What is radio collar? (25/07/2023)

What is radio collar?

A radio collar is an electronic device that is strapped to an animal’s neck. It contains a small transmitter that sends a signal via radio waves. These signals reach other devices or antennas from where they can be received. Inside the radio collar is a battery that provides power to operate the transmitter. This collar is usually made of nylon or leather, which does not harm the animal’s neck.

How does caller radio work?

The radio collar is tied around the neck of the animal in the form of a thread. The transmitter device inside it sends radio signals at regular periodic intervals. Other devices, such as tracking equipment or radio receivers, can pick up on these signals and locate the animal. Some radio collars also use GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to track the animal’s movements.

Types of Radio Collar

There are many different types of radio collars. Some major types are:

1. VHF callers

VHF (Very High Frequency) callers are mainly useful for animals. These callers transmit the signal via VHF radio waves. The range of these collars is usually up to a few kilometres.

2. GPS Callers

GPS (Global Positioning System) collars are used to track animal movements. GPS collars connect with satellites and can pinpoint the animal’s position. With the help of such collars, the movement, location and behaviour of the animal can be estimated.

3. Satellite callers

Satellite callers are the most advanced type of callers. These collars connect to the satellite and the position of the animal as well as its distance can be determined. Satellite callers are used in important land conservation campaigns.

Benefits of Radio Collar

The use of radio collars brings many benefits. Some of the major benefits are:

1. Animal tracking facility

We can track animals using radio collars. This allows us to study their speed, location and behaviour. By knowing the status of animals, we can take appropriate action for their protection.

2. Important tools for scientific research

Radio collar is an important tool for scientific research. Through this we can understand the social behaviour of animals, food free zone and behaviour of caste. It helps researchers to gain new knowledge with the help of animals.

3. Environment protection

We can also contribute to environmental protection through radio collars. This allows us to track endangered species and take appropriate action to increase their survival.

Radio Caller Applications

Radio collars are used in many different areas. Some major uses are:

1. in zoology

The radio collar is an important tool in zoology. Through this we can understand the behaviour of animals. By studying the animals’ community patterns, migrations and food choices, we can improve their conservation and management.

2. In animal husbandry

Radio collar is also useful in animal husbandry. Through this we can track the movement, grazing and health of the animals. It helps in strengthening animal husbandry programmes.

3. In environmental protection

The radio collar also plays an important role in environmental protection. Tracking endangered and threatened species allows us to understand their numbers, environmental sustainability and land conservation measures. This can improve their safety, reproduction and awareness of local culture. Environmental protection campaigns and management programs can be made successful with the help of radio collars.

Concerns and limitations

There are some concerns and limitations in the use of radio collars. Some major concerns are:

1. Effect on the health of the animal

Wearing a radio collar can affect the animal’s health. In some species, it has been observed that radio collaring can cause stress, injury and other health problems in the animals.

2. Neck Damage

The radio collar is tied tight to prevent the neck from being actively flared. But sometimes it can cause damage to the neck of the creatures. That’s why it is so important to tie a radio collar correctly.

3. Battery Life and Maintenance

Collar radios have a battery that provides power to operate the transmitter. The effectiveness of the radio collar depends on the duration of the battery. Therefore it is important to take care of battery life and maintenance.

Moral ideology

There are some ethical considerations to keep in mind when using a radio collar. Must be devoted to the safety and health of animals. Natural behaviour and conduct should not be affected badly. Therefore, the impact on their natural life can be reduced by using radio collars properly.



A radio collar is a device used to track animals and livestock. Through this we can study the movement, location and behaviour of living beings. It plays an important role in scientific research, animal husbandry and environmental protection. With the use of radio collars, we can take the right action for the protection of endangered species. However, while using it, it is also necessary to take care of the health and ethical issues of animals.

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