Summary of The Hindu 8th NOVEMBER 2023

Mizoram Chhatisgarh record over 70% polling

Voting was conducted for all 40 seats in Mizoram  , and 20 seats in Chhattisgarh on Tuesday .

Mizoram registered 76 % voting and Chhatisgarh registered 71% of voting .

In chhattisgarh polling was marred by sporadic violence including minor blast including as IED blasts as triggered by Naxalites as triggered by Naxalites in Sukma district which injured a CRPF commando . Violence in other parts of Chhattisgarh was also registered that injured four CRPF commando .

Four other security personnals were also injured in other incidents in Chhatisgarh .

Vote counting will be on 3 rd December .           

In Mizoram the contest is three way MNF, ZPM and Congress .

Bihar seek to raise quota to 65% after tabling caste survey

The Bihar cabinet has approved a proposal to increase reservation in Scheduled Caste ( SC) , Scheduled Tribe ( ST ) and Other Backward Class ( OBC ) and Extreme Backward Class ( EBC) from current 50% to 65 % ,crossing the ceiling set by the Supreme Court .

A bill to implement the increase will be tabled at wil be introduced on 9th November during onging winter session of Assembly .

CM Nitish Kumar Proposed the SCs who make 19.7% of the population ,according to the survey , should get a quota of 20 % , higher than current. 16 %. .

STs who have 1.7% of population should see their reservation doubled from. 1% to 2% .

OBCs make 27% and get 12% of quota when EBCs make 36% of population and get 18% of quota .The combined quota of OBCs and EBCs has been proposed to be raised to be 43% .

The proposed hikes excludes 10% reservation for Economically weaker Section ( EWS ).

The total quota of around 65% will break the ceiling of 50% quota reserved by  Supreme Court .

The detailed report on caste survey , tabled in the house include social and economic data showing that 34% population in the household in the state earn ₹6000 or less each month . Among the upper caste who make 15.4 % of total population , the Bhumihars ( 2.9% ) are poorer , the Yadav’s ( 14.3% ) are poorer than other communities in OBC category .

The state has 94 lakh poor families , The state literacy rate has increased from 61.7 % in 2011 to 79.7% now.

BJP’s allegation is that the state govt has inflated figures of Yadav’s and Muslim to suit their own vote bank .

Yadav’s hold most no of govt jobs among OBCs

Social and educational data of Bihar census was put in Bihar Assembly on Tuesday .

Poverty situation

     Bhumihars considered to be a domabiant caste is considered to be a dominant caste have highest poverty rate among the state at 27 % .

     Brahamins and Rajputs follow with 25% and 24% poverty respectively .The Kayasth have lowest poverty rate at 13.38% among other caste .

     Poverty rates among OBCs is 33% , 33.58% among EBCs , 42.93% of SCs , and 42% among STs .

     34.13 % of families have monthly income less than ₹6000 .

     Yadav’s lead in govt jobs among OBCs

Curbs on fireworks binding on all states : Supreme Court

Supreme Court clarified o. Monday that it’s orders to minimise air and noise pollution cause by firecrackers bind all states of the country and not just National Capital Territory region .

” Celebrations can take place but with some modifications , one can bring happiness to others with celebrations but not at the cost of environment ” .

The timing to end burning firecracker is 10:30 PM .

Suprem Court was hearing petition from Rajasthan about worsening air condition.

SC directs Punjab and neighboring g states to stop stubble burning

The supreme Court on Tuesday directed the state govt of Punjab , Haryana and UP to ensure that the stubble burning is ” forthwith ” stopped as an immediate measure to protect the lives and health of people.

After viral videos , IT Minister warning to social media sites  on deep fakes

Aditya L1 captures first glimpses of solar flares

The high energy L1 orbiting X ray spectrometer ( HELIOS ) of Aditya L1 ,  for the first time  has captured solar flares . Aditya L1 is currently I it’s journey to Solar L1 point .

7.5 millions new cases on TB in 2022 , shows WHO global report

A fake video of actor Rashmita Mandana went viral on social media on Monday . Ministry of Information Technology told that it has directed social media companies to












Israel will have ‘  overall security ‘  role in Gaza  : PM

In an interview with ABC news that aired late on Monday , Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu told that Israel will take ” overall security responsibility ” indefinitely after its war with Hamas , the clearest indication so far that Israel want to maintain control over Gaza .

He ruled out any ceasefire without the release of all hostages , and for the white house there was no agreement on US President’s call for a broader humanitarian pause.

So far around 70 % of 2.7 million have left their homes . With many heading to southern borders as per Israel orders .

The death toll of Palestinian has surpassed 10,000 . Including over 4100 minors .more than 2300 people are missing and believed to be under rubble .

Bangladesh workers reject 56% pay rise

Bangladesh raised the minimum monthly pay for 4 million garment workers by 56% , but workers Union immediately rejected the decision  , sticking to their demand of tripling the wages .

Bangladesh has 3500 garment factory , that accounts for 85% of country’s exports of 55 billion dollars .

World’s top fashion names such as Levi’s , Zara and H&M  are among the garment makers in Bangladesh .

‘ Not the time for elections but the time for defence :

Ukrainian President Vlodmyr Zelensky on Monday said that he doesn’t believe it is right time for elections , as debate is going on for elections in 2024 .

He said under martial law all elections are suspended .

” We must decide that now is the time for defence. the time of battle , on which date of state and people depends ” Mr. Zelensky said .

Casualties is Myanmar clashes , says Beijing

Beijing on Tuesday confirmed there has been Chinese casuality when local armed groups clashed with military Junta forces .

Chinese Spokesperson Wang Wenbin however didnt say where the incident took place or whether it was Chinese were killed or wounded . Local media reported that one Chinese was killed and other two wounded , as military shelled the town of Laiza , home of the headquarters of armed group the Kachin independence army .


Closer together

India and Bhutan can change the development story of of the region

The editorial is about Bhutan’s King visit to New Delhi , some major projects that will lead development in the region has been signed  , has been discussed .

Gelephu will being developed as a smart City and major business center in Bhutan . Gelephu will be connected with Kakrajhor in Assam .

Also another rail link will ease Bhutan business ties with Bangladesh . These will benefit Bhutan , North East India and North Bangladesh economy .

Currently Bhutan’s economy is mainly based on Hydropower and tourism .

In 2020  Bhutan had signed agreement with Bangladesh to expedite business and ties , this can only be possible if India gives its transport systems to be used by Bhutan , which India is doing .

Cease fire

From being a victim of terrorism Israel has turned into a ruthless agressor

The editorial is about Israel attack on Gaza which so far has killed more than 10,000 civilians . The attack has displaced 1.5 million citizens . The move has caused extreme humanitarian crisis in the region .

Israel so far has rejected demand for any humanitarian pause by USA . On the other hand Arab leaders are demanding humanitarian ceasefire .


Hezbollah along the labnon  borders had raised theor offensive against Israel .

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