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THE HINDU  01-06-23


Ø GDP expanded 6.1% in
2022-23’s last quarter.

India’s GDP in last quarter (January to
March 2023) expanded to 6.1%.

India’s economy growth stood – 7.2%

As against estimated         – 7%      

Gross value Addition (GVA) growth – 7%


Chief Economics Advisor
(CEA) is Anantha Nageswaram was more optimistic “we are prepared to stick our
neck out and say that the risks to a 6.5% growth projection for this year are
more evenly balanced now, than at a time of Economic’s survey’s presentation
when we felt that downside risk dominate”.

Data was released by NSO (National
Statistical office).


Gross Value Added (GVA) – Value of
output minus the value of intermediate consumption.

GDP + subsidies on products taxes on products


Ø Central govt. promises to
provide air connectivity to Manipur’s Hills areas.

The Centre has promised to operationalize
air services from the hill districts of Manipur to allow connectivity with rest
of the country, as tribal groups refuse to travel to Imphal airport fearing for
their safety.

Home Minister on 3rd day of
his visit to Manipur visited relief camps in a Moreh on the Manipur-Myanmar
border, he met civil society groups and reviewed the security situation.

“Convered a meeting with civil society
organization in KangKopki Manipur. They are keen to actively participate with
govt. in reviving harmaony among communities in Manipur”.

Shah said in a tweet as Mr. Shah held meetings, at least seven villages in two
districts were attacked and several houses were burnt.

Mr. Shah called it a chain reaction from
both sides and called to maintain peace for 15 days.

Kuki community is continuing with removing CM, applying President rule and a
separate administration of Kuki-Zomi tribes.

Home Minister “assured that supply of
essential items in hill areas and helicopter services for emergency needa in
Churachandpur, Moreh and Kargpoki will be assured.” Home Minister said in a





Ø Case against WFI Chief
under Consideration, report to the submitted in 15 days Delhi Police.

Delhi Police on Wrestler’s Case

Delhi Police on Wednesday said that the sexual
harassment case against WFI (Wrestling Federation of India) Chief and BJP MP
Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh is under consideration and the Status  report on the investigation will be submitted
in Court in 15 days.

Earlier, Delhi Police tweeted a rebuttal
in media reports that the police did not have enough evidence to arrest Mr.
Singh. Delhi Police later deleted its tweet ever this.

It later said “as the cases
are under investigation, it would be against the procedure to say anything
before the report is filed in the court.”

            Stir Intensifies

On Tuesday evening Naresh
Tikait had said that “Maha panchayat” will be held in Muzaffarnagar’s Soram
village on Tuesday.

Sports Minister Anurag Thakur has asked protesters not to take any step that
could undermine sports or last players. “They should wait investigation to be

Ø “Ready to hang myself if,
single allegation proved” Brij Bhushan Singh said

MP Brij Bhushan Singh told addressing
“Jan Chetna Rally” :- “It is been four months. They want (me) to be hanged. The
govt is not hanging me, and so they are going to immense their metal in Ganga.
Brij Bhushan Sharan

Singh will not get hanged. If you have
any proof, give it, Police Courts will give punishment.

told this while on a tour of Barabanki under “Jan Chetan Maharally.” He added
that if a single allegation was proved, he would hang himself.


Ø Ahmadnagar will now be
renamed ‘Ahilya Nagar’

Maharashtra CM announced that Ahmed
Nagar City would be renamed Ahilya Nagar.

Ahilya Holkar – 18th Century
Maratha queen.

year people will celebrate 298th birth anniversary of Ahilya bai


Aurangabad was renamed “Chhatrapati
Shambhaji Nagar”

And Osmanabad renamed “Dharashiv”



Ahmad nagar – Ahilya Nagar

Osmanabad – DHARASHIV ( Already renamed )

Aurangabad – Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar

Ø Kejriwal to meet Stalin,
Soren over ordinance.


Ø CM Stalin writes to Centre
: – reintroduce 16 parties to participate in June 1.2 opposition meet.

In a very first opposition meeting to
discuss about 2024 Lok Sabha election against BJP seheduled to be held on June
12, 16 parties have confirmed their presence. Those whose main leader will
participate are TMC. JD(U), NCP, RJP, JMM etc from congress side Mallikarjuna
Kharge and Rahul Gandhi wait participate, they will send some other person.


Ø Gyanvapi case : – He
turns down plea by mosque panel.

The Allahabad High Court on
Wednesday dismissed plea moved by Muslim side, challenging suit filed by women
worshippers in district court.

            Earlier Varanasi district court had allowed woman to
worship in Gyanvapi mosque premises all through year.

Ø Nepal’s PM to hold talks
with Modi today, likely to sign pacts on energy trade.

Nepalese PM Pushpa Kumar Dahal
“Prachanda” is on 4 day visit to India. He arrived Indian on Wednesday.

will meet today with PM Modi several agreements are in line to get signed.
Indian private companies has taken a keen interest in developing hydropower in

Some large project among it are : –

Arun III hydropower project

Gorakhpur Butwal 400ky cross border line

About from these cultural
ties will also be talked about.

            India is
developing Lumbini under Buddha Corridor.

Ø Jaishankar to meet Lavrov,
Q in during BRICS summit

External affairs Minister S.Jaishankar
left early on Wednesday for a week long visit to South Africa and Namibia, that
will begin with BRICS Foreign-Ministers in Cape town.

Jaishankar will also hold bilateral meetings with Foreign Ministers of BRICS

One Major issue of talk will be “BRICS
currency” seen as counter to US dollar.

BRICS summit will be held between 22 to
24 August in Durban, In which head of state will participate.

BRICS – Brazil + Russia + India + China
+ South Africa is mainly an economic group

Ø OTT platforms mandated to
show anti-Tabacco warnings

As per Union Health Minister
notification on Wednesday amending. The rules under cigerrate and other Tobacco
products ( COTPA ), 2001.

platforms like Amazon prime videos, Netflix, Hotstar, Zee 5 etc will have to
display anti-tobacco warning as seen in movies secreched in theatres and TV.

the platforms fail to comply a notice shall b e issued to explain such failure.

executives complained that they were not consulted before the decision.

Ø World’s largest grain
storage plan : Centre to implement pilot project in 10 district.

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved
the constitution and empowerment of an inter-Ministeraial Committee (IMC) for
facilitation of the “World largest grain storage plan in cooperative sector” by
convergence of various ministries of Agriculture and Farers Welfare, consume
affairs, PDS and Food processing industries.

committee will be chaired by Cooperation Minister Amit Shah. It

Will lay guidelines for creation of
infrastructure such as godown, for agriculture and allied purposes, at selected
‘viable’ primary agricultural credit societies (PACS).

the decision, Mr. Shah said in a tweet. “Lack of agriculture storage capacity
leads to, wastage of food grains and farmers are  ………………… to sell their crops at low ………………
with the decision, farmers will now get modern grain storage facilities in their
blocks through PACS, so that they will be able to get fair price of their


Ø Cabinet nod for 2nd
phase of CITIIS programme.





Ø North Korea spy satellite
launch fails
as Chollima  rocket
falls into the sea North Korea’s attempt to put its first spy satellite failed
on Wednesday in a setback to Kim Jong On’s push to boost militate capabilities.

Korea quickly admitted the failure and vowed to conduct a 2nd launch

Abnormal flight :- Chollina
– I rocket had an abnormal flight before it crashed.

Ø UAE – withdraws from US –
led maritime coalition in the Gulf.

The United Arab Emirates has withdrawn
form a US-led maritime coalition tasked with securing temre Gulf
waterways that are vital to the global oil trade.

The UAE “withdrew its participation” in
the 38- nation combined Maritime Forces two months ago, a foreign Minister
statement said, without giving reasons for the move.

Maritime Forces (CMF) was established in 2001, initially as a partnership
between 12 nations.


In April and May Iran had
seized two oil tankers between Dubai in UAE and Fujairah.

CMF has been active in securing ships in
troubled water of Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf.


Ø Blast
in eastern Labnan kills five Blast killed 5 syrian back Palestinian militant.
Authorities have told it was caused by “human error” while handling ammunition.


Ø Musk hails China’s vitality
during visit.

Elon Musk hailed China’s “vitality and
Promise” on Wednesday, Beijing said on trip of china he met multiple govt.
officials and declared that he will expand his business here.

China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang said
on Tuesday that Musk’s firm was willing to expand its business in China”


Ø Kyiv’s “last warship”
destroyed :  Russia

Russia on Wednesday claimed that is had
destroyed last major warship of Ukraine near ODESHA port.

Yuri Oletirenko is a medium sized
landing ship for troops and vehicles. Ukraine authorities declined to comment.



Ø Sudan Army quits turce talk
with RSF for not honouring their words.

US- Saudi Arabia had
brokered talks between Army and RSF. Sudanese Army told “ the rebels have never
implemented a single one of the provision of a short term ceasefire “

Ø NATO-led peacekeepers step
up security after KOSOVO clash.


Ø Germany orders closure of
four of five Russian comulate.






Ø Neuralink human trails :
have all concerns been addressed.



Founded in 2016, by Elon Musk.

Neutra link is making class III medical
device known as Brain Computer Interface (BCI). The device connects brain to
external computer via Bluetooth, enabling continuous signed back and forth.


FDA approval

Recently US Food and Drug Administration
approved Neuralink for human trials.

Potential Benefits

It can revolutionise treatment for
Parkinson’s diseases, epilipsey, Spinal Cord injury. It also shows potential
treatment for other diseases.


Ø China’s Mititary diplomacy
in South-east Asia

Due to intensifying global competition
from US, china is expanding. Its military outreach with South east Asian


Ø Which country is close to

Among ASEAN country phillipines is
widely tilted towards US.

countries like Laos, Cambodia and Singapore recently conducted millitary
exercises with Chinese PLASTIC ( PLA South Threatre Command ). These countries
are coming under Chinese influence.

Vietnam which one time was worried from China’s move in South China sea seems
to tilt towards China recently.

tilt towards USA remains worrisome to china in all these.






Is India missing the


GRAPHENE what it is ?                                         

Graphene is allotrope of carbon

Consisting single layer of atoms

Arranged in a hexagonal Lattice/

Name structure.



World’s thinnest, strongest and most
conductive material for heat and electricity both. 200 times stronger thean
steel but six times lighter.

added to other materials even in small quantities produces composite material
with dramatically transformed qualities Graphene composter are used in

Aerospace, automative, sport equipment and

Graphene based carbons used in environmental
monitoring, healthcare and wearable devices.

Graphene was discovered in 2004. Among the leading countries in Graphene
research are China, the UN, the UK, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Singapore/

and Brazil are global leaders in production of Graphene.

            India’s progress

Centre of Nano Science and engineering at IISC Banglore and KAS Tech produced a
grapheme based system. Tata steel and some other institutes are involved in
production and research over Graphene related tech.

Way Ahead

Like AI
is to software, quantum computing to computers, the grapheme is to material.
India should bring policy to lead this field.




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