No union , but center ready to ease living of gay couples

Govt. has proposed to form a committee headed by cabinet
secretary to consider the administrative measures for addressing “ genuine
human concern” faced by same sex couple in their daily lives such as banking
and insurance , without delving into legal recognition of same sex marriage .

The court welcomes this

CJI D.Y.  Chandrachud said –“the court can now go into whether same sex couple have a right to
cohabit together in a normal , peaceable environment in our country without
facing any form of discrimination

 Ukrainesent drones to target Putin’s Russia 

  Russian authorities accused Ukraine on Wednesday of attempting to attack the kremlin with two drones overnight in
an effort to assassinate Vladimir Putin.

                 The kremlin told that attempt a “ terrorist attack “ and securities forces “disabled” the drones before they could strike .

                 A video   published on local Moscow news
telegram channel showed what looked like smoke  
rising from Kremlin.

                  Kyiv has categories denied involvement in attack “ we do not attack the kremlin because , first of all it does not solve any military problems , and it is extremely dangerous from point of view of preparing our offensive measures “
Ukraine  president advisor said .
Kremlin :- it is
here Vladimir Putin office is situated




sets aside HC  stay on inquiry intio
Amravati land scam

On Wednesday , SC sets aside Andhra Pradesh high court order
issuing any “ blanket stay “ on an inquiry into the Amravati  land scam .

              It is legal victory for Jagan Mohan Reddy govt.

Amravati land scam

:- in 2014, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana got  separated . Telgu Desham
party (TDP) , FORMED THE GOVT UNDER Chandra Babu Naidu.
Amravati was proposedcapital and heavy investment was promised here .

·      In 2019 Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSR  Congreen won the election and formed govt.

·      June 2019:- Jagan Mohan Reddy’s govt formed a cabinet
sub-committee to review major policies project , programs , industries and
administrative action taken by  TDP govt.

·      27 dec 2019, :- 1st report of sub committee  pointed out sevral procedural , legal and
financial irregularities and fradulant truncation concerning  various project including amravti region”

·      Feb 2020:- Andhra president govt formed SIT  to probe into it.

·      However, this was stayed by high court , supreme court
set aside the high court current Andhra Pradesh govt has asked central’s
intervention and investigate it further by CBI if center permots.

Go first lands in
NCLT  with ₹ 11,463 crore dues

Go first on Wednesday sought that total liabilities to all the creditors it owes is ₹ 11,43 cr. It includes dues to bank , financial institution , vendors and aircraft lessors on Wednesday  it
approaches NCLT(National company Law Tribunal ) to file insolvency .



It is an Indian law which govern insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings of companies , firms and individual .

NCLT it decides about how bankruptcy be settled

  SC collegium reject IB observation about candidate for HC judgeship

The SC collegium has shown that published opinion of a person who critical about govt will not affect the prospect of a lawyer to become a high court Judge .

Earlier collegium had recommended as Bombay HC judge . though IB    (intelligence burea ) flagged that one of
the article written by him in 2020 he had written “ expressing concern over the alleged lack of freedom of speech / expression in the country in the last five  six years “

The collegium said over this : –  “the views
which have been expressed by the former senior SHRI POONAWALA have no bearing
on his own competency abilities or credential for his appointment as Judge of HC  of Bombay”.

Delhi high court has summoned BBC, Wikipedia, internet archives in case filled by BJP leader.

 The Delhi high court has summoned BBC , Wikipedia and internet archives on defamation
case filled by BJP leader BINAY KUMAR SINGH . it is petition which tells that the BBC documentary has defamed PM MODI ,RSS , VHP,

            According to petition

The BBC documentary , INDIA  : – the modi question defamed RSS , VHP and the BJP “ that the allegation against RSS , VHP are motivated by  religious intent to defame the organization and its millions of members”

   SC questioned govt third extension given to ED chief Mishra

SC on Wednesday questioned govt over 3rd term extension to enforcement   directorate (ED) chief Sanjay Kumar Mishra . SC asked  “is there no person in the organization who can do this job?“  Sanjay Kumar Mishra is going to
retire in nov 2023
Govt told that Mishra’s elevation  was vital for evaluation by
Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

                The petition was filled by congress RANDEEP SINGH SURJVALA , TMC Mahua moitra and others .

India slips in press Freedom Index , Ranks 161 of 180 nation

World press freedom Index


                                                         2022                                                   2023

India                                                150                                            161


Pakistan                                          157                                               150


Srilanka                                           146                                               150




Ireland                                                                                                       2


Denmark                                                                                                   3

World press freedom index is released by “Reporters Without Borders”

(RSF) on NGO

RSF headquarter –        PARIS

Criteria of ranking ; “ the abilities of journalist as individuals and collectives  to select produce and disseminate news in public interest independent of political , legal  and social interference and absence of threat of their physical and mental safety”

Jai Shankar to hold talks with china Russian ministers today

On the sidelines of SCO Foreign Minister meet S. Jai Shankar will hold talks to with foreign ministers of china Qin Gang
and Russian FM srari Lavrou
Pakistan’s foreign ministers
Bilawal Bhutto will also be participate , but one talk with S Jai Shankar is
SCO foreign ministers meet is being held on May 4 and 5 in Goa.

Rajnath lays foundation stone of coast guard harbour in Maldives

Defense Minister  Rajnath singh and his Maldivian counterpart
on Wednesday laid foundation stone of the 
Maldives national defense forces coast guard  “EKATHA HARBOUR “

                        The development of the
coast guard harbor and repair facilities at sifayary is two biggest grant is
aid project of India

IMD  forecasts a cyclone in Bay of Bangal next

IMD  has predicted that a cyclone was likely to form in way of Bengal next week. However its strength , direction and impact is yet to be guessed

“ a cyclonic circumstances likely to develop over south east bay of
Bengal  around 6 may .. there is possibilities of circulation Bay of Bengal “ IMD said  in a statement .

                    The cyclone will   be a named cyclone MOCHA.



Ø Classification of cyclone by IMD

Cyclone  Storm (65 -68 km/h)

Super Cyclonic  Storm (> 222km/h)

Severe Cyclonic  Storm (89-117 km/h)


Cyclone are more frequent in May , Oct, and Nov,

Coinciding  advent and
departure of monsoon

Tele Manas  counsils  Kashmiri’s distressed soul

Tele Manas is a online platform launched  by ministry of health in Jammu and Kashmir for  psychological counseling .

Two shot down infiltration bid boiled in J&K ,says army

Two militant were killed in kupwara  district of jammu and kashnir by army’s

Adapting climate change cast india ₹ 85.6 lakh cr by 2030

RBI’s department of policy research has said in its report that India will need ₹85.6 cr in green financing to by 2030, if india wants to be net zero by 2070.


Report says

Green financing requirement  2.5 % ogf GDP / year to address infrastructure gap. India needs to cut energy intensity  of GDP  by 5 % annually to achieve net zero target by 2070.


13 years old opens fire in classroom in Serbia
killing & student, guard. the accused had taken guns of his father .

      The incident occurred in Belgrade,The  Serbian capital


Raisi praises Syria’s victory in civil way despite

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi is on visit of Syria . He met
president Basher-AL-Ashad  . he praised Syria

               “Syria’s government and people have gone through difficulties and today we can say that you Have overcome all these problems and achiever victory despite the threats and sanction imposed on you “

Mr. Asad said that Syria-Iran ties “were steady and stable during difficulties time despite heavy political and securities sterms”


                SYRIAN civil war  started in 2011 and went for
over 12 years nearby 5 lakhs people died in this .
Iran supported SYRIAN govt in this , it provided financial and arms and ammunition help in this .

UN  denounces Talibans intimidation attacks on journalists in Afganistans

The UN said on Wednesday that Taliban’s intimidation ,
threats  to journalist are unacceptable.

Taliban’s has conducted crackdown on journalist since it
took  power in Afghanistan

Ø Myanmar junta pardons more than 2000 political prisoners

Ø Brazil police raid former president jair Bolsanoro’s hence seize phone.

Investigation is being carried out
over charges of  falsifying covid 19
vaccination rewards

Ø Us  federal reserve raises rates by  another 25 bp, hints , may be last

Ø Us pick Ajay Bagga confirmed as next president of world bank.


                                       EDITORIAL 1


Irrespective of what the USCIRF  says India must review its right reocrds

What is editorial is all about ?

USCIRF (US commission for international religion freedom) in
its recent report presented before US congress has criticized INDIA over
religious freedom .  the editorial is about report and India’s response unit.

What does USCIRF report says ?

Ø It called US congress to designate India as a country for particular concern (CPC)” for this its  “worsening” records on religion freedom .

Ø The report has  has targeted Indian govt for its “ promotion
and enforcement of religiously  discriminatory policies “, naming law that deal with conversation ,interfaith relationship, as well as CAA and NRC.
It has alleged that all these laws have impacted minorities , including Muslim, Christians , Sikh , Dalit ,and Adivasis (Indigenous people and Scheduled Tribe) negatively.

Ø The report has cataloged acts of violence and vilification of minorities and criticized the “suppression of critical voices” by intimidation that includes surveillance , demolition of property , detention and targeting of NGO’s 
through law certifying foreign donations

Ø  It has called US to  to sanction India and its agencies  

What is India’s Response ?

India has expressed outrage and rejected it calling it “ biased nominated
“. External affairs ministry has told USCIRF  to “desist” from such reports and to “ develop a better understanding of INDIA”
USCIRF follows a non  inclusive
process to publish its report , also USCIRF  does not study religion situation in its own country . it shows its double
standard . there is nothing in such reports for new Delhi Indian should work to better any shortfall in its own government towards them.

                                                 EDITORIAL 2


Mirziyoyev must now make good of his promises after an empathetic win

 What iS editorial is all about ?

Uzbekistan won full majority (90%)  in
referendum to rewrite the constitution. The editorial talks about the
challenges before the government ahead.

 About referendum .

Uzbekistan president sharkat Mirzi yoev conducted a referendum on Sunday , even UN observes were called so that transparency be ensured about voting 905 favored  govts’s decision a new

                       The new constitution decision  Uzbekistan as a “sovereign  democratile legal social and secular “ country . it promises a new media code , criminalizes domestic abuse , inaccurate prisoners rights and offer social  protection , including housing to lower income people

About Miziyoyev term and challenges ahead ?

Miziyoyev became president in 2016. He released political prisoners , relaxed media comorship  and encourages entrepreneurship . he attracted foreign investment in what was a cleared country earlier . Uzbekistan   has become
fastest growing central.

             The revised constitution will start this presidential term a fresh means 2 more presidential    terms. When his term will end in 2026.

There are chances that he can be president till 2040.                                     
Though most of people in his support , the opposition should also let be
flourished  , it will help in forming a better democracy. 


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