Summary of The Hindu 9th NOVEMBER 2023

Kerala moves SC against governor again

Kerala govt moved SC for second time agianst governor Arif Muhammad accusing him of trying to defeat the right of the people ” of the state by sitting on several crucial bills .

Many of the bills is about post COVID public health concerns .

State in its affidavit filed in supreme court have accused Govenor of violation of article 14 , and article 21 by denying the people of Kerala the benefit of welfare legislation by state govt.

G7 meet appeals for humanitarian pauses in Gaza

G7 foreign ministers on Wednesday met in Tokyo to discuss possibility of humanitarian pause in Gaza and situation there .

G7 foreign ministers called for a humanitarian pause in Israel Hamas war to let aid and help the release of hostages  and sought to return to a ” broader peace process ” as Israeli Forces continue to strike in Gaza .

The G7 wealthy nation told that Israel had right to defend itself while , but it should be by complying with international law .

The joint statement released after the meeting said

“The G 7 memebers are committed to……prepare sustainable   long term solution for Gaza and a return to a broader peace process  in line with the internationally agreed parameters ”

” a two state solution … remains the only path to a just , lasting and secure peace ” .

Now , Delhi plans to movement rain to breathe easy

Delhi Environmental minister Gopal Rai on Wednesday , announced that the national capital would attempt to induce Artificial rain to tackle the rising pollution .


According to estimates , it would be cloudy on November 20-21 and if approval comes , the plan will be executed .

Rain seeding has earlier been used in other parts of country as well .

About vehicle rationing scheme he clarified that govt would implement it after submitting towo case studies to supreme court and getting its go ahead on the proposal .

Odd even scheme is known as vehicle rationing scheme , according to which vehicles whose registration no ends in even digits runs on even dates and those of odd runs on off dates .

To address rising. grievance of air travelers , center mulls appointment of ombudsman

The Union govt on Wednesday discussed the possibility of appointing an ombudsman or setting up an authority to address the grievance of air travelers .

Since the increase in Air travels by Domestic passengers over issue of delays in refund of ticket bookings , denial of boarding and non availability of seats has increased .

” The establishment of an ombudsman for time bound resolution of cases were deliberated . The ministry of civil aviation or and department of civil aviation can jointly work on the modalities involved in the establishing the same “

World will overshoot 2030 fossil fuel limit by twice over : report

Notwithstanding the Global consensus among the countries that fossil fuel emission nist be eliminated , answer report says that many govt plan to produce twice as much by 2030 as than would be consistent with  warming to 1.5 degree celsius , and 69% more than that would be consistent with 2 degree celsius .

151 countries have committed to be net zero between 2050 – 2070 .

Later this month COP will be held in Dubai where environmental issues will be discussed .

30% ration in open market diverted to open market in Bengal

US to invest 553 million dollar in Adani’s Sri Lanka Port terminal project

The US international development Finance Corporation ( DFC ) has agreed to invest 553 million dollar in the Adani Ports led container terminal project in Colombo .

In 2021 Adani Ports had signed 700 million dollars deal with the Srilanka Ports Authority  ( SLPA ) and Srilankan company John keels holdings in September 2021 to jointly develop the Port terminal .


less than a year after US investment research firm , Hindenburg research


More Gaza troops flee as Israeli troops ‘battle inside City ‘

Thousands of Palestinian are fleeing on foot to the south as Gaza as they are running out of food and water in northern region , the United Nations told on Wednesday.

Israel said that it’s troops were battleong deep inside the Gaza .

Israel has said that the war will eliminate military capability of Hamas , the war will be long and difficult . Israel has also told that it will hold indefinite control of Israel  even after war ends .

About 15,000 fled to Northern Gaza on Tuesday , the UN agency said .

Over 70 % of Gaza ‘s 2.3 million population has already fled their homes .

European Union moves closer to start accession talks with Kyiv

The EU commission , the executive arm of EU has , on Wednesday , formally declared that the bloc should begin accession negotiation with Ukraine , as well as Moldova .

” Today is a historic day , because today the council opens accession negotiation with Ukraine and Moldova , European Union Preside t Ursula Vander Der Layen said in a meeting .

” Our country must be in European Union ” Vlodmyr Zelensky wrote on X .

Reforms required

Joining EU requires the members to align their laws and economy with the Union and its operating principle . EU had wanted Ukriane to take reforms in seven dimensions , of which , Ukriane will be expected to show further progress in tackling oligarch power , fighting corruption , and perhaps the most important for EU – the right of minorities .

Ms Vinder Layen said , she was ready to “convince herself ” that 90 % of the reform the kyiv made had been taken and further reforms were continuing .

The EU also granted Georgia ” candidate ” status on Wednesday.

With regard to Bosnia and Herzegovina , EU recognised that country had made progress in reform .

IS attack kill 30 pro government forces in Syria , says war monitor

The attack took place in a location between Raqa , Home , and Deir Ezzor .

Darfur refugees report spate of ethnic killings by Arab militia , RSF

On tuesday , Refugees fleeing Sudan to Chad said they witnessed killing by Arab militias and RSF targeting the Masalit ethnic group in Armata .


Reviewing freedom

Steps to end malicious reviews should not lead to curbs criticism

The editorial is about film director Muneef Rauf reaching Kerala High court to for getting orders that no malicious comments were allowed by critics for a period of one week after the realise of the film .He moved to court for his film Aromalite Aadyathe Pranayam .

The court in its October 25 order has directed that ” a close watch on the online platforms shall be maintained , to ensure that anonymous malafide content should not be allowed to circulate ; and necessary action under ” IT act ” shall be taken implemented scrupulously without delay ” .

The editorial tells that critics and other Can not be barred from commenting as it is their right to freedom of speech .

Poll timing

The extension of free rice should not have been allowed at election rally

Recently PM Narendra Modi in a rally in Durg announced extension of distribution of free grain under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana ( PMGKY ) to be extended  for another five years . Though the scheme is meant for whole country there is problem that he announced it in a election rally  which is a type of violation of model code of conduct  .  The editorial further says that PM had time to announce it even after election results were announced after 3 December .


Under PMGKY center distributes 5 kg of rice per month to each beneficiary which are already enrolled  under NFSA  .

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