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SC :- Says it can end wait  for a consensual divorce

        The Supreme court on Monday held that it can use its special power under Article 142, to immediately grant a couple divorce.

Extraordinary discretion under Article 142 can be used to do “complete justice“ for couple trapped in bitter marriage by granting  them divorce by mutual consent,   sparing them the  “misery “ of waiting 6 to 18 month for a local court to declare the annulment final .

A bench headed by justice SK Kaul and justice Sanjiv khanna told

Current divorce process – 

A couple seeking divorce from mutual consent head to file a joint petition in local court.

In the petition , they have to claim thet thay have been living separately for a year or more and were unable to live together again .

The couple have to then  wait 6 to 18 months before making a second petition to same court . This time they have to confirm their decision to divorce . The judge conduct a formal inquiry before granting divorce.


Article 142

The  SC  in the exercise of its jurisdiction may pass such decision or make  such order as necessary for doing complete justice in any  or matter pending before court .

An extraordinary power to SC

On monaday the court observed that 6 to 18 month is “cooling off” period for the couple to introspect . However in cases of marriage was beyond repair and divorce be inevitable then this period may  “breed misery and pain without any gain and benefit”

In Karnataka , BJP promises, uniform civil code if elected

BJP released its election manifesto for Karnataka polls to be held on May 10  . Some major promises among it are :-

  • Uniform civil code will be implemented after recommendation of a committee that will be formal to look into it
  • A special wing of state police “Karnataka state wing against religion fundamentalism and terror will be formed
  • 3 free cylinders to BPL family will be given during festivals of udadi,Ganesh Chaturthi and Deepawali .
  • Atal ahara endra will be set up in every ward to provide affordable abd quality food
  • Poshan scheme will be launched , it will provide half litre of free nandi milk a day to BPL families beside 5 kg of  millet per month for BPL famalies
  • Metro train network in Mysuru ,Hubbali –Dharvad and Belgavi has been also promised
  • A major focus on EV (Electric Vehicle) sector : state will be developed as EV lab

After Bihar ,Odisha  begins survey of OBC caste

The Odisha govt began survey of people belonging  to Other Backward  Class (OBC) . There are  currently 210 casts in state . The survey is  being conducted by Odisha state commission for Backward Class (OSCBC) conducting a survey a cross 314 blocks and 194 urban local bodies . The survey will continue till 27 may .

Government bans 14 apps in J & K cities used by J & K group

Most of the apps banned are communication platform  that allows encypted messaging .

Among the banned apps are Threema,zangi,crapviser,bchat,klicker me, mediafire , barrier, fieblu, nandbox.

Police has said the messanger apps was being used by terriost to communicate.

Consultation on sedition law are on final stage : center

In may last year , in an interim order , SC had suspended the case of 14A (sedition law)

Appearing for Government, Attorney Genral R. venkatramani said that Government has initiated “re examination “ of article 124A and it is giving “final shape” to new law that will replace 124A . SC had in may 2022 while suspending  124 A had told that there are lots that are colonical in nature and  time.

124 A

Whoever by words , either spoken or written or by sign or by visible representation or otherwise, bring or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt or excited or attempts to excile disaffection towards the govt established by law in INDIA, shall be punished with imprisonment of life , to which may be added or with fine

Sc had suspended it  citing misuse by govt.

India  leads in laundering Russian Oil and selling to Europe ; report

CREA — Centre of research on energy and clean air

CREA  is a Finland based group .

In its recent  report titled “ Laudromat  : how the price cap coalition white washes Russian oil in 3rd  countries . The report  says that Europe has increased refined oil product  from india and some other countries which buy crude oil from Russia.Price cap – To not give advantages of fuel price in market to Russian  America and its European  partners have imposed that they will not buy russiann oil above certain price thus restricting Russia from getting good revenue from oil sells

e.g. suppose  cruide oil price in world market -$110/barrel

Price cap- $60/barrael

 European nation will only buy Russian oil if Russia sells it below $60/barrel

CREA report has said that by importing oil product from INDIA and other countries which buys Russian oil ,they are circumventing “price cap” rules.




# India is currently largest buyer of Russian oil .


 Another batches of 186 Indians back home from sudan


 Total numbers of Indians brought back home returns 214

Inaugural exercis in today. ASEAN South India Maritime. china Sea from todayAIME-2093 → ASEAN – India MaritimeExercise will begin in South China Sea from Tuesday.ASEAN Countries → Indonesia Thailand, Mgammer, Combodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Phillipines, Singapore


Japan to train 1,000 indian engineers for bullet train project

#Members Meitie te community. to file contempt proceedings against panel

Meitie community in Manipur has been Currently SC- demanding ST status for decades. Meitie is either in OBC or sc.Manipur High Court recently directed Mo state goverment to send recommen. dation for inclusion expiditiously.

Hill Areas Committee (HAC) passed a resolution after that High Court 18 opposed their inclusion. order

Now Meitle community has gone. to count to and filed a Cemtempt proceeding to Hill Arean Committee legislature.

HAC – It is committee of state!I Lilly areas. It has powers of legislature in different subjects.

Meitie –

It is largest tribe of Manibur. It forms about 53% of the Population.Most of them are Hindus and minority are christians.The name of state “MANIPUR” is based “MEITIE”.

BSP MP Afzal Ansari from Lok Sabha. disqualified after being Convicted in Murder case.

Afzal Amani is BSP MP fromGhazipur Following conviction he will not able fe fight election for  1o years.A Special court has got convicted him. He may go to high court.


Russia missile attack ол Ukraine city injures 34 people, damages homes

 Russia launched its 2nd large Salvo of missiles at Ukraine in recent dayse. early on Monday. Ukrainian armed forces said that & eighteen missiles from were launched Murmansk region and Caspian sea region, fifteem (15) of them were intercepted. Missile hit eastern city of Parlo hard, it wounded 34 people Russian defence Ministry spokesperson Said group & miSile strIke strike with long rangE the precision-guided as borne and sea bORne weapons on facilities of Ukraine’s defence Industry all designed facilities were struck.    


Despite TRACE between the two rival groups in Sudan, the ceasefire violation Keeps occurring. UN has warned humanitarian crisis. of More than 50,000 people have fled to neighbouring countries of 800 Egypt, Chad and Central African Republic re Millions of people in capital are Khartoum and nearby. are closed inside homes facinG

 food and water shortage and frequent power cuts More than 500 has been killed thus far.

Chinese state-owned Firm to build complex in Srilanka

A chinese state-owned. China  Merchant Group (CMG) has decided  to  make a large logistics. Comblex Colombo bent.

It will Cont an estimated $392 million. first major It investment in SrilankaAfter clefault.CMG also · Controls Hambantota port · The total investment. by CMG will cross & 2 billion by this investment.

UN holds talk on Afghanistan crisis in Qatar

UN is holding a meeting in over situation in Afghanistan. DOHA (QATAR 25 countries including US, Russia and China will be participating in it. The meeting will focus  on how to deal with Afghanistan and  to press afganistan to ease ban on woman working. girls going to school.Taliban too was invited but it rejected. Linking international agreement to”women’t right in Afghanistan..Taliban govt spokesperson said,” wants positive engagement with world”, But”internal issues” -such as curbs women’s rights – should not factor into decision about formal recognition”•No country has so far recognised Taliban regime in Afghanistan. However there are 14 countries in. -icluding Pakistan, Russia and China where diplomatic missions of Afghanis -tan is taken over by Taliban.

 Uzbekistan President wing referendum to rewrite


Uzbek People voted in favour of rewritting constitution. Referendum was that whether gout should go. a new constitution or not.The polls conducted on Sunday aw 84-54% turnout 90-21% voters supported the change. 9-35% voters said no to the change. Of Constitution. President Mirziyoyev. has told that the new constitution will emphasize human right, freedom, gender equality, economic progress. It can also increase Presidential term and give more. time for current President y be on the best..

                                               EDITORIAL   1

                                              BUYING TIME

              Dithering on Adani  Probe will dent  SEBi Credibility

what the editorial is all about?

SEBI had been given 2 months time to file its  report on Adani issue  However it demanded 6 more months onMonday. 2 month period was to end on  May 2 .The Editorial tells that asking for additional time. is not good for SEBI


What SEBI said in SC while demanding more time?

SC had formed  3 member  COMMITTEE AND TOLD IT TO EXAMINE  SEBI REPORT .But SEBI asked for 6 months MORE TIME. SEBI has cited complexities of frams. -aCtion to argue that a detailed  assessment will need 15 months and it is trying to do it in 6 months.

What is problem with additional timming

6 months more  will take a time of 10 months from time the Hinden -bang report surfaced. SEBI instead of submitting full report Could have given interim report to SC in

which any ill transaction could be notified. There has been financial crimes so in past such as. Satyam, Franco, and IL&FS exploatte implosion. SEBI petition does not inspire Confidence

                                          EDITORIAL   2

                                           POLITICAl REMISSION

The circumstances of release of Anand Mohan Singh  unsettling

 What are the issue is all about ?

Last month Bihar government changed. Rule that  brought Mohan Singh out Criminal of Jail. The circumstances in which it was done is pretty disturbing.

 what was crime of Anand Mohan Singh? How the rules were tweaked?

 Andand Mohan was convicted for life imprisonment after
being convicted inmurder of Gopalganj DM. G. Krishnaiah in December 1994.  On April 10, Bihar Government amended, Bihar prison 2012. removing the murder of a public servant!! from case clause. under this clause for murder of the punishment Public servant on -duty is life imprisonment. The change of rules followed a notification by state govt. to release Anand Mohan and 26 others good conduct  basis.Even here he failed as he was Caste caught of keeping mobile phones in Jail.Though the widow of the DM has gone to SC Just to gain little political guins such -move is totally. Glawed and. WRONG. State govt should rather reconsider FLAUTRING OF RULES it did recently 



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