ground 50% of its airline due to engine failures. DGCA has given 24 hour time. to share wat mitigation measures has been faken by airline as well as its plan tore of action to resume flight.

No interim relief for Rahul HC to give verdict after June 4.

 Gujarat  HC to declined to give interim protection, to Rahul Gandhi in defamation Case on Tuesday

Timeline ?

·       Surat Court had convicted Rahul Gandhi for & years I in defamation Couse- Jail. And had awarded him 2 years jail.

·       Rahul Gandhi had moved to other bench its Surat count for suspension of Judgment and review it. The Court denied any suspension on Conviction and punishment.

·       Rahul Gandhi moved to Gujarat HC which on Tuesday declined  to give him any interim relief High Court will be closed facian May 5 to June 4 for summer Vacation The court will its verdict after 4 June”

Centre plan panel to find alternative to death by hanging

The government to planning to SC that it was form a committee to examine the need for a painter and more dignified alternative to death by hanging. Government has told that a report in this regard will be submitted only after July.

Earlier In March sc gout to provide give clue about data had asked which may more acceptable which may give clue about more acceptable way of execution other  than hanging. 

A advocate Righi Malhotra had filed petition for alternative of “hanging”. He had called hanging as ” cruel and barborous”

Karnataka ranked the most innovative state in manufacturing

National Manufacturing Innovation Survey. (NMIS) 2021-2022 | a joint study. by Department of Science and Technology. (DST) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

The survey of has following major findings →

·       Karnataka is most innovative) state among manufacturing firms. that The states) VTS follows  Karnataka are Nagar Haveli Dadra and & Daman and Diu, Telangana and TamilNadu.

·       Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu hard the highest share of innovative firms respectively and 46.1%, 39.1%  and 31.9%

Odisha, Bihar and Jharkhand reported the lowest share of such firms. at 12.78%.    13.47% and 13.71%

·       The most frequent Innovation were the lack of internal funds, high innovation couts, and lack of financing from external source

·       China, Russia, Pak Ministers to attend. sco meet in GOA. Foreign ministry will meet on May 4-5 The GOA . Foreign Ministers. of all sco countries, are going to Participate Ⓒ Iran and Belarus Foreign minister will also participate an they are observe countries .

          All eyes on Bilawal


Pakistan Foreign. Minister Bilawal Bhutto will take part in this It will be Pakistan’s foreign Minister first visit after 2011. July meeting in which heads of countries will participate will be held on July 3 and 4.

States told to on gambling take down hoardings.

The Centre has asked states to take action against betting and gambling platform using outdoor media, such as hoarding and posters to promote their websites and apps

Gangster Goldy brar  among 25 wanted Gugitives in Canada.

Canada based gangster Goldy Bras has been named among top 25 wanted gitives Canadian Government. the Country/s by  Goldy Boar is allegedly involved in Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala killing.

US Panel report on religious freedon. biased, says India.

US CIRF- US CommissionON  International Religious Freedom recently alleged Severe VIolation of religions. freedom in India'”External Affairs Ministry spokesperson recently has called rejected it It has pointed “missepremtation of facts!! IN REPORT.

Ramil renews Vow to resolve Sai lanka’s ethnic question

      SRi lankan President Ranil Wickram- Sing he has told that he hopes to reach                on a the 11 mutually agrecable solutiol Island nation’s long bending ethnic problem by end of the year! Earlier the deadline set was 4th Fabrian

         Ethnic Problem in Sri lanka

      The main Issue is with Tamil population

Srilanka is dominated by Sinhalese who are mainly Buddhist and the other major ethnic community is Tamils which are 138. Tamils Mainly reside in Northern and eastern srilanka.

·       Tamils  demand is for more power to self-determine the law in their areas.

·       truth and Justice for & war civilian death time and dis appearances. Civil war between Srilanka Tamils. and govt. Continued between 1983-2009. Tamil Tigers of LTTE were defeated in 2009.

·       In present Tamils face discrimination and  attack on their properties by Non tamilians has increased. Though Srilankan Tamils has right to Note and there are several Tamil are there in srilankan Parliament. My intention to address ethnic problem in the country while implementing the agreement with Tom domi rated International (IMF) Monetary Fund We are currently 12 in discussion and hope to reach agreeable solution.

By end of this year.

Srilankan President had also is also. trying to build new Constitution. R The other ethnic community that is some issues is Muslim parties. In May Day address Mr. Wickram singhe underscored the need to “move forward with a new constitution that reflects our share values. and aspirations.”

Prominent Palestinian on hunger strike dies in Israeli custody

A high proble palestinian bossorer died in Israeli custody after hunger strike for 3 months. khader Adran, us year old held of heme has introduced hanger strike as a form of protest among Palestinian.

Palestinian has formed Called for general strike in went bank and Gaza Several rockets Gaza strip to Israel, escalation. were fixed from this can lead to escalation .

Taiwan conscise of nations & that will. help if war breaks out.    ↓↓

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph wiq in an interview with Sky News of Australia has told that in situation of attack by china. Taiwan will have to defend itself

In a question: who might fight alongside Taiwan in face of a war with china he told that  Taiwan has to defend itself the people have to defend Taiwan, this country, and we are determined to defend ourselves and we are not asking other countries to fight for Taiwan”  President has repeatedly said American forces would help that defend Taiwan, American Ambassador to Chine Nicholas Burns Fold that ” any desolation of the Cereus- ·Taiwanese strait). differences has to be peaceful.” Cam provide defensing Taiwan Do that the arms to Taiwan authorities can have a proper defense and we can help them build deterring”. China and tells Taiwan as its own territory, had told that it can be brought control by force if necessary.

Bangladesh seek’s India’s help. over Rohingya

Bangladesh newly elected president Mohammad Sahabuddin on Tuesday Irelia to take.. more effective in persuading Myanmar to who were Stebs take back the Rohing ya forced to take retage in Bangladesh. to eroule persecution in neighboring Country. The President made this request. while in talk with India Ambassador Pavan kumar Verma:

Pakistan sees rate the highest inflation in South Asia

Pakistan  CPI

March 35 44.%

April→ 36-44%

Food inflation in rural areas – 40.2%.

Food inflation both for rural and urban = 48-1%

Pakistan has taken several steps to stop rising inflation such as Increasing taxes, removing subsidies, increasing caps on currency exchanges.

In a rare visit to Myanmar, China A Foreign Minister meets. Junta Chief

China  Foreign Chinese to Id Minister Qin Gang told china stands with Myanmar on the International stage

Russia summons Polish envoy over for embassy school closure in waseaw

Russia told that the move violated international agreements.

                          EDITORIAL 1

                              LONG WEEK

Communal politics, welfare measures dominate the Karnataka campaign.

what the editorial is all about?

The editorial is regarding recent poll. promises released in Manifesto of Congress and Karnataka polls. BJP ahead of Karnataka polls.

About upcoming Karnataka assembly polls

The three main rivals are BJP, Congress and JD(S).  The election will be held on 10th and result will be announced of 13the May.

There are   total 224 seats which elections will be held for which election will be held


Bjp  104        congress     80      jd(s)     37

What are main points in manifesto, released by BJP and CONGRESS.

BJP Manifesto

·       Uniform civil Code will will be implement col Committee after forming on winning elections:

·       National Registrar of Citizen (NRC) will be brought and those. living in state illegally, will be. sent to other countries.

·       3 Free cylinders will be given to BPL family to per year. 10 kg of millet her month will also be given to BPL families.

·       Every poor family. BPL family will be provided half litre of Nandi” milk per day.

·       BJP has focused on making Karnataka EV hub

CONGRESS Manifesto Main points

·       200 Units of free electricity will be given to family per month. Free travel for woman in public transport.

·       Security and welfare of Muslims, 4%reservation to Muslims which is being discontinued by present Gout, will be restored

·       Revision of Several law & made by BJP government and a reversal of school syllabus

·       ₹ 2000 to every women, & 3000/ month to unemployeed:


·       It has also promised restoration of 4% Muslim reservation among other BH.D. Kumaraswamy H-D. dev gauda and son of the party is facing charges of Nepotism The interne campaign which will be ф Оссean this week will be a long time in position.



                        A GOOD DIVORCE

Invertiable . breakdown of marriage should be ground for divorce

what the editorial is all about? =>

Recently SC has ruled  that article 142(1), which provides special power to judiciary to do “complete Justice” can be used related to end divorce cases. The editorial is about this

what has Supreme Court (SC) ruled?

SC recently has ruled that it Cam Case Article 142(1) Justice to do Justice complete in case  of divorce, which seems to be irreparable. It will six to 18 months time for the Couple

Artice 142 (1) -> It provides power to the Supreme to do “Complete Justice” between the parties. Where at the firms of law of statute may not provide a remedy

Procedure of divorce currently

Current the couple seeking divorce has to show that they had been living separated Year for at least one year

After this one year period the the local court will give 6 to18 months time!If the couple. still stands for divorce, then after a enquiry by court the divorce will be given The divorce comes under: The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 Section 13 B. SC  told that Just to from the save the couple agony of misery” of waiting 6 to 18 months  in cases where “is seems irrtrierble breakdown of marriage and if the separation is invatiable and the damages is irreparable . it will be used

Word of caution

SC said that the grant of divorce would not be a “matter of right, but a discretion which is to be exercised with great care!! Several factors  would be considered before invoking divorce article 142 in matrimonial Cases – Duration of marriage, period of litigation, the time the couple has stayed apart the nature of pending cases, and attempt at reconciliation- will be considered before applying Article 142



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